The Bloodline System - Chapter 469 Officer Mag Arrival

Chapter 469 Officer Mag Arrival

Chapter 469: Officer Mag Arrival

Gustav turned to the side after noticing that the leader of the masked cadet he threw forward earlier was once again making a run for it.


Gustav travelled towards him with speed and dodged several flying darts thrown towards him by the leader.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

These darts exploded after reaching a particular distance. However, Gustav was still able to go through them without suffering a single injury.

He arrived before the leader with his right arm arched backward, and he threw a jab straight at his face.


Teeth and blood flew out of his mouth as he was sent tumbling back.

Gustav dashed forward and swung his leg towards his chest once again.


Bone cracking sounds rang out this time as the cadet's chest caved in.

He felt his ribs and sternum fracturing as his body catapulted through the air before he slammed into the large yellow-colored building-sized shard.

His helmet had also cracked open at this point, and his face was smeared with blood as his body sunk in the massive shard.

A few seconds later, the shard popped and turned into yellow dust that floated across the place.

Both cadets had passed out at this point in time. The body of the one crushed underneath earlier was in a weird position that depicted a lot of his bones were already broken.

Gustav was about to head towards them when a loud sound was heard in the sky.

A small object could be seen cutting through the sky with speed and descending towards Gustav's position.

Zwhhii! Bam!

"So this is where you were at?"

As the dust cleared, Officer Mag could be seen standing in front of Gustav.

It turned out she was the one who was flying through the sky earlier.

"You okay?" She asked Gustav.

"You should be more worried about them," Gustav said while pointing at the front.

She turned around and saw the state of both cadets with their mechanical black masks broken and blood-smeared faces.

"You sure did a lot of damage," She voiced out.

"These cadets took Gremlin... They almost killed him. He would have been past tense had I not arrived here as soon as possible," Gustav explained.

Officer Mag had a look of understanding.

"They're first years so they're not even suppose to be able to access this place... This area is quite far from the residence and really secluded, no officer would be able to notice easily that anything was happening here," She analyzed the whole situation. To her, it seemed like this had been planned perfectly and was almost successful due to whoever was helping this group behind the scenes.

"I was drawn here by the explosion... Whenever there is a ripple in the gravitational field as long as it's powerful enough, I'll sense it... The sound of the explosion was not loud enough," Officer Mag said while walking forward.

She took the mechanical masks off their faces, completely revealing the looks of two cadets.

"By the way, how did you even find them so fast," Officer Mag asked.

"E.E brought us here with his vortex," Gustav answered.

"I mean how did you know that they were in this location in particular?" Officer Mag asked with a dumbfounded expression.

"Just a little thinking and it's easy to figure out... I have been investigating this situation for longer and also checked out these spots beforehand. Remember I'm an officer so I'm not restricted to places like this. Anyone with a brain would be able to figure out that they were here," Gustav explained while shrugging his shoulders.

"So you saying I ain't intelligent huh?" Officer Mag squinted her eyes as she voiced out while turning around to stare at Gustav.

"Your words not mine," Gustav played it off with this.

Officer Mag was about to say something else when they noticed E.E and Aildris coming from up ahead.

E.E was carrying Gremlin on his shoulder while Aildris was pulling the female cadet and Hamlet along with him.

Hamlet had already passed out from losing too much blood, and blood was still oozing out from his left empty shoulder area.

They piled up the four cadets in a straight line up after removing the masks from the faces of the rest.

"Rina Shelby, Curt Bills, Hamlet Kong, Gery Richards..." Officer Mag had already checked the database for the identity of these four.

Just as expected, they were all normal cadets.

She proceeded to feed them recovery pills so she could question them.

"We need to know everything about their group... Although I doubt they'll tell us so using the brain tweak device would be best but we can't move them to any of the labs in this condition," Officer Mag stated as she waited for their injuries to stabilize a bit.

High-grade recovery pills could fix injuries in a manner of seconds, but there were grievous injuries that would take a lot of time to fully heal. Some injuries won't heal until certain medical procedures are put in place.

And this mostly depends on the strength of the person who received the damage. If they were stronger, it was possible to have the injuries fixed faster.

Whenever Gustav battled, he always put his opponents in such a state that their bodies could not be fully healed even after using high-grade recovery pills.

They had to wait for a bit before anyone would regain consciousness.

Hamlet was in a bad state due to his left arm that was chopped off entirely.

"You went all out on them," Aildris chipped in.

"No I didn't... They would be dead if I did," Gustav responded.

E.E and Aildris knew we were not bragging in any way because it was true with the strength Gustav had displayed.

After a few more minutes, one of them finally woke, and it was the leader of their group, Curt Bills.

The instant he noticed officer Mag in front of him, his face paled.

"Now, you're going to tell me everything about your little group... Who are your other surbodinates and who's the officer backing you guys?" Officer Mag went straight to point.