The Bloodline System - Chapter 485 - Becoming Number One

Chapter 485 - Becoming Number One

Chapter 485 - Becoming Number One

He stopped after reaching a height close to three thousand feet.

At this point, up to four thousand energy points had been spent, but Gustav didn't feel any regrets because this was like an experiment for him. Although, he knew he couldn't maintain this form for too long, or he'd be out of energy in no time.

The spectators were astonished as they saw the massiveness. He was taller than all the buildings in the vicinity currently, and his dark beast-like combination transformation was still on.

Gustav raised his hands up as both balls kept descending like he wanted to catch them.

The instant they reached his hands, he grabbed hold of them tightly.


A loud sound rang out as his massive feet sunk into the ground creating a small pit due to the size and force of trying to stop both balls.

Gustav groaned intensely as his arms lowered and his muscles budged from the heavily. The balls were still pushing him down, but he groaned out as he stood in place.

After a few seconds, he was able to stop both balls and separate them before holding one in his hands each.

Meanwhile, on Elevora's side, she had finally opened her eyes. She shot out the most penetrative and most powerful beam since the start.

The balls were still falling but were taking damage as they descended with her.

At this point, they were only about two thousand feet from the ground and still falling with immense speed, so it was only a matter of seconds before they collided with her sections of the city.

Elevora continued to attack with force, but even with everything, the balls still didn't stop moving, although they had slowed down a little.

As they approached one of the highrise buildings, Elevora finally decided to use one of her most powerful attacks.

Thwwiimnn~ Thewwwiinn~

A projection of another purplish eye appeared just right above the ball on top. It was very massive, almost half the size of the humongous mountain-sized ball.


Both the eyes on Elevora's forehead and the projected one shot out massive pillar-sized purplish beams simultaneously.

One from above and the other from below.

At this point, they were close to slamming into the building when both balls finally exploded.

Booom! Booom!

The shockwaves slammed into Elevora, sending her crashing straight through the building.

Bang! Bang!

She came out the other side and slammed into the next building hundreds of feet away.

At this point, Gustav had already caught both balls falling towards his side and was holding them up and repeatedly slamming them into each other.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With every collision the, vicinity would vibrate, and cracks had already appeared on different parts of the road underneath Gustav's feet.

Just when the balls were starting to crack apart, two massive balls shot out of the sky again.

One towards Gustav's section and the other towards Elevora's.

These ones were faster than the previous ones.

Elevora, who had just stopped the two earlier, was still lodged into a building on the west, trying to get herself out.

Gustav smashed both balls together again, trying to destroy them before the third one could arrive, but then it was too fast.

By the time it reached his section, Gustav had raised his leg and swung it upwards like a football player.


He kicked the ball straight back up into the sky and finally smashed the two balls in his possession together, causing them to explode.

Each ball was still the size of a mountain, so the spectators were shocked that he could kick one of them back to the sky.


-Energy: 1200/15,000


Seeing as he had lost nearly all his energy, Gustav deactivated Size Manipulation and returned back to his original size.

He decided to deal with the last one that way.

Meanwhile, on Elevora's side, she had only noticed the massive ball headed towards her section when it was too late.

She was unable to stop it before it slammed into a part of the city.


Elevora was immediately teleported back to the facility before the whole city got decimated.

Gustav was now the last special class cadet standing after passing through a number of seventy-eight rounds.

The spectators watched him destroy the third massive ball after a few minutes.

When Elevora arrived back, the spectating cadets had looks of awe on their faces as they stared at her.

-"Elevora lost?"

-"Doesn't this make Gustav the most powerful?"

-"Oh my, Gustav is still going,"

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Discussions broke out as everyone couldn't stop talking about what had just happened.

Elevora had several injuries, but they weren't serious, so she took a simple recovery pill to heal.

She was unbothered by the voices of the cadets in the background; instead, she had a smile on her face.

'That was really interesting Gustav... I accept defeat this time,' She said internally as she stared at the holographic monitor where Gustav could be seen standing on the tall mast again.

E.E, Aildris and the rest had looks of excitement on their faces as they stared at each other and fist-bumped before looking back at the holographic monitor.

"Good job man," E.E muttered underneath his breath.

At this point, everyone thought the challenge would end, but to their surprise, they suddenly saw the clouds split open again.

Zhrrruuhhhh! Zhrrruuhhhh! Zhrrruuhhhh!

This time four of these balls started falling from the sky in a lined up format.

The spectators' eyes widened as they saw this.

-"He's definitely losing this round,"

-"That's too much... Destroying two was a hassle talk more of four,"

Gustav stared at the four massive mountain-sized balls lined up on each other, descending with immense force.

His dirty blonde hair started swimming in the wind as his uniform made flapping sounds.

'Well, I've been wanting to try this... Let's see how much destruction you can cause,' Gustav said as he activated Gravitational Energy Container Bloodline.

The gravitational force around him began to twist and turn at this point, giving the atmosphere a weird vibe.

("... don't tell me you're going to use it,") The system voiced out internally.

'This is an experiment.... I'm going to use this to find out how destructive it is,' Gustav responded as a head-sized orb appeared in front of him.