The Bloodline System - Chapter 486 - Power Of The Orb

Chapter 486 - Power Of The Orb

Chapter 486 - Power Of The Orb

'This is an experiment... I'm going to use this to find out how destructive it is,' Gustav responded as a head-sized orb appeared in front of him.

It was reddish-black in color with purplish electric snakes swimming around it. It was oozing with so much energy that a certain kind of pressure was released into the air.

Luckily no one was in the vicinity to sense it.

From the holographic monitors, the spectators stared at the orb floating in front of Gustav with a look of curiosity.

They wondered what it was since they had never seen it before, but Endric recognized this orb shape from his last fight with Gustav in the neighborhood.

'Why is the color different?' He wondered since it was bluish in color back then.

Gustav raised his right hand, causing the orb to float above it.

("Are you sure? You know doing this is practically revealing that your strength compared to that of your peers is several levels higher,") The system voiced out.

'I know... It's alright... I'm the first cadet to be an officer before even starting training. This will make the higher ups think twice before doing anything stupid against me in the future. It will definitely raise my value and they won't want to lose me... It's all part of the plan,' Gustav explained as he looked upwards with a serious expression.

He descended a little bit before leaping into the air with the orb in his grasp.


Everyone's eyes remained on him as he ascended upwards, cutting through the sky.

As Gustav closed in on the lineup of massive mountain-sized balls, he arched his arm back intensely.


He threw his hand forward with force just when he was about fifty feet away from the collision.

The orb flew upwards further as it still cackled with purplish electric arcs.

At this point, Gustav's ascent was reaching its limit as his body started coming to a stop in mid-air.

The moment his body paused and was about to start descending, the orb arrived in front of the first ball.


The moment contact was made, a bright dark reddish light enveloped a radius of more than three thousand feet in mid-air, and what came next was an ear-piercing explosion.


Ripple of destructive waves spread from the point of impact, obliterating all physical objects it made contact within the process.


Gustav, whose body was descending, was hit by the shockwaves and sent tumbling down faster.

Gustav coughed out blood after the shockwaves hit him as he felt his head ringing from the collision.

'How is it so powerful?' Gustav said internally with a shocked expression as his body shot down from the air with speed.

The first ball was completely obliterated as the ripple of destructive waves spread across the sky and kept spreading towards the rest.

To the spectators' awe, it completely consumed the next ball, obliterating it as well and kept spreading.

At this point, the sky was covered by the reddish ripple of destructive waves that kept increasing in size.

The shockwaves caused Gustav to slam into one of the buildings, and his body kept flying through several walls, breaking them in the process before flying out of the back of the building.

As his body kept travelling backwards and downwards due to the impact, Gustav was about to slam into another building when he suddenly spun in the air, regaining his balance.


He did a flip when he was close to colliding with the window of the next sky scrapper and landed both his feet on them, controlling the force before pushing himself forward.


He somersaulted forward in mid-air and spiralled towards the street in the middle.


In a few seconds, he landed on the ground in a crouching format as a cloud of dust spread around him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The shockwaves from the orb's energy slammed into several buildings in the vicinity, causing windows to blast apart, raining glass upon the streets.

After completely consuming all three mountain-sized balls in the sky, the ripple suddenly started stopped spreading and started shrinking.


Gustav stabilized himself after landing on the ground and stared at the sky.

The ripples of destruction suddenly shrank completely and disappeared into a blue dot after consuming all three balls.

Only one was left at this point.

Gustav cleaned the blood from the side of his mouth before leaping upwards once again to destroy the last ball.

Back in the facility, the entire hall had turned quiet.

The cadets, instructors and inspectors all had awe-stricken looks and couldn't wrap their heads around how a first-year was supposed to have enough power to do that.

From what they had just witnessed, Gustav had enough power to destroy a section of the city with the attack he had just made use of.

Everyone had thought he wouldn't be able to pull it off, but he did with more ease than he had been doing before. Destroying three balls in one go.

"This is... Isn't he supposed to be a martial ranked?"

"That level of destruction... It is very close to am Echo rank power house if not on par... And he's not even a second year cadet yet,"

"We have this footage sent to Great Commander Shion,"

The inspectors couldn't believe their eyes and decided to send the footage of the last one minute in particular to Great commander Shion.


After destroying the last ball, Gustav once again descended downwards and landed at the top of a four hundred storey tall skyscraper.

He still felt pain in his body from the earlier collision of the shockwaves, but he was starting to feel better compared to before.

'I could harm myself with that... I have to be careful,' Gustav thought with a look of reflection.

His body defense was very high, yet the collision still affected him that much.. He could already imagine just how much a normal cadet would be affected if the ripple of destructive waves hit them.