The Bloodline System - Chapter 474 - Going Further Below

Chapter 474 - Going Further Below

Chapter 474 - Going Further Below

"Mr special, shall we," She said while inviting him towards one part of the simulation room.

"Why are you still calling me that?" Endric asked with a slightly disturbed look.

"Oh, did you forget claiming that you were special?" Officer Mag responded with a dismissive stare.

"Yeah stop that it sounds kinda obnoxious and... Cocky," Endric responded with a repressed gaze..

"Hmm? Are you sure?" Officer Mag asked.

"Hnm, can we just carry on with today's training please," Endric proposed.

"Hmm alright... Might I remind you, this torture ends for you this week just as it also ends for me. After this we can both go back to our normal livelihood within the MBO," Officer Mag announced.

"Oh... Yeah," A wry smile appeared on Endric's face as officer Mag made the announcement.

"Now first off I'll check the current stage of your will," Officer Mag said while moving towards Endric with a small device in her hand.

Moving it close to Endric, she activated it and checked what she intended to.


Gustav, at the moment, was currently dealing with a group of mixedbreeds within the sixteenth level of the dungeon.

A group of two-headed lizard men mixedbreeds who breathed fire with one head and ice in the other enclosed Gustav on all sides within this underground-looking passageway that neither had an exit or an entrance.

Jumping up in the air and spinning several times, Gustav landed in between two of these creatures and stabbed out fiercely with both palms.

Puchi~ Puchi~

The tip of his fingers coated in milky-colored energy pierced through the left and right neck of both two-headed lizard men simultaneously.

As green blood oozed down his fingertips, the creatures still seemed to be alive, although one of their heads had gone offline due to Gustav stabbing.

Zhhooooom! Zhoooom!

Two pillars of fire and ice were being shot towards his location at the same time.

Gustav quickly turned to the side and grabbed hold of the one on the left, putting it in front of himself.


The creature was instantly burned and froze to death.

Half of its body was shaped into an ice crystal as it stood in place, while the other half was roasted to ash.

Gustav proceeded to grab hold of the next one by the tail and ran forward while swinging it around.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the lizardmen's bodies were smashed into each other, blood was sent, spilling everywhere.

Gustav made sure to dodge the rest of the fire and ice being shot out from different spots.

The temperature of the place had been messed up at this point. It was both a mixture of hot and cold, but Gustav remained unaffected as he massacred the creatures one after the other.

After a few more minutes, the battle ended, and all that could be seen were the scattered bodies all around the place of the lizardmen.

About thirty of them had attacked him all at once, and now all thirty of them had become past tense. All without a single body part completely intact.


An opening appeared on the northeast side of the massive tunnelway, and this opening had stairs that led further down.

"Now it's time to challenge the seventeenth level," Gustav muttered as he walked towards that part of the dungeon.


Hours went by, and it was finally time to leave the dungeon since he still had to attend one more training session for the day.

At the moment, Gustav was currently soaked in blood that included both his and the creatures he had been fighting.

"Looks like twenty four is my limit for now," Gustav said as he fell to the ground, laying beside the massive body of a creature that covered up to four hundred feet of space.

This creature had a massive hole in its body where the ground could be seen from it.

It had already lost its life earlier, along with three more that looked similar to it scattered across the place.

He still hasn't tried using the mixture of the energy from the border and the energy from the crystal he found within the mountain because he was afraid he would alert the instructors after usage.

However, he had pretty much used every single ability in his arsenal to get to this level.

'I should be able to defeat that creature now,' Gustav remembered the serpentine mixedbreed within the border.

He remembered just how much he had been awed that such a powerful creature existed, and he couldn't imagine how long he'd take to reach the level where he could defeat it.

It had been up to six months since his last encounter with it, and then he could only use Yarki to bring it under control, but his attacks were still weak that they could barely cause any damage to it.

He had already decided that he would find time to visit the neighborhood area after he got out of here for his first mission.

Gustav stood to his feet after resting for a few seconds and dashed across the place, stabbing his hand into different parts of the creature's body.

He took several internal organs of these creatures and kept them within his storage device.

"Mara still needs these for her project," Gustav muttered.

According to Mara, she was working on a project where she needed organs of strong mixedbreeds along with a lot of other ingredients.

Gustav had to share his pass points with her because she ended up finishing hers while getting the ingredients needed for her experiment.

Working on personal projects meant lesser free resources, which meant a cadet in the scientific field would have to use their points to purchase items they needed.

Mara did this and ended up using hers completely and still couldn't purchase everything she needed.

She was quite the science freak and kept persuading Gustav that once her experiment became a success, he would be the first person to benefit from it.