The Bloodline System - Chapter 491: Sneak Kiss

Chapter 491: Sneak Kiss

Chapter 491: Sneak Kiss

"It... was...n't poin-tless... I wo..uld have won..." Angy was out of breath, and her sentence kept breaking due to that.

"Elevora arrived before you did as well," Gustav said while gesturing at Elevora, who was standing a few feet away.

"Don't be too hard on her Gustav," Elevora voiced out from behind.

"Ugh," Angy groaned with a defeated expression as she sat up while pouting her lips.

At this point, other cadets began to arrive as well.

Gustav and Angy wanted to move to a secluded location to go discuss, but Gustav remembered what had happened with Vera the other time and decided to change his mind.

A male cadet wasn't allowed to visit a female residence unless the female cadet gave him a permission slip and vice versa.

However, even with that, the other party couldn't stay for too long, but Gustav was sure they would have enough time to discuss since he wasn't interested in having Angy stay at his place for too long anyway.

Gustav brought Angy over to his place, and they both sat in the living room while exchanging gazes.

Angy was feeling extremely nervous at the moment. It wasn't the first time she was staying in a room with Gustav alone, but she couldn't handle his eyes staring straight into hers without breaking contact.

"What did you want to talk about?" Gustav finally asked after getting tired of seeing Angy silent.

Angy was brought out of her reverie, and a tinge of red appeared on her face as she turned to the side.

"Gustav I... I have been having some nightmares lately," Angy voiced out with a low tone.

"Hmm? If you're having nightmares, take sleeping pills they'll help keep your mental state calm," Gustav advised while raising one eyebrow. He wondered if this was what was so important. As a daughter of two scientists, Gustav was sure Angy should know what to do about nightmares better than a lot of people.

"It's not a normal nightmare..." Angy muttered.

"What do you mean?" Gustav asked while squinting his eyes.

"You are always present in my nightmares... Well, not just you... You and Endric," Angy explained.

"And what has that got to do with anything?" Gustav questioned.

"In my nightmares, you two battle and Endric ends up killing you..." Angy revealed.

There was silence between them for a few seconds as Angy stared at Gustav with a worried expression.

"It's just a dream, get over it," Gustav stated with an unbothered expression.

"No I don't think so... I have this feeling, this very bad feeling nagging inside of me... Like something terrible is going to happen if you have that death match with Endric," Angy explained.

"*Sigh* stop being delusional Angy... He can't win against me. It's going to be his fall, the moment he steps into the hall of doom with me," Gustav said with a confident tone.

"Gustav... I don't know how to explain this to you... I never have nightmares... I've only had a nightmare once before I knew about your death match and that was when I was still a kid... And something similar to what I had a nightmare about manifested itself in reality," Angy said with a scared tone.

"Please cancel the death match," Angy pleaded.

Gustav stared at her once again for a few seconds before replying, "I can't do that," 

"No I actually can but I won't... This step is essential. If you hadn't stopped me from killing him the last time we wouldn't be having this conversation," Gustav added.

"But I... I..." Angy was short of words. She didn't know how to respond to that and realized that her decision on that day actually led to the current predicament.

"There's nothing to worry about anyways... Stop being delusional," Gustav stated while leaning against his sofa.

Angy knew Gustav well enough to understand that at this point, nothing could change his mind. Even if the most influential person on earth or someone with a lot of prestige came to request for the battle to be cancelled, Gustav would still ignore this person.

She could only hope now that things went well, but then an idea came to her head.

'If the other party doesn't accept, no death match will hold... From the rumors, Endric isn't on board and even argued with Gustav the other day about accepting. I just need to talk to Endric and make sure he doesn't accept,' These were Angy thoughts as she stood to her feet.

"Alright I'll see you later..." Angy said as she moved towards the entrance along with Gustav.

"You probably won't," Gustav responded as he walked her to the door.

Angy arrived outside the door, and just as she took one step forward, she paused.

Gustav was about to close his door, but he paused when he noticed she stopped walking forward.


Angy suddenly turned around with speed and hugged Gustav before planting a kiss on his left cheek.

It was so fast that Gustav couldn't react in time. Before he knew it, she had already turned back around and dashed out of the corridor with immense speed.


"Stay safe,"~

These words drifted into his ears along with the whooshing sound due to Angy's speed.

Gustav slowly raised his right hand and placed it on the left side of his cheek. Rubbing it subconsciously, "That was quite sneaky of her..." He muttered before turning around to move back into his apartment.


Later that evening, Gustav and Vera also met up in his room.

"Have you managed to complete the process?" Gustav asked her.

"Yes... My parasitic strains are fully developed now. I can take control of him whenever you want me to," Vera responded.

"Good..." Gustav said with a satisfied look.

"You are going to battle to the death with him... But everyone knows you're powerful than him so Vera does not understand why he needs to be controlled," Vera stated with a confused tone.

"Initially, I wanted to control and use him but now I feel it would be better if he was disposed of... The reason I asked you to continue working the parasitic strain is to make sure the match is accepted. Now that he can be controlled, I want you to activate the strain and make him accept the death match," Gustav instructed.