The Bloodline System - Chapter 487 - No!

Chapter 487 - No!

Chapter 487 - No!

'You were right... I should only use this on an opponent I'm sure is more powerful than I am. Also it certainly shouldn't be used in cities or neighborhood to avoid casualties since it covers a wide range,' Gustav said internally.

("...Well, I told you didn't I?") The system responded with a slightly frustrated tone.

'...I also need to be very far from it's range...' Gustav added after recalling he was nearly obliterated as well just now.

Now he felt he should only resort to using this in emergency situations.

-"Just what was that and how is he able to cause such destruction?"

-"It must have been a sure finishing attack move, I'm sure he can only use such an attack once,"

-"Yeah that definitely is a sure finishing attack move but way too powerful... Here we were thinking he wasn't that much stronger than Elevora,"

The cadets began discussing and arguing about Gustav's last move.

Most of them felt he would only be able to use an attack of such power only once.

If only they knew that Gustav had over two hundred of these orbs hidden away in his invisible gravitational field.

After a few seconds, Gustav was teleported back to the facility. There was no way the challenge would be continued since its difficulty was already bordering on the level of senior cadets.

Everyone stared at him like he was a god after his arrival. Some of them wondered if they were even peers.

They would occasionally stare at Endric as well, who was sitting somewhere behind.

Endric had managed to be among the top twelve special class cadets, and he was only twelve.

Everyone here was at least five years older than Endric, yet his strength level was frightening at such a young age.

They realised that both brothers would definitely grow to become top powerhouses in the MBO when the time came.

One of the instructors came forward to say a few things as the scores and improvement rate of the cadets were displayed in descending order.


1. Gustav Crimson - 1300% 960 points

2. Elevora Thorne - 1100% 780 points

3. Aildris Curtis - 900% 520 points



The list continued on like that, and only about two normal cadets happened to be high on the list. Ria was one of them with a score of four hundred.

Most of the special class cates improvement rate was not too distant from each other.

Gustav's, of course, was still the highest.

The updated first-year ranking was displayed by the side, and now Gustav was number one on that as well.

Gustav's name wasn't the only one that moved up. Angy, Glade, Endric and Matilda also had an increase in their ranks.

Even though Elevora had dropped to number two, it was without a doubt that she was still a formidable opponent with what she had displayed. Anyone would immediately cross challenging her off their minds.

However, Gustav's strength was just out of everyone's league right now that a lot of them felt being in his presence was illegal.

Elevora now realized that she was right all along. Gustav had truly been hiding his strength.

After the event ended, the inspectors asked Gustav to wait behind for a brief meeting with them and the instructors.

He did as he was told and waited behind as the other cadets left.

The inspectors addressed themselves first. Commending them on their work so far, and passed across a few instructions from Great Commander Shion.

Gustav was here the whole time they discussed things that shouldn't be heard by cadets, but no one dared to tell him off since the inspectors had asked him to wait behind.

After the brief meeting was concluded, the three inspectors pulled Gustav to a corner for a brief private discussion.

"Gustav as I'm sure you are aware... You will be undergoing your first mission few weeks from now," Inspector Rion voiced out.

"Yes..." Gustav responded.

"Initially we were supposed to give you a three days test before sending you out on the field but now we've changed our minds," Inspector Darby, the only female among the trio, added.

"Oh, I see," Gustav responded with an unbothered tone.

"Your detachable MBO officer badge is ready... We can't tell if you will be sent on an undercover mission or a battle mission yet or maybe a mixture of both but you will be informed of everything a few days prior," Inspector Rion stated.

"Alright... Anything else?" Gustav asked.

"Yes... we have been informed about the death battle issued with your little bro..." Before the inspector could complete his statement, Gustav interrupted.

"I don't have a brother... You must be mistaken," He voiced out.

"Hmm? It clearly states that you two are biologically related from the reports," Inspector Darby said with a tone of confusion.

"With all due respect inspectors... Learn to make proper research before making statements. I do not have a brother," Gustav stated.

All three inspectors stared at each other in confusion for an instant before resuming turning to face Gustav again.

"If that is so then, our apologies... But I'm sure you know who we are referring to," Inspector Rion said with a mild tone.

"Skipped my mind... Whoever I challenge is already gone," Gustav said with a casual tone.

"Ahem, its Endric Oslov," Inspector Orion stated.

"So..? What about him?" Gustav asked.

"We want you to cancel your request for a death match with him," The inspector added.

Gustav stared at him for a few seconds with a straight expression.

"No," His tone of decline was so strong and powerful that even the inspectors were a little taken aback.

They were inspectors, so everyone fawned on them. This was the first time they were receiving such rejection and from a cadet nevertheless.

"We do not wish to lose anyone of you two to such a battle... We believe you both can come to an agreement, find a common ground..." Before the inspector could complete his statement, he was once again interrupted by Gustav.

"No... There is no common ground.... The only agreement I want is his to the death match," Gustav remained unflinching as he voiced out.