The Bloodline System - Chapter 470: Four Deaths

Chapter 470: Four Deaths

Chapter 470: Four Deaths

"*Cough cough* What's the point of asking such questions when you know I won't say a thing," Curt responded with a weak look.

"Why did you fools try to frame me?" Gustav asked.

"Haha isn't that obvious... We want to bring you down so you lose your officer title. Did you forget that you have so many enemies on camp?" Curt laughed weakly as he stated.

"I pretty much figured this was the case... But I can tell there's a motive behind this little scheme of yours and I'm pretty sure you didn't plan it neither are you the leader," Gustav said while squatting in front of him.

"I truly am not the leader. Our leader is more powerful than you are Gustav Crimson and he will defeat you one day," Curt voiced out.

"I don't care about someone who can't come out and face me head on... What is the motive behind this bullshit and who are your other subordinates?" Gustav asked with a cold look as his eyes glowed a crimson color, and fangs grew out of his mouth.

"Haha you think I'm scared... It's already the end of the road for us, you can't do nothing," Curt voiced out as he started coughing out black blood.

"What's wrong with him? There shouldn't be any more bleeding?" E.E voiced out from behind.

Officer Mag and Gustav were also dumbfounded.

Cough! Cough! Cough!

The others who were also unconscious began to cough as black blood trickled out the sides of their mouths.

Krryh! Krryh! Krryh!

Everyone was dumbfounded as they saw the four cadets' skins bloat up.

The outline of some weird worm-looking things began to appear underneath their skins, crawling from place to place across their bodies.

It appeared on their arms, legs, face, neck, and every visible part of their bodies, making the four cadets look grotesque.

"What's happening to them?" Gustav asked with a dumbfounded expression.

Officer Mag's eyes widened as she quickly grabbed hold of Gustav's hand and turned around.

Surrounding all five of them in a bubble of gravitational force, she flew forward with Gustav, E.E, Gremlin, and Aildris.


The body of the four who were left on the ground bloated to the limit, and what came next was an immense explosion.

Boooooom! Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!

The explosion was so large that one-fourth of the mountain was blasted apart.

The huge mountain on the left had now been reduced in size.

This explosion had now alerted some other officers, and they started heading towards this location with speed.

Officer Mag landed on the other mountain by the side with Gustav and the rest.

"What in the hell was that?" E.E was the first to voice out as he stared in the direction of the other mountain, which still had massive chunks of rocks rolling down its side.

"Looks like whoever is controlling this whole circus was more cautious than we expected," Officer Mag responded with creased eyebrows.

"Leave the rest to me kids... I don't think they'll be coming after any cadet anytime soon. This stunt they just pulled will put every officer on the alert and they won't be able to make any move on you four," She added.

"Oh I'm hoping they make a move on me alright..." Gustav wasn't in any way satisfied with the present state of things.

"Isn't it bad that they won't make any move? Won't this make it harder for them to be caught?" Aildris voiced out from the side.

"No... I already have a lead, I'll catch the officer pulling strings from the shadows in a few days," Officer Mag responded.

"Hmm... I'll still keep my eyes peeled in the meantime. The moment I notice anything strange I'm taking action," Gustav responded before jumping off the mountain.

Aildris and E.E followed after him.

Gremlin had woken up at this time and wanted to go with them, but officer Mag stopped him.

"You're coming with me," She voiced out before flying away with him, not giving him any chance to retort.

Officer Mag decided to go inspect the location of the explosion once again for any clues as other officers began to troop towards the location.


Thirty minutes later, Gustav, E.E, Aildris, and Teemee were on the corridor leading to their rooms discussing.

Teemee explained how he was out here earlier with Gremlin when a strange force suddenly knocked him aside.

The force held him there tightly, and he could hear Gremlin screaming in the background.

He activated his bloodline and tried freeing himself from the hold, and just when he did, he found himself in another location.

He figured he was teleported against his will. By the time he got back here, Gremlin was gone. He had tried looking for E.E and Aildris to give them the news so they could look for Gremlin, but they were nowhere to be found.

He had also been searching for Gremlin during the last hour and had to come back here to check for Aildris and E.E again when he met all three of them in the corridor.

He was relieved to hear that Gremlin was okay, but he was really shocked after hearing about the whole situation.

He never thought such a thing would happen within the camp.

It was inevitable that the news about the deaths of four cadets would spread across the camp. This was also something the officer pulling the strings from behind would want to happen.

"So what happens now?" Aildris asked.

"I already have a theory about this whole thing... Once I've concluded on my investigations I'll take action," Gustav said with a deep stare before moving towards his room.

Gustav spent the rest of the day channeling his bloodline and planning his move.

("I sensed a familiar energy when that explosion was about to occur,") The system suddenly voiced out internally as Gustav was seated in his personal channeling room.

"Hmm... So did I..." Gustav responded.

("So... Do you think it's him?") The system asked.