The Bloodline System - Chapter 475 - Officer Revealed

Chapter 475 - Officer Revealed

Chapter 475 - Officer Revealed

All this was, she hoped that Gustav would assist her somehow since she was literally running short on funds. Gustav, of course, just laughed it off and told her her explanation wasn't necessary, and she could come to him for assistance at any time.

Gustav started heading back towards the surface of the dungeon after taking all the necessitates needed.


In two days, the officer who was assisting the formerly unknown group of cadets was finally caught by officer Mag.

Word spread around camp about how the Instructor who killed the four cadets had been caught.

This was one of the three combat instructors, Officer Kendrick.

Everyone was finding it difficult to believe, mostly because he acted kind to the cadets and would even encourage some to come to see him after the training session for personal training, just like the other two.

Officer Kora was the main Instructor for the combat training session, so he was asked to come in for questioning.. Since Officer Kendrick was his subordinate, he was also seen as a suspect.

This made Angy seriously worried because she knew just how much of a nice person officer Kora was. He had been personally training her for months now and had never given her any reason to suspect him in any way.

Gustav made his way to Commander Cilia's office, hours after the news spread across the camp. He already communicated with Officer Mag to meet at the office.

Minutes later, they were both in her office discussing.

"How did you catch him?" Gustav asked.

"How is that any of your business? Is that why you called me here?" Officer Mag said while raising one eyebrow.

"Oh I felt like he hasn't spoken or answered to any of your questions. I'm also guessing the brain tweaking device doesn't work on him which means y'all can't truly figure out the motive behind this situation and the other cadets involved..." Gustav stated lengthily.

Officer Mag's eyes showed surprise as she heard Gustav list out the situation accurately.

'So I was right... Whoever that is truly behind this took a lot of precautions as expected,' Gustav said internally after noticing the look on Officer Mag's face.

"So?" Officer Mag asked.

"Well I have information but how did you catch him though?" Gustav asked again.

"I set a trap and fell for it..." Officer Mag stated before proceeding to narrate how it happened.

She allowed a rumor to circulate where it was mentioned that Gremlin already knew the identity of the special class cadet in the unknown group.

Doing this, she lured out the group again as they came after Gremlin secretively.

This time Officer Mag made sure to keep her attention on the main control room within the MBO camp.

There was a technological device called the oracle. This device made it possible to check out scenarios that had gone down in any location within camp so long as the right coordinates were inputted.

They mostly made use of the device when the invisible, flying cams were unable to capture an event that happened in a location due to unavailability or not being in that area. If something serious happened, they would use the oracle to uncover the truth; however, the situation with Gustav and Vera wasn't found due to someone messing with the oracle, causing the footage to disappear.

Officer Mag had managed to lure out the group and focused on the main control room this time because she could tell that the officer involved would try to hide the activities of the group he sent out by messing with the oracle again.

This was how officer Mag caught him. No one knew anything about her and Gustav investigating the issue in the first place, so she had been able to execute this well.

"So I have a list of names of suspicious cadets... I have spent the last week monitoring everyone's movements and you'll find at least two or three of these cadets to be culprits as well," Gustav said as he passed on a holographic list to Officer Mag.

"When you say all do you mean the entire first years?" Officer Mag asked with an expression of disbelief.

"Yes... All two thousand sixty hundred and thirty seven of them," Gustav responded.

"How?" She asked while scrolling through the list.

"Now that's none of your business, is it, officer Mag?" Gustav said while proceeding to leave the office.

"I may be inaccurate about some of them but I'm sure you'll be able to get a few from that list," Gustav added before leaving the office.

Officer Mag was in awe. It was a list of twenty names. She knew Gustav didn't mess around with things as important as this, so she didn't doubt that he had truly spent the entire week inspecting everyone.

'This kid...'

What she didn't know was the Gustav had inputted some innocent cadet's name since he didn't want to be 100% accurate with the list.

It would be suspicious of everyone on the list was truly a part of that unknown group.

How Gustav achieved, this was quite simple. All the time he had spent within the camp, he stored a lot of life signs. Gustav had saved the life sign of every single person in camp, the instructors included.

Making use of this, Gustav would spy on the cadets and finally uncover the group.

As expected, Endric was part of them, and he happened to be the special class they were referring to.

At this point, Gustav understood that the attempt to implicate him and get him to lose his officer title must have been Endric's plan.

Gustav didn't add Endric's name to the list he handed to Officer Mag because he had decided he was going to handle Endric himself.

'Endric, this will spell your end... There's no redemption for you,' Now that Gustav had found the source of the incident, he had no more mercy left in him.


In his room, Endric stood beside the window staring into space as a variety of thoughts seeped into his mind.

'Those idiots I didn't expect that they would try to frame him behind my back just so they could get to delay him in camp for longer... All because that man wants me to defeat him before he makes a name for himself,' Endric sighed before moving to sit down.

'Should I tell him everything?'