The Bloodline System - Chapter 476 - Yung Jo Passes Down Instructions

Chapter 476 - Yung Jo Passes Down Instructions

Chapter 476 - Yung Jo Passes Down Instructions

'Those idiots I didn't expect that they would try to frame him behind my back just so they could get to delay him in camp for longer... All because that man wants me to defeat him before he makes a name for himself,' Endric sighed before moving to sit down.

'Should I tell him everything?' Endric thought hard for a few minutes before shaking it off his mind.

'No... I can't tell him anything now till I find a way to help her,' Endric decided with a troubled look.


-Two days later

Within a study, a man sporting long brown hair clad in an azure-colored business suit sat down listening to a large male in a black bodysuit and a mask.

This man was none other than Hung Jo and his subordinate.

"...So you're telling me that every single one of the first years with the nanites have been singled out?" Hung Jo asked.

"Everyone of them except for Endric..." The huge man responded.

"How? Could Endric have betrayed me?" Hung Jo wondered out loud.

"Impossible... What did the others say in their report?" Hung proceeded to ask.

"Sir I think you're forgetting that Kendrick has been caught," The man in front voiced out.

"Who cares about that ant? He's very much replaceable. There are still others. I'm more concerned about how they caught up to this," Hung Jo answered with a cold tone.

"The others in the shadow are also at loss about how this happened... All they could say was the whole situation turned out for the worse from the moment Gustav was targetted," The man explained.

"Gustav," Hung Jo felt something inside him click the moment he heard Gustav's name being mentioned.

"Wasn't it mentioned that he met up with the camp commander and also arrived there before they could kill the kid that was taken..?" Hung Jo asked.

"According to the eye witness report of the ones in the shadows, this is accurate," The man responded.

"That kid definitely has something to do with the uncovering of the cadets we have under our control," Hung Jo's eyes squinted as he pointed this out.

"Pass the message to Endric that he has to kill Gustav before he leaves for his first mission... He will be assisted with whatever tools he needs to complete this task," Hung Jo instructed.

"What if he says no? According to the contract between you two, he doesn't have to obey your commands till after his training in the MBO," The huge man voiced out.

"He won't... He also despises his brother," Hung Jo answered before reaching out to grab the tea of cup by the side.

The man nodded in response and turned around to head out as Hung Jo took a sip from the cup of tea.

"Refusal is not an option... I'll have to activate the nanites if he shows any form of hesitation,"


It was early, around four am in camp currently.

Within a girly-looking room with pinkish decorations and concert posters, a girl could be seen laying on the bed with her eyes closed.

She had silver and pink-colored hair with two small horns protruding out of the sides of her forehead.

Pant! Pant! Pant!

She kept breathing in and out profusely as she turned from side to side across the bed.

"Huff!" She suddenly sat up as her eyes sprang open with a look of fear visible within.

Sweat dabbled down her face, and some were trapped on her brows and forehead.

After a few more seconds of breathing in and out, Angy calmed down.

She pulled the blanket from her body as she moved to the side of the bed and placed her legs on the floor.

"Hng!" Angy suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her thighs as her legs made contact with the floor.

She grabbed hold of her thighs due to reflex action, and she was wearing green tight fitted shorts so she could see her thighs as she turned on the light.

"What's this?" She wondered as she saw some black lines similar to the look of veins outlines on the skin displayed on her thighs.

After a few more seconds, the pain disappeared along with the black lines, and her thighs returned to normal.

Angy stood to her feet and moved around to confirm that her thighs were fine now.

She decided to brush it off as she checked the time and sat down back on her bed.

"Weird dream," Angy recalled the nightmare she had a while ago.

Coupling it with what she had just experienced a while back, she kept having this weird feeling of foreboding.

"I need to check on Gustav... Hmm, maybe I should also go for a medical checkup to be sure that everything's alright," Angy decided on how she was going to spend her free time today.

Instructor Kora was still being investigated, so he would not be giving her any personal training in the meantime. Angy was going to have a lot of time to spend by herself, so she decided on how she was going to make use of it today.


The day went by quite fast with the usual routine and today was also the day Endric's training with Officer Mag was going to end.

Gustav spent his free time doing personal training while Officer Mag had one last sparring session with Endric.

Endric had grown quite stronger in the past three months as well due to Officer Mag's sessions.

His will was now way stronger, and he was starting to notice that he didn't easily get ticked by words anymore.

"This is the end kid... You don't have to keep coming here anymore after today," Officer Mag said as their sparring session ended.

"Hmm," Endric mumbled with a slightly dejected expression.

"What's with that response? Don't tell me you'll miss all the pain I inflicted on you," Officer Mag voiced out as a smirk appeared on her face.

"Huh? What? Miss you? No way," Endric quickly denied and turned around to leave.