The Bloodline System - Chapter 484 - Turning Gigantic

Chapter 484 - Turning Gigantic

Chapter 484 - Turning Gigantic

The speed at which they descended, coupled with their sizes, generated a massive amount of wind that Gustav and Elevora felt from their position below.

The spectators were astonished by the size and didn't doubt the amount of force these balls were carrying was humongous.

The balls cast a huge shadow across the sections of the city.

Gustav's entire frame suddenly combusted and became covered in reddish-brown flames as he leaped upwards.

-"What? He can use flames too?"

-"Is this another ability of one of his transformations?"

The spectators were wowed by seeing these flames on Gustav's being as he shot upwards towards the massive ball.

Elevora slammed one of her legs on the ground and ascended by over a thousand feet in barely a few moments.

Her fists were covered by a purplish glow as she arched her right arm downwards before throwing it up with force.


She and Gustav happened to hit both balls simultaneously, causing a loud sound similar to that of a thunderclap to ring out.

The red-hot fire spread from the point of impact where Gustav's punch landed, but the ball was only affected by being pushed upwards by a few feet. It was still sturdy.

The same happened with Elevora, but both of them weren't done.

They continued ascending in the air and kept throwing out punches upwards at the balls.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Cracks had already spread to different parts of the balls after they punched them several times. However, it was still far from getting destroyed.

Gustav was affected by gravity, so he started falling back to the ground in a few, but as he fell, he raised his head upwards and shot out another sonic scream.


The sonic waves rammed into the gigantic ball again but only held it in place for a few seconds before it started descending again.

Over at Elevora's side, she floated in mid-air as the purplish energy still surrounded her figure and kept striking the massive ball with her palm.

She was like an ant in front of the ball, but every one of her strikes made a tremendous impact.

After floating for a few more seconds longer than Gustav, her body began to descend, and the dark eye on her forehead once again shot out the purplish and dark beam.

Zzzhhhhoooooommmm! Bang!

Her entire frame was pushed down faster as the beam slammed into the ball and kept ramming at it.

From the spectators' angle, they saw Elevora land on a highrise building and kept firing out the purplish beam.

The ball was suspended in the air. Due to the force the beam was emitting and Elevora's body being used as support, cracks began to appear underneath her feet.


The cracks spread to every part of the massive rooftop and continued to worsen as she kept it up.

However, before the top of the highrise building could give way, more cracks appeared on the massive ball, casting its looming shadow above the city.

Krrryyhhh! Booom!

A loud explosion followed afterwards that sent shockwaves all across the place.


Elevora slid back a little due to the immense force of the wind-generated after the explosion in the sky.

Meanwhile, on Gustav's side, his arm grew to the size of ten feet became extremely muscular and massive as his body shot upwards once more.

His head transformed into that of the serpentine mixedbreed as he shot out greenish energy towards the ball and swung out his massive hand towards it as well.

Bang! Bang!

The cracks increased as the greenish energy slammed into it. Still, it didn't get destroyed yet until Gustav's massive right hand made contact.


His hand shot straight through its toughness, causing chunks to fall out just before...


It exploded into smithereens.

Both of them had managed to deal with this, which had shocked the spectators a lot because they thought this was the end for them both after seeing the size of the balls.

Just when everyone thought this was where the challenge would end, two more balls that happened to be the same size as the ones they had destroyed appeared once more.

Elevora felt like she hadn't even had time to catch her breath, and they were sending out another one.

'I should still have enough energy to destroy this one... I'll do it fast,' She said internally before leaping upwards once more.

Gustav also noticed this and was about to leap upwards as well to handle it when he sensed something.


Another ball suddenly appeared above his, crashing down with more speed than the first one.

Elevora, who was close to the first ball, suddenly noticed this as well, but before she could react, both balls collided and started moving downwards with even more intensity than before.


Elevora was crashed into in the next moment as both balls pushed her downwards while descending.


The spectators could see her body glued to the bottom of the first ball as the second ball stacked on it, and both descended with immense force.

It looked as if she had passed out.

Meanwhile, on Gustav's end, he checked out his remaining energy points.


-Energy: 7000/15000


'Hmm I should spend at least three thousand energy points if I try this,' Gustav thought as he activated Size Manipulation.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Gustav leaped downwards towards the street as his entire frame started increasing in size.

At first, the spectators watching were wondering what he was up to, but in the next moment, looks of astonishment were written all over their faces.

Gustav grew past the height of five hundred feet and kept growing.

In a few moments, he was taller than a thousand and kept growing bigger.





He kept getting system notifications about his depleting energy points as he kept growing taller, but he wasn't done yet.

The residential buildings in the sections continued to get smaller in his point of view as the skyscrapers in the vicinity didn't look so big anymore.