The Bloodline System - Chapter 473 - Endric's Three Months Journey With Officer Mag

Chapter 473 - Endric's Three Months Journey With Officer Mag

Chapter 473 - Endric's Three Months Journey With Officer Mag

After torturing him for about twenty minutes with her gravitational force, Officer Mag deactivated it and fed him recovery pills again.

They went at it again when Endric regained consciousness.

He decided not to go against officer Mag this time in fear of being punished.

However, once again, Officer Mag did not stick to the time she mentioned, and he started getting angry and impatient.

The next attack broke through his barrier again, and Officer Mag crushed him once more with her gravitational force.

This continued for about three days, and Endric kept failing to prevent the attacks from getting through even though they were quite weak.


Once again, Officer Mag got him, and this time she decided to speak.

"You use the power of will, but not only do you lack patience, but you're also hot-headed... People with such abilities are always calm because the power of will works with mental capacity mostly bordering on focus. You are so quick to get angered and also impatient, which is why your telekinesis will never reach the full potential of its strength.

It's easy to defeat you if your opponent understands your character even though they're weaker. They can prey on your immature personality and use it against you.

The calmer you are, the more focused you'll be, which will strengthen your will. It's good for any fighter to know this, and you need to practice on that even more," Officer Mag voiced out lengthily, causing Endric to show an expression of reflection.

Officer Mag stared at him with one eyebrow raised before turning around.

"This is also why your brother will always be better than you because during battle he knows to be calm in every situation and he doesn't even have the power of will," As this statement was voiced out, Endric suddenly raised his head up with a look of rage in his eyes.


His eyes turned completely light blue in color as the wind started circulating around him, blowing his curly hair backward.

"He is not better than me!" Endric voiced out with a loud tone of rage.

Officer Mag turned around to look at him, "Oh, did I touch a nerve? See how you're so easily triggered," She voiced out.

The instant Endric heard that his face froze as his eyes slowly started to return to normal, and he sat back down.

"Now that's more like it... I understand that rage and desire also fuels will but you'll always be on the losing end if you're not the one in control so learn to stay calm in every situation," She said while turning around to keep moving towards her seating position again.

"Time out," She said after sitting.

"Why exactly do you get triggered by your brother? Why do you dislike your brother so much?" She asked.

"Because he's trash! And he will always be trash," Endric voiced out with a spiteful look as he gnashed his teeth.

Officer Mag stared at him with a look of intent.

"So-rry," He said as he calmed himself.

"Hmm, it's alright you're learning," Officer Mag let him off the hook this time.

"But we both know he's not trash so why would you call him that..? In fact he's one of the powerful if not most powerful first year cadet," Officer Mag said as she recalled everything she knew about Gustav and even the time he purposely faked his test scores which she was very well aware of.

"He's not... Hmph, he didn't used to be... I am better... I was better..." Endric had a conflicted look on his face as he stuttered while speaking.

"Hmm yes we all know the story of how he went through a phase and his bloodline underwent a late evolution," Officer Mag responded.

"So give me a solid reason why you dislike him to the point of hate," Officer Mag requested.

"That's because he... He... He... Is stealing my spotlight. I should be the one getting praise from everyone. I should be the one getting fawned upon by these lesser mixedbloods... He used to be so weak he would hide under my shelter and now..." Endric had to stop at this point because he realized he was already breathing in and out profusely.


Officer Mag stared at him for seconds without saying a single word with a look of pity.

Endric didn't understand why she was staring at him like that, but he didn't know what to say.

"Everything you mentioned so far, none of them are solid," Officer Mag finally broke the silence.

"I..." Endric was about to retort, but she cut him off before he could.

"Maybe you missed the part where he bullied you, or you two fought a few times and he inflict injuries on you in your younger years... Did you also miss the part where he treated you like a pile of dung? Where he insulted you or forced you to do something against your will?" Officer Mag stated.

Endric's mouth opened up like he wanted to say something but couldn't find any words.

"That's what I thought," She added while shaking her head.

'Their mother must have been one demented psycho to raise a child this way. It won't be easy to change his mode of reasoning,' Officer Mag thought internally.

"Now let's continue... Remember to be calm this time," She voiced out before giving Endric some time to prepare his barrier.

This time she waited for about five hours before implementing an attack, and this time Endric was able to prevent it from phasing through.

They did it several times more before she moved on to a new type of training for him.

When their full one-week isolated training ended, Endric was already starting to act a little different.

She instructed him to proceed towards this place the instant he had free time after training, and from then, their training continued.

Officer Mag completely tamed Endric in the past three months, making him turn completely meek in her presence.

Whenever he misbehaved, she always knew just what to do to him, and occasionally, they would have talked about him and Gustav.

Without knowing, he was slowly starting to relinquish the hate he had for Gustav within.


Endric's mind returned back to the present as he noticed Officer Mag's appearance within the simulation room.

"Mr. Special, shall we," She said while inviting him towards one part of the simulation room.

"Why are you still calling me that?"