The Bloodline System - Chapter 468 Dealing With The Group

Chapter 468 Dealing With The Group

Chapter 468: Dealing With The Group

"It's been some time since I fought like this... You lots have truly angered me," Gustav voiced out, causing the four cadets to stare at him with a visible look of fear in their eyes.


In one movement, he arrived in front of the masked female cadet that had just shot out the beams with his hand outstretched.


His palm grabbed hold of her neck in the next instant, and before anyone could react, he dashed towards the mountain wall on the side with full force while pushing her forward.


A loud tremor rang out as she collided head-on into the mountainside with a strong force, creating a massive body-sized hole within.


Cracks started to spread from the point of impact to other parts of the mountain area.

Gustav pulled her body out of the hole. He smashed it on another part of the mountainside, causing a similar effect once again before pulling her out once more.

The mechanical mask on her face had already been cracked in half, and blood could be seen dripping down her neck as Gustav held her up.

He stared at her face and tried recalling if she looked familiar in any way. One thing he could tell was the fact that she was a normal cadet.

The other masked cadets in the vicinity started panicking and calling out to a particular group member.

"Hamlet, get us out of here,"

The other male beating Gremlin up seriously earlier voiced out to the tallest one in their group.

A blue glow started gathering around them as the tallest one in their group called Hamlet raised his hands up.

Gustav noticed this and quickly threw the girl in his hand away before dashing forward again with speed.

Even with Gustav's quickness, the bodies of the remaining three were already fading away before his arrival.

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

A long three feet milky-colored blade appeared in Gustav's hand, which he threw forward towards Hamlet.

The speed coupled with the power of this throw caused the blade to travel forward like lightning.


It passed through Hamlet's left shoulder like a streak and what came next was a loud scream.


Hamlet's left arm flew several hundred feet in the air spiralling repeatedly before landing after Gustav's Atomic blade cut through his shoulder.


As it fell to the ground, so did Hamlet, with blood oozing out of where his left hand was formally located.

The three of them bodies had returned to a solid state after Hamlet sustained such damage.

He kept screaming as he seemed to be in excruciating pain while the other two decided to turn heels and run.

"Nobody leaves," Gustav didn't even have a single shred of remorse on his face after slicing someone's arm off.

Instead, he was more concerned with making sure all four of them suffered.

Although both of them ran in two separate directions, Gustav went after the one he reckoned to be the gang leader first.


He arrived in front of him in a manner of seconds.

The leader of the masked cadets seemed to have expected this and had a circular-shaped device in his hand prepared already.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

It happened to be a set bomb, and he had already activated it.

"It will go off in less than ten seconds so you had better stay away if you don't want to be blasted to bits," He voiced out.

"Are you really going to kill yourself just for this?" Gustav asked with a scoff.

"It's better than what awaits me," The leader of the masked cadets voiced out before putting the device in his uniform through the small opening at the top area.

Gustav dashed forward at this point and thrust his palm forward.


His palm directly slammed onto the part where the bomb was sending the cadet flying backward, but Gustav also grabbed hold of the device through the cloth a moment after he struck it with his palm.

Rip! Fwwwiiiii!

As the cadet was sent flying, Gustav had managed to rip the bomb device out of his uniform and turn around before throwing it upwards with force.


It was already in the last seconds, but Gustav's throw allowed it to ascend over three hundred feet in the air before a loud blast reverberated across the place.


Even though it was quite high in the sky, they still felt the pressure below as heavy winds blew everyone's hair backward, making their uniforms flap repeatedly.

Gustav dashed forward and grabbed hold of the cadet before lifting him and pulling him along.

The other cadet who had gone in the opposite direction had paused for an instant after witnessing the massive explosion.

Currently, he was out of the canyon and heading down the mountain on the left.

Just as he wanted to keep running again, he spotted a body flying in his direction.


The collision knocked him back by over fifty feet. As soon as he spotted Gustav, he headed for him with intensity.

The cadet quickly spat out a yellowish shard towards Gustav.

As the yellowish shard arrived in front of Gustav, he moved to the side to dodge. Still, it suddenly expanded, becoming like the size of a building in nearly an instant.


It fell on Gustav with its massive weight causing a cloud of dust to spread across the place.

The cadet who had shot out the shard sighed in relief as he turned around to keep running again. He felt that even if the attack couldn't handle Gustav, it would slow him down a little.

However, to his surprise, when he turned to look back, he saw the same massive building-like structure flying towards his direction from behind.

Gustav had picked it up and thrown it forward.

'What? No way! It weighs at least sixty thousand pounds... He shouldn't be able to throw it so casually,'

Fwhiii! Bang!

As it landed, the cadet's screams couldn't be heard as his entire body was crushed under the weight of the massive building-like yellow shard.