The Bloodline System - Chapter 490: Angy's Second Nightmare

Chapter 490: Angy's Second Nightmare

Chapter 490: Angy's Second Nightmare

"Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!" Her chest heaved up and down heavily as she breathed in and out.

'Another nightmare... Gustav...' As these thoughts floated into her head, she suddenly felt immense pain in her thighs.

"Hngh!" Angy groaned in pain as she pulled the blanket to the side to look at her thighs.

The outline of black veins could be seen on both her thighs.

She kept seething in pain for the next few seconds as the lines grew longer like tree roots from her thighs to her knee area.

Suddenly the pain stopped, and the black veins suddenly disappeared.

"This... Again?" Angy muttered with a look of confusion and relief mixed together.

The last time this happened, she threw it off as nothing, thinking it was a one-time thing, and now it was happening again.

This time it even felt more painful than before.

Angy decided that she would visit the medical checkup center today to make sure she was okay. She felt it might be a reaction to maybe something she ate, but she wasn't too bothered because she was sure she would be okay the moment the medical practitioners figured out what the issue was.

Putting this aside, she found out that she was still worried about her nightmare.

"I feel like something is off... I need to speak to Gustav again. I can't shake off this weird feeling," Angy muttered underneath her breath as she stood to her feet.

She couldn't stop thinking about her most recent nightmare, which was similar to her last nightmare as well.

She went on an early morning jog to clear her head.

Angy's current speed was so fast that she ran around the entire camp one thousand one hundred times in less than two hours.

Currently, across the camp, she was labelled as one of the most difficult special class cadets to defeat because even though she was weaker than most physically, she could only be beaten if an attack made contact.

Her speed couldn't be followed, so hitting her was close to impossible, if not impossible, for most cadets. Only cadets with high perceptive abilities similar to Gustav's would react to her speed and maybe time their attacks in correlation with it.

However, it would still be very difficult to hit her.

After her morning jog, she joined the cadets for the morning routine as well as Gustav and the rest.

Gustav minded his business as usual as he ran forward through the first forest.

At this point, he was no longer dilly-dallying behind since he practically knew how to figure out places with traps before he arrived there.

It was now way easier than in the beginning.

Cadets would occasionally try to meet up with him and share conversations since this was the only way most of them could meet him.

Normal cadets were not allowed to visit the Dragon residence. Gustav wouldn't even give anyone the chance to come close to him on normal days.

However, Gustav would still ignore all of them and continue running forward. He had received too many love letters this period, especially from girls saying they wanted him to have s*x with him.

Gustav once again sighed as he dodged another crazy cadet.

'What can a guy do to avoid all this unwanted attention... Another one wants sex,' Gustav complained internally.

("Maybe you should just give in... You might need the experience,") The system chuckled as it butted in.

'No, I certainly do not,' Gustav retorted with a tone of annoyance internally.

("Oh... You don't want them to know of your inexperience? Little Gustav is afraid of showing his disability to perform procreation activities properly. I see,") The system voiced out internally with a burst of laughter.

'You little...' Gustav's forehead creased as he was about to curse.


He suddenly heard someone call out to him from the side. He would have thought it was another weird cadet coming to ask for s*x again if he didn't recognize the voice to be Angy's.

"Angy..?" Gustav voiced out as he turned to the side.

"Can I see you later? After the morning routine," Angy asked with a serious expression.

"Erm...Why?" Gustav asked while raising one eyebrow.

("You should say yes, this might finally be your chance to get disvirgined,") The system suddenly butted in within his mind.

'Shut the fuc...' Before Gustav could complete his sentence internally, Angy responded.

"I need to talk to you about something important... Please," She pleaded.

Gustav stared at her for a few seconds before responding, "Alright," 

Just as he said this, they arrived in front of the tall mountain and began climbing.

"I'll race you back to the field," Angy suddenly voiced out with a delighted look as she climbed up fast.

"Hmm... You and I both know you'll lose," Gustav voiced out as he also climbed up.

"Oh is that so? Hehe we shall see," Angy suddenly increased her climbing speed, going ahead of Gustav.

"This is pretty pointless but... Okay, challenge accepted," Gustav responded before also starting to climb upwards with speed.

At first, he wasn't taking it very seriously and didn't climb up with his full speed, but he noticed that Angy was getting faster and faster.

Gustav started taking it seriously and climbed fast as well.

Whenever he closed the gap between them and started climbing faster than Angy, the moment he noticed her, she would increase her speed again.

This was surprising to Gustav because he knew Angy didn't have this kind of stamina with their sealed bloodlines.

Angy was also surprised with herself. She didn't understand why but she was filled with so much adrenaline at the moment.

Her determination to perform better than Gustav today was at its highest.

About an hour later, Gustav stood at the starting point with a look of gratification.

Angy was currently lying on the ground, breathing in and out profusely.

"I told you it was pointless... But good job, you did pretty well," Gustav commended with a smile.