The Bloodline System - Chapter 471: Gustav's Decision On The Death Match

Chapter 471: Gustav's Decision On The Death Match

Chapter 471: Gustav's Decision On The Death Match

"He's the only one that comes to mind... They also said he was gonna defeat me one day. Such an awfully familiar line don't you think?" Gustav chuckled at this point.


"And I thought for a second that he was changing... I guess I was wrong... There is no redemption for him," Gustav added.

("Why don't you keep watching him in the meantime, his punishment is gonna end in a week anyways,") The system proposed.

"I've issued the death battle... It's going to take place a week before I leave for my mission as long as he accepts," Gustav said with an expressionless tone.

("You do know that killing him doesn't change the fact that there's still someone out there controlling a group of cadets for nefarious purposes and can end their life in an instant if they please,") The system stated.

"That's none of my concern... Let the instructors handle that themselves. Endric is more of a danger than all of the group members combined, ending him is the main goal for me right now," Gustav responded.

("You're not thinking clearly about this whole situation... For this to happen means that whoever is behind the scenes is also after you. Endric gone doesn't mean that person is gone. They can come for you again in the future. A hidden enemy is more dangerous than a known enemy, no matter how powerful a known enemy is. If they're out in the open, you know what steps to take to neutralize them if you do your research.

The same thing cannot be said about an enemy you know nothing about,") The system explained lengthily.

"I'm not leaving someone as dangerous as Endric around while I'm away... I will end him this time and whoever this hidden enemy is, I'll deal with them. Now enough of this discussion I need to continue channeling my bloodlines," Gustav ended his statements and closed his eyes once again.

("Argh you're so dumb, don't you know you could use Endric to uncover the rest of them,") The system voiced out before keeping quiet since Gustav ignored her last sentence and continued channeling his bloodlines.


As the days went by, Gustav stopped watching Endric. Instead, he focused on keeping his eyes on suspicious students, so in a kind of way, he was helping officer Mag keep an eye out for students that may be in the said group while also visiting the dungeon.

Officer Mag kept him up to speed on the situation with the officer, and she mentioned that she was close to catching the culprit, and by the end of the week, she would have.

On this particular day, he visited the dungeon once again with the intention of going below level sixteen today.

The cadets were having a display of powerful attacks in the coming week, so Gustav wanted to train well enough because he had decided to use that to take over the first position from Elevora.

Currently, on the ranking, he was second place, but it would seem the rankings boards hadn't decided he was the strongest yet based on not seeing him perform any feats stronger than what Elevora had displayed.

He decided that if this still didn't work, then he would have to duel with Elevora.

This was something he was interested in, and so was she, but both of them were worried about going all out and inflicting incurable damage on the other. Gustav believed that if he went all out, Elevora might get killed, and with her level of strength, he couldn't be pulling punches, or he'd lose.

Elevora was also worried about the same thing, but if it came down to it, Gustav didn't mind.

He was interested in having the first spot before he left for his first mission.


Endric kept going to meet Officer Mag in his free time as expected, and since this was the last week, he was feeling weird as he moved towards the simulation room today.

'What is wrong with me..? Am I actually feeling weird because my training with this woman will end this week?' Endric didn't understand what was going on with him.

He entered the simulation room and memories of the last three months played out in his mind.


"Arrrgghhhh! Let me go you cruel woman!"

Endric groaned and shouted out in pain as officer Mag sat on his back while reading a small book.

Endric was being held down by a strong gravitational force that kept increasing the more he struggled.

At this point, his bones were starting to make creaking sounds due to his stubbornness.

"Just give in, you can't do anything about it," Officer Mag mumbled with an unbothered voice but didn't take her eyes off the book in her hand for a second.

"Never! Arrrgghhhh! Let me go you witch!"

Endric was still as stubborn as ever and kept struggling to free himself, even to the point of trying to use his will against officer Mag.

"Your will is nothing within my gravitational field, just give it up. Stop being stubborn you motherless prick," Officer Mag voiced out again.

"I have a mother! Arrghhh! You're a witch! You're cruel! You're vile! Arrghhh! Let me go!"

Endric kept shouting out, and the gravitational force kept increasing.

"Now I doubt that," Officer Mag voiced out before she continued reading her book, 'Their mother must have been one crooked woman who lacked the skills of proper home training,' Officer Mag said internally while shaking her head in pity.


Endric kept struggling for over thirty minutes.

As time passed, his struggling screams slowly turned into painful screams and then pleading ones.

At this point, nearly every bone in his body had been broken.

The ground underneath had been cracked due to the force of his body pressing against it. Officer Mag sitting on his back didn't help the situation one bit.

"Pleeeaase! I apologize! I'm sorry! Make it stop! Arrghhh!" He screamed out again as another bone in his body made loud popping sounds.

He had never felt such excruciating pain in his lifetime. Remembering Gustav's last beating, he felt that didn't compare to having every bone in the body under torture.

"Hmm... Are you truly sorry or you just want the pain to stop?" Officer Mag asked as she closed her book.