The Bloodline System - Chapter 482 - Strongest Special Classes

Chapter 482 - Strongest Special Classes

Chapter 482 - Strongest Special Classes


Blueish energy filled the sky as Gustav's body travelled towards the next ball.

Gustav arrived in front of the next ball, which was still over five thousand feet in the air.


Gustav punched it so hard, it travelled across the air and slammed into the third ball in the distance.

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

A milky-colored blade of energy was formed in Gustav's hand, which he threw forward with force as he descended from the air.


The blade repeatedly spiralled across the air as it found its way to both balls and cleaved them in half accurately after making contact.


An explosion followed afterwards, and Gustav repeatedly spun in the air as he descended to control the direction of his falling body.


He landed on the top of a high-rise building towards the west, causing it to vibrate intensely from the heavy landing.

While Gustav was dealing with his three balls, the other special classes were also trying their best to destroy all before they landed.

Angy swept across another building after destroying the first ball as another horn grew from her forehead and her speed became so fast only a silver line could be seen.

Leaping into the air Angy did a somersaulting kick as she ascended.


Her leg collided with the ball sending, stopping its descent in mid-air and causing it to slightly travel upwards as Angy started descending from the air.

Landing on another high-rise building, she dashed forward with immense speed crossing a distance of four thousand feet in a single second.

Whitish energy began gathering around her as she once again ran up another high-rise building and leaped into the air.

She was currently headed for the third ball.

As she ascended over a thousand feet above the skyscraper, Angy released the energy surrounding her.

Shrrooumm! Boom!

A loud sound of explosion travelled across different sections of the city as the ball was disintegrated completely by the whitish waves of energy.

Angy's body descended once again, and she started moving towards the other ball she didn't destroy in one go earlier.

She was able to get to it in time and destroy it.

On Glade's side, she conjured up hundreds of sickles in mid-air and flung them outwards.

E.E was still having fun bringing all three balls together to destroy them in one fell swoop.

Even though they were now tougher than earlier since he was able to easily make contact with them, destroying them before they reached his section of the city was very plausible.

Aildris finally opened his eyes at this point, and everything around him turned black and white as he travelled towards the second ball.

A single touch made the black ball lose its color. The black on the ball was sapped away and covered Aildris's right hand.

The instant he punched at the ball, it was blasted to smithereens easily.

After doing this, he didn't even need to move to the next one.

His beautiful eyes stared in the direction of the next black ball, and then the blackness covering the ball started swirling.

Aildris appeared on the ball the next instant as the blackness covering it disappeared, and he destroyed it just like the one before.

-"Oh my gosh, what is that eye ability?"

-"Aildirs had functioning eyes all these time?"

-"How is he doing all that?

The spectators were surprised after seeing Aildris use the power of his eyes for the first time.

Elevora, on her end, dashed across the sky like she wasn't affected by gravity as a purplish glow surrounded her palms.

A single palm strike sunk into the ball, destroying it from the inside out. She still seemed to have a lot of energy as she moved to the next ball to destroy it as well.

Teemee, Matilda, Glade and three more special class cadets failed to stop one of the balls in this round and were teleported back to the facility.

At this point, only around nine special class cadets were left, and these were the most powerful special class cadets among the first years.

Vera had been teleported back to the facility about two rounds back.

E.E still felt like he had enough energy to spare him for only a few more rounds, although he was quite unbothered. He felt he had already done enough. Dark Falco was also running out of energy, as well as Chutlu.

Minutes went by, and E.E finally decided to drop out after feeling his energy nearly running out.

He had opened so many vortexes and even controlled the movement of the balls so many times, which caused him to expend a lot of bloodline energy, mostly due to the size of the balls. Destroying the ones in the last one, too were no easy feat due to their toughness. Falco also dropped out at this point with three more special classes.

At this point, only Elevora, Gustav, Aildris and Chad were left.

Aildris and Chad could continue to destroy as many balls that came in the next round if they didn't run out of energy. Still, Aildris was expending a lot of energy by keeping his eyes open.

His eyes were literally distorting the reality around him, and it cost a lot of energy to keep going. If he didn't have an A grade bloodline, he would have run out of energy by now.

Elevora was still hanging on like she wasn't even bothered by the challenge.

Chad and Gustav were the only ones making use of brute force alone to destroy the balls.

Chad still had it easier because of his blood creatures, but he was still spending a lot of energy.

Three more rounds went by, and none of them had backed out yet.

Elevora and Aildris were still destroying the balls in one or two attacks, while Gustav and Chad still had to attack the balls two or more times to completely destroy them.

This made it look as if Chad and Gustav would drop out soon, but they still went on for about five more rounds.