The Bloodline System - Chapter 483 - Game On

Chapter 483 - Game On

Chapter 483 - Game On

At the fifty-seventh round, where each ball size was almost as large as a bungalow building, Chad and Aildris failed to stop one of the three balls after running out of bloodline energy.

Chad stared in the direction of Gustav's section, where he could see him soaring in the sky after destroying a ball just before he was teleported away.

'How is he still destroying them with a casual expression?' Chad gritted his teeth in frustration after arriving back in the facility.

Aildris closed his eyes back as he took his seat beside E.E, Falco, Teemee and Ria.

The other cadets in the vicinity, especially the females, stared at him with a fawning expression.

Now that they had witnessed his eye abilities, they believed he could still go toe to toe with the number one and two. Although it wasn't guaranteed that he would win, they had seen now that his abilities were sophisticated. He was more powerful than they thought.

Chad and the others also received stares of adoration, but after hearing the sound of the explosion from the direction of the city, everyone turned to face the holographic monitors again.

Now that practically everyone had dropped out of the challenge, only the two most powerful first-year cadets were left.

Everyone focused on this since they had wanted to know who was more powerful among the two. They had never had a proper battle with each other, and every fight Gustav had always made them rethink if he was weaker or stronger than Elevora.

"Hmm so those two are Gustav and Elevora,"

"I have heard reports of them as well and their performances are fascinating,"

"No first years regardless of whether or not they're special class, should be able to come this far yet they did... I'm interested in seeing how far they can go,"

At the inspectors' corner, the inspectors were intrigued and interested in seeing how far Gustav and Elevora would go.


Back in the city, Gustav and Elevora had successfully destroyed the balls again.

At this point, they could see each other from the distance as Gustav stood at the top of the mast.

She had to use more than two attacks to destroy a ball now due to the intense toughness, but she was still fast enough to get to the three of them like Gustav.

She was seven sections to the west, but Gustav could see her clearly due to God Eyes while seeing his outline at the top of the mast.

Her eyes squinted as a smile appeared on her face, 'It had to be you,'

Gustav smiled back, 'Game on,'

[Combination Has Been Activated]

His body began to transform as he grew up to seven feet in height with a large muscular frame and black-colored thick skin.

Fangs grew out of his mouth along with horns, and sharp claws protruded from his fingertips.

Elevora could feel the immense increase in energy waves from her location as she stared in Gustav's direction on the mast.

'Then I'll get serious too,' Elevora said internally as she pulled the headtie from her head, revealing the closed eye on her forehead.

A purplish glow covered her entire frame causing the vicinity to tremble. She stepped forward after noticing the balls descending from the sky once again.

Even the buildings around her trembled due to the forceful twist and turn of the space surrounding her, created by the energy she had just unleashed.

Gustav also sensed the increase in energy from his location and nodded.

'She truly is powerful... But today is the day I take the first spot on the rankings,' Gustav said as he leaped upwards with force.


Cracks appeared at the top of the mast as his feet separated from them, causing the entire thing to tremble with force.

Gustav raised his leg up as he travelled up like a rocket


He destroyed the first ball and repeatedly spiralled in the air, increasing the speed of his descent as he landed on a highrise building.


Opening his mouth, Gustav shot out waves of Sonic energy towards the next ball, causing it to halt in the air for a second before completely disintegrating it.

At this point, Elevora had also jumped upwards to deal with her balls as well.

The spectators watched with widened eyes as Gustav and Elevora displayed a new level of strength, destroying all the balls that came for the next ten rounds.

Everyone was now convinced that no other cadet could come close to their level of strength and energy, considering how they kept making use of powerful attacks.

The eye on Elevora's forehead opened up as she stood at the top of a building.

Purplish and dark energy gathered around it before it shot out.


A beam of penetrative energy shot through the clouds destroying all three balls falling towards her side of the city in one fell swoop.

Gustav dealt with his using sonic screams and physical punches, which always destroyed them. He still hadn't made use of some other abilities, but he was okay with these abilities handling the job for now.

These two continued with the destruction for another five rounds, and even the inspectors couldn't believe their eyes and kept asking if they were truly first years.

However, both of them were slowly running out of energy. Even though Elevora was very powerful, she didn't have unlimited energy.

The next round arrived, and this time four massive dark balls the size of bungalow buildings shot out of the sky.

Before Gustav and Elevora could attack, something happened.

A force of attraction suddenly pulled the four balls together, and the instant they collided, they began to merge.

The four balls in the sky, both in Gustav's and Elevora's sections, merged, and two massive balls were created.

One headed for Gustav's section while the other headed for Elevora's.

These balls were the sizes of a small mountain. No one could imagine how tough they'd be.

The speed at which they descended, coupled with their sizes, generated a massive amount of wind that Gustav and Elevora felt from their position below.