The Bloodline System - Chapter 472 - Teaching Manners With Pain

Chapter 472 - Teaching Manners With Pain

Chapter 472 - Teaching Manners With Pain

"Hmm... Are you truly sorry or you just want the pain to stop?" Officer Mag asked as she closed her book.

"I- I'm soorryyy... I apolooogize," Endric pleaded.

"Hmm I will let you off the hook for now," Officer Mag said before standing to her feet as she deactivated the gravitational force pressing down on Endric.

Endric moaned in relief after this action, and Officer Mag proceeded to give him a recovery pill.

He slowly healed up, and when he was strong enough, he picked himself up with a look of embarrassment..

"You wicked bitch, how could you do that to me," He voiced out towards officer Mag again.

"I'm leaving," He voiced out and turned to the side to start heading towards the entrance.

However, just after taking a few steps forward, he felt immense pressure from above.

This time he seemed to be ready as he quickly raised his hands and created a telekinetic wall above himself with his will.


It sounded like two strong forces had collided as Endric's knees caved the instant the gravitational force pressed down on his telekinetic wall.

He groaned loudly as his knees began to lower even more while he used every ounce of energy he could muster to hold back the gravitational force.

Officer Mag slowly turned from her sitting position with the book still in her hand.

She didn't look like she was even trying at all, while Endric currently looked like he was trying to pass a shit as his hands were still raised up and his knees kept buckling.

"You really think you're something special don't you?" Officer Mag voiced out as she closed her book.

The instant the book made the slapping sound after closing, the gravitational force suddenly increased with so much intensity that Endric's kneecaps made snapping sounds as he fell facedown while screaming in pain.


The instantaneous increase of the gravitational force slammed into his entire body as the telekinetic wall he created up was destroyed.

Blood splattered across the place as Endric's body made a small hole in the ground, and he passed out instantly.

"Oh looks like I used too much power," Officer Mag said with a contemplative tone as she retracted her gravitational force.

She moved over to check on Endric's vitals and sighed in relief after seeing that he was still alive. She fed him recovery pills once again and waited for him to regain consciousness.

After a few more minutes, Endric woke up again and tried to leave once more but was swatted towards the ground and crushed like a bug under the weight of Officer Mag's gravitational force.

"Understand that you're nothing special... There are many others better than you are. I could end you with ease if I wanted to," Officer Mag kept saying as she inflicted pain on Endric every time he tried leaving.

Hours later, Endric had run out of energy and stared at Officer Mag like she was a beast.

"You want more? I could keep going for weeks since you seem to love pain," Officer Mag voiced out as she stared at Endric, who was seated on the floor with a defeated look.

Endric sat there and didn't respond as he kept staring downwards.

"That's what I thought," Officer Mag said as she stood up from her seating position and moved towards Endric.

"Now we will begin your training... You're not to leave this place for the next one week," Officer Mag voiced out next.

"One week?" Endric blurted out with a tone of disapproval.

"You have a problem with that?" She asked with a glare.

"Uh no... But what of the other trainings?" He asked gently after seeing her glare.

"You can forget about all those for now... No instructor wants you in their training anyways," She said as she turned around.

'Dang it... I won't be able to communicate with anyone,' Endric gritted his teeth with a look of annoyance as this thought came to mind.

"Your first task... Get on your knees and create a barrier around yourself using your will. I will attack it every ten minutes using a small portion of my strength. If it gets destroyed in one hit, I'll crush you with my gravitational force again and heal you afterwards... Get ready to be in a lot of pain Mr. Special," Officer Mag said before taking her to sit somewhere in the simulation room again.

"Huh that's so easy," Endric scoffed as he proceeded to do as he was told.

He created a circular telekinetic barrier around himself and waited for the attack.

Officer Mag continued reading her book as Endric sat in place.

Ten minutes passed, and yet Officer Mag didn't attack.

Twenty minutes~

Thirty minutes~

Fifty minutes~

One hour~

"Hey, I'm still here waiting," Endric was starting to get impatient and shouted out.

His energy was being depleted as he kept the telekinetic force, and he was tired of staying in the same position.

Officer Mag ignored his exclamations and kept reading.

In a blink of an eye, another hour went by, and Endric was already pissed at the moment.

He glared daggers at Officer Mag, who still kept ignoring him.

Just when he felt this might all be some kind of hoax, Officer Mag suddenly threw her book forward with immense force.


It cut through the air like a blade as it travelled forward like a spiraling streak.


It broke through Endric's protective barrier with ease and slammed into his face.


The impact sent Endric tumbling backward as he slid across the floor.

He laid in that position for a while with a defeated expression as his face turned red.

"Hey that was unfair, you said you were going to attack in ten minutes and now it's over two hours," He suddenly jumped up with a look of annoyance as he voiced out.

"Shut up! You had one task and you failed," She voiced out, cutting him short.

Fwhiii! Bang!

Immense gravitational force descended from above, smashing Endric to the floor once again.

He screamed out in pain and pleaded, but it all fell on deaf ears.