The Bloodline System - Chapter 493: Yung Jo's Forceful Method Of Encouragement

Chapter 493: Yung Jo's Forceful Method Of Encouragement

Chapter 493: Yung Jo's Forceful Method Of Encouragement

"You're so shameless... You remind me of her," Gustav shook his head as he moved forward to sit down as well.

"Uh?" Officer Mag exclaimed.

"Why are you here?" Gustav asked with a straight face.

Officer Mag sat up at this point and gazed at Gustav for a few before speaking.

"I heard about the death match," She stated.

"So?" Gustav asked with a tone of confusion.

"So did you speak to your bro... I mean Endric first?" Officer Mag asked.

"Why should I? We have nothing to say to each other..." Gustav responded.

"He does have something to say to you... Don't tell me you didn't notice that he's somewhat different from before," Officer Mag said with a mysterious tone.

"*Sigh* not you too... As an instructor I am disappointed you didn't notice that it was all just an act," Gustav voiced out while rolling his eyes.

"What? An act? Haha," Officer Mag started laughing out loud after hearing Gustav's statement.

"I've tortured, broken, and trained that kid everyday for the past three months... I've spent so much time with him that I can guarantee that I know him better than you do even though you both lived in the same house for several years," Officer Mag stated.

"It is not an act... That kid is truly trying his best to be a better person than he used to," She added.

"Yeah right... Of course you have no idea about anything. Don't worry, you'll find out in due time," Gustav voiced out cryptically.

"Listen to me kid... I ain't no fool don't discredit me like that. Give your brother a chance just let him speak to you once," Officer Mag voiced out with a strong tone before standing up and turning around to leave.

When she got to the door, she paused for a bit.

"I'm not disputing the fact that you went through a lot of pain and he was a factor. He played a part in that, but do not forget that he is twelve and half his childhood and upbringing was under your crazy birth mother. Kids have no idea of how to act properly without the right guidance... Remember this," Officer Mag stated before leaving through the door.

Gustav sat in place for a few minutes with an expression of contemplation.

"I guess we shall see," Gustav muttered with a mysterious tone.

There were still three weeks left till he went for his next mission, so Gustav decided to spend the next week observing Endric.

Day by day, he would either spy on Endric by activating life signs so he could check his activities through his point of view, or he would stalk him.

Gustav still had several skills in his arsenal that he could use to disguise himself, so it was practically impossible for him to be exposed.

Gustav noticed that during all his spying, Endric mostly kept himself in isolation doing self-training in his free time while sometimes he would go visit Officer Mag.

Even though his punishment had ended, Officer Mag would still train him occasionally.

There were times he noticed Endric just staring into space. Gustav could tell that the kid was thinking, which surprised him a bit.

Other times Endric would be laughed at by groups of cadets who saw him as a wimp for backing out of the challenge with Gustav.

They would make sure their conversations were loud enough to hear as they ridiculed and laughed at him.

Originally, Endric would be pissed at such actions. However, this time he totally ignored such voices in the background and continued his journey.

The entire week went by, and Gustav was not able to find any issue to foul Endric with.

As another day by, Gustav finally decided that he would have that talk with Endric the next day.

By Nightfall, Endric arrived in his room, and just as he took his seat, he heard a knock at the door.

He walked towards it and opened it up, only to find a box sitting on the floor in front of his entrance.

He picked it up, already knowing who it was coming from.

Endric placed it on the table in the middle of the living room and opened it up.

Inside was a small holographic message device.

Endric activated it, and a prerecorded message was projected in front of him.

«"Hello Endric..."»

Yung Jo's face and half of his body was being displayed as he talked.

«"I'm sure you must have received several of my previous messages, which means you know what I have instructed you to do but still refused to do so..."»

'That's because I don't have to you bastard,' Endric said internally.

«"I know that right now you're probably saying something along the lines of, you don't have to obey me now since your training within the MBO hasn't ended, blah blah... Hahaha,"»

Endric's face froze as he heard that.

«"I don't even know how you did it... I'm still wondering how you were able to interfere with the functionality of the nanites..."»

'Huh? Interfere with the functionality of the nanites?' Endric had a confused expression on his face as he heard that.

«"It was a good trick, but did you really think I'd let you disobey me?"» As Yung Jo got to this point, the footage suddenly changed.

Endric eyes widened as he saw the next footage.

"Mum! Dad!" Endric shouted out as he spotted the two figures hanging from a rope.

Liam and Becky Oslov were tied to each other, hanging upside down within a dimly lit and enclosed space.

There were several men in masks seen standing around them with weapons in their grasps. 

Both parents had blood-soaked faces, and blood was currently dripping down from them and falling to the floor as they were suspended in an upside-down position.

The footage glitched and returned back to showing just Yung Jo.

«"I don't know if this is enough encouragement for you, but I'll add a few more to it..."» Yung Jo started speaking again.