The Bloodline System - Chapter 492: Interference

Chapter 492: Interference

Chapter 492: Interference

"Oh..." Vera now had a look of understanding on her face.

Right now, the news about the deathmatch between Gustav and Endric had spread all across the camp, as well as Endric's stance on rejecting the request.

Many cadets felt this might have to do with the fact that Gustav was currently the most powerful first-year cadet, and going against him was literally begging for defeat.

Seeing as it was a deathmatch, they felt Endric was scared of battling with him. A lot of them had noticed Endric's shift in personality recently and even attributed it to this thinking Endric was only pretending to be a good boy now till when the storm passed.

"Alright," Vera nodded as she responded to Gustav's demand and closed her eyes.

Time passed, and Gustav could see Vera's eyelid twitching occasionally.

After a few more seconds, she opened it, and a confused expression could be seen written all over her face.

"I am getting an interference from an unknown and hidden force within him..." Vera stated.

"This force is clashing with my strains... It's almost like it has..." Vera had a look of confusion and disbelief on her face as she paused her sentence.

"Like it has what?" Gustav's eyes squinted as he questioned.

"Like it has the same function with my parasitic strains. It's fighting for supremacy over control of Endric," Vera responded.

'Just as I thought...' Gustav did not seem to have a confused expression on his face.

Vera's response to him was not shocking because he already knew that something was within Endric.

'Same function ey?' This revelation had Gustav thinking.

("It was certainly within him since the first day he arrived, but I can say for sure that it wasn't operational...") The system voiced out in Gustav's mind.

'Hmm... It wasn't operational means he has been himself all this time but he only started changing about three months back... There's a chance that this has to do with that change. Now that there is interference from Vera, he should currently be himself... I will need to observe him for now to see how he acts,' Gustav said Internally.


"What are you talking about?" A man in a large underground laboratory dressed in a blue business suit voiced.

The man in front of him wore a lab coat and had a one-lens spectacle on his right eye.

"The nanites seem to have met with some kind of resistance... I apologize Sir Yung but we don't know the reason for this," The man voiced out as he kept tapping on the holographic keyboard in front of him with a frustrated look.

"Why are you all so incompetent... You had better make sure the nanites are functioning properly again. Endric must accept the challenge," Yung Jo voiced out with a tone full of killing intent.

The man in the lab coat subconsciously shivered as he answered, "Yes sir... I and the team will do our best to make sure the nanites function as intended,"

Yung Jo scoffed and turned around to leave along with the two large men in all-black bodysuits standing beside him initially.

"Bunch of useless," He voiced out as he moved away.

The other scientists within the laboratory had fear-stricken faces as they started working on making sure the nanites within Endric's body functioned properly.


A few hours back, Hung Jo had received a report from one of the officers within camp about how Endric openly refused to accept Gustav's deathmatch challenge.

This report threw Hung Jo off because this was totally the opposite of what he had expected.

He started wondering what was wrong with Endric. Even though he got the report about how Gustav was currently the strongest first-year cadet a week ago, he still had ways to make Endric win.

He would have thought Endric was afraid of battling Gustav, but then he remembered he had sent a message to Endric telling him he would be provided with whatever equipment he needed to win even though the piece of equipment was too powerful to be used against the first year.

Yung Jo couldn't understand why Endric would decide to refuse when he knew he had a strong backing such as his. This was something he wouldn't be able to figure out since he didn't get feedback from the text messages he sent Endric.

According to the terms of the deal, he couldn't control Endric by using the nanites unless he refused to obey his instructions after his training within the MBO.

However, Yung Jo kept getting a bad feeling about Gustav and was concerned about the speed of his growth and the threat he could pose if he was allowed to continue growing, so Yung Jo decided to breach the contract.

He didn't really care about that anyway. He instructed his scientists to control Endric and make him accept the death battle with Gustav.

The scene that had just played out a few minutes ago was due to the scientists mentioning an issue concerning the nanites not functioning properly within Endric.

They tried doing as Yung Jo had instructed, but they were also met with an interference just like Vera.

This was because both parties were interfering with themselves, causing Endric to currently be free. Every action he was making right now was of his own free will due to the two foreign elements within his body being unable to battle the other to supremacy.


The next day arrived in a flash, and on this day, Officer Mag decided to pay Gustav a visit.

"To what do I owe this unexpected breach of privacy?" Gustav voiced out as Officer Mag made herself comfortable in his living room.

"Breach of privacy? I knocked," Officer Mag responded with a scoff.

"Yeah you did and then opened the door with your senior officer's pass right after," Gustav's eyebrows raised up slightly as he voiced out.

"You didn't respond... Who knows you could have been drowning or dying in one way or the other inside here? I made the necessary call to prevent accidents," Officer Mag folded her arms as she spoke with a righteous tone.