The Bloodline System - Chapter 481 - Turning Difficult

Chapter 481 - Turning Difficult

Chapter 481 - Turning Difficult

This wasn't only happening in his area. Other special class cadets were also handling the same issue where they had to deal with two balls falling towards their sections simultaneously.

Other special class cadets were also able to handle theirs. In some sections, the second ball fell later than the first.

Gustav and only a few special class cadets were exceptions.

Dashing through the streets, Gustav arrived back at the middle of both sections he was protecting.

Other special class cadets at this point were already on the alert after that happened.

So they were ready to destroy more than one in the next round.

Back in the facility, the inspectors happened to be speaking to one of the instructors.

"How tough are the current balls?" The one with a diamond-shaped head asked.

"Currently half the toughness of steel..." The instructor answered.

"Hmm, turn it up the notch I want to see how powerful the attacks of first year special class can be," Another inspector instructed.


Gustav and the others suddenly noticed that in the next round, the toughness of the balls suddenly increased by several levels.

Those who were still using less powerful attacks had been taken by surprise and nearly failed to destroy the balls before they landed in their section.

Since the toughness increased, they had to attack the same ball more than once due to the attacks.

Gustav finally used the atomic disintegration blade, throwing it towards the ball on the other end of the section while destroying the one in front of him.

Due to the partially long distance between both balls, the other ball didn't get destroyed in one go after the atomic disintegration blade collided with it.

Gustav had to move towards that side as well with speed and destroy it.

On Angy's side of the city, it had been relatively easy for her to move around all this time due to her speed.

Once again, she dashed up the surface of a highrise building and jumped towards the side while thrusting her right leg forward.


The massive ball twice the size of a boulder was immediately blasted to pieces as she travelled straight to the building on the other side and slammed into the window.

Bam! Krrryhhh!

Shards of glass were sent flying across the place as she landed inside the office building on the two hundredth and thirty-fourth floor and rolled on the floor repeatedly before coming to a stop.

Standing to her feet, there wasn't a single scratch on her body, but she had prevented both balls from making contact with the part of the city she was supposed to protect.

Angy looked around with a slightly disturbed expression on her face before finding her way to the elevator and moving to the top of the building.

In other parts of the city, the special class cadets were starting to have a hard time dealing with two balls at once, especially when their toughness had gone up by a lot.

It was only a matter of time before the weaker ones got evicted.

E.E on his side was having a lot of fun bringing the two balls together.

He would open up vortexes causing both balls to appear in the same spot far above the sections of the city he was supposed to protect and destroy them both in one fell swoop.

Even when the dark balls became tougher to destroy, only a few special class cadets could handle it to this point without breaking a sweat.

Elevora, since the start, hadn't even bothered using two hands. She had one hand behind her back all this time as she moved from place to place across her city while destroying them with a single attack.

Aildris hadn't bothered opening his eyes. He could still handle the two balls falling at the same time without using too much power.

Chad had two gigantic blood creatures positioned in different parts of the sections he was protecting. They each had massive club-like blood weapons in their hands which they used in dealing with balls that were headed towards their vicinity.

Chad didn't have to put in a lot of work due to this. He just sat down at the top of a building with a bored-looking expression.

As expected, after about five more rounds, three special class cadets failed to stop a ball. The supervisors teleported them back to the facility the instant it made contact with one of the buildings in the city.

They had managed to clear about forty-seven rounds, which was way higher than the highest normal cadet, but they were still embarrassed for being the first to fail.

As more rounds passed, more and more special class cadets began to get evicted from the city after failing to stop one of the balls.

In the next twenty minutes, only about fifteen special class cadets were left.

At this point, Gustav was still destroying the balls without any form of transformation, even though they were now tougher than steel.

Shrrooumm! Shrrooumm! Shrrooumm!

The next round, the sound from the sky intensified, and the special class cadets that were still left noticed three of these massive black balls headed for their sections.

The spectators' eyes widened slightly as they also noticed it.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Super Jump]

Gustav combined these two, and he leaped upwards with full force.


The entire mast vibrated as his body ascended into the sky, and he found himself closing in on the first black ball.

Blueish tattoo-like glows began to appear all over Gustav's arm. His muscles bulged intensely while he pulled his arm backwards with force.

Throwing his fist forward, a loud sound of collision rang out as it made contact with the ball, causing the bluish energy to gather around it.

The ball didn't get destroyed in one hit, but instead of Gustav attacking it again, he somersaulted severally in mid-air before landing on it and leaping forward towards the direction of the next ball.


The instant his legs separated from the body of the ball, there was a massive explosion.


Blueish energy filled the sky as Gustav's body travelled towards the next ball.