The Bloodline System - Chapter 477 - Endric's Dilemma

Chapter 477 - Endric's Dilemma

Chapter 477 - Endric's Dilemma

Officer Mag chuckled as she saw him walk away quickly.

Endric stopped a few feet away from the entrance and spoke.

"Do you think I should talk to him? I don't even know how to approach him," Endric said with a low tone.

"Hmm... How do you feel about him now? Do you still despise him?" Officer Mag asked.

"...I don't think so but I think he despises me," Endric responded.

"Well... Unlike him, you actually did some despicable acts to him back in the days but I'm sure it's nothing you two can't sort out... You should go with the intention of tendering an apology," Officer Mag advised.

"Hmm, I'll try..." Endric said before he continued walking forward.

Just as he got to the entrance, he paused once again before turning around.

"Thank you," He said while bowing slightly before turning around to leave through the entrance.

Officer Mag nodded slightly in response before walking towards a part of the simulation room.


Gustav and Angy met later in the day in one of the training facilities.

Within a room that was simulated to look like a jungle, both of them stood opposite each other discussing.

"Are you planning something?" Angy asked.

"What do you mean by planning something? I'm always planning everything," Gustav asked and responded to his own question with a strong tone.

"I know... Not that... I mean are you planning anything big?" Angy asked while rolling her eyes.

"Do you mind specifying?" Gustav asked while raising one eyebrow.

"The four cadets losing their lives was attributed to you and them being in an unknown group... It was said that a battle broke out between you and them and then that happened. That's something big which looks like something you'd have been planning for a while," Angy said with a suspicious gaze.

"Oh that I didn't actually plan that, it just happened... So your definition of big is you asking if I'm going to be killing anyone soon, right?" Gustav asked.

Angy kept staring at him with a gaze of confirmation.

"Oh yeah... Of course I am," Gustav responded casually.

"What? Who?" Angy asked with a tone of worry.

"That has nothing to do with you... Why did I even agree to meet you? We're not on talking terms remember?" Gustav said.

("Because she's the love of your life remember?") The system suddenly chipped in within him.

'Shut it...' Gustav responded internally before turning around.

Angy suddenly held Gustav's arm to stop him from leaving.

"Please wait... I just have a very bad feeling recently. Tell me who you're planning to kill," Angy requested.

Gustav turned to the side to stare at her briefly before pulling his arm from her grip forcefully.

"Someone that should already be gone if not for your silly interference," Gustav responded before walking away.

Angy eyes closed slightly as she heard that and stared at Gustav walking away.

" Endric... Just as I thought... My nightmare," This made Angy recall her nightmare, which made her really worried, but after thinking about it for some time, she brushed it off.

"Gustav won't lose to Endric no matter what," She said internally, calming herself.


Endric had already arrived back in his room at this time and was currently sitting on his bed, coming up with lines to say.

"Hey bro...I apologize for all those years it was because..."

"Hey Gustav...It's my fault for not being..."

"Hey man...I joined others in harming you... "Arrghhh, I can't come up with anything," Endric slapped his forehead as he fell back on his bed with a frustrated look.

After a few more minutes of contemplation, he sat up once again.

"I think I got something now..." Endric muttered as he started formulating a new line in his mind.

Just as he wanted to speak again, he heard a knock at the door.

He walked up to it and opened it, only to find a small box placed in front.

He bent to pick up the box and brought it inside after closing the door.

He opened it up, and a holographic image of a message suddenly appeared.



As Endric read the message, his face creased up.

"You bastard... I will only kill who I want to, I don't have to obey your commands till after my training here," Endric voiced out with a tone of annoyance as the box lifted into the air and got crushed by an invisible force.


Its remaining parts flew towards the wall, slammed into it, and fell to the floor.

This message threw Endric off, and he started prancing around the room as thoughts started appearing in his mind.


The next week came, and it was finally time for the cadets to display their most powerful attacks to the group of inspectors who were being sent by the higher-ups within the MBO.

Today was devoid of any training because different settings had been made for the cadets to show their strength.

It was like a test, but it wasn't really a test. The higher-ups were only there to see their improvement.

The cadets had been waiting for this since this was also a chance for them to prove their strength had truly increased.

The inspectors were not really concerned about who was the strongest because this wasn't the purpose of coming to inspect today.

They were more concerned about those with the best improvements among all cadets, and there was a particular way this would be graded.

There was also a chance of normal cadets becoming special class through this if their improvement was seen as one of the bests in camp.

Gustav moved towards the display location along with E.E, Aildris, Falco, Teemee, and Ria.

The place where the display would be held was different from what they had expected.

It wasn't anything like a stadium or a battle ring.. Instead, it was more like a city.