The Bloodline System - Chapter 467 Arriving On Time

Chapter 467 Arriving On Time

Chapter 467: Arriving On Time

This area was in between two tall mountains walls, leaving a long dark path at the bottom with flowing water.

At the moment, they were on the left side beside the flowing water. This area was pretty dark.

"Let's go. I found the place," Gustav shouted out as he deactivated Life Signs Tracking.

"This place on the map," Gustav pointed at another place in the camp that was restricted to first years.

"The devil canyon?" E.E instantly recognized it and clasped both hands together before separating them.


A vortex was instantly formed in front of them, and they all jumped in.

In a particular part of the camp where the clouds were always dark, and clouds hung over two massive greenish looking mountains,

there was a pathway of murky green stream flowing in between both mountains that extended very far due to the size of both mountains.

Lightning bolts occasionally appeared in the sky, and one in every ten bolts would land in between both mountains, electrocuting the stream.

The senior cadets knew very well why this place was called the Devil canyon. They would come training in this place, and there was a chance that they'd get struck by lightning if they could not react in time.

Asides from that, occasional weird weather occurrence where a crazy tornado could just appear out of nowhere and sweep everything in the vicinity away.

This was yet another place within the camp that was restricted to the first-year cadets.

Originally, places that were restricted to first-year cadets would be barricaded with invisible fences that would only stop them from going in but would allow senior cadets so long as they had their passes.

Gustav had brought E.E to almost everywhere restricted because, with his authority, he could bring anyone with him. E.E would not have been able to open a vortex to this location and appear there with Aildris if not for Gustav's presence in their midst.

At the left side of the canyon towards the middle, a group of four masked cadets surrounded a cadet putting on glasses and having a buzz cut.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They occasionally landed hits on him, causing the glasses to fall off his face while he bled.

Blood oozed down his nose and face as he fell face flat after receiving some brutal hits.

Two of the cadets would move towards him and pick him up again to receive another round of beating.

"Did you think you could go scottfree with the stunt you pulled?" One of them shouted out before shooting out a whitish beam from his hand.


Gremlin's chest caved in as he was sent blasting backward after the beam made contact with his chest.


He slammed into the side of the mountain, causing a small vibration to occur.

Two of the masked cadets moved towards him again to pick him up and brought him back to his initial position, ignoring the blood oozing from his mouth and his exposed chest.

"Tw-ats," As Gremlin coughed out blood, he voiced out.

"You thought we couldn't do anything to you so long as you were with Gustav Crimson, right?" The other one on the left voiced out as she walked forward.

From her stature and voice, it was obvious that it was a female.

"I'll tell you now that we have someone better than Gustav Crimson on our side so you were never safe from the start," She voiced out as a weird red circle appeared around her right arm.

"Such foolish action will lead to your demise," She voiced out as more red circles began to appear behind her.

Twwhhi! Twwhhi! Twwhhi!

As the circles fired up, ready to shoot, the entire vicinity began to vibrate due to the force.

'I guess this is the end,' Gremlin said internally as he accepted his fate and prepared to be skewered.

"You will die here today for going against us and even Gustav cannot save you," Just as she shouted out, ready to fire, a purplish vortex appeared from above.

"Are you sure about that?"

A familiar masculine voice filled with such power and confidence was heard from within the vortex.

Even before the owner of the voice appeared, all four masked cadets already knew who it was.

-"Gustav Crimson!"

They all voiced out in shocked tones just as Gustav and E.E, along with Aildris, landed on the ground behind them.


The female cadet who was about to fire earlier shot out the energy by mistake due to shock after seeing Gustav.

Several red beams travelled forward with intensity towards Gremlin, who was still in a kneeling position.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]


Before anyone could even react, Gustav had already swooped forward at a speed that made everyone around him look like they weren't moving.

The beams that were traveling at very high speed were now similar to kids running from Gustav's point of view.

Gustav arrived in front of Gremlin before the beams could, but there wasn't enough time to get him out of the way, so he stretched out his palm.


A loud sound of collision rang out as the beams collided with Gustav's palm causing the ground to crack apart from the impact.


Although it was impossible to see their faces through the mask, it was obvious that the four cadets had their mouths open after witnessing what had just happened.

Gustav was standing in place with his hand stretched out, and parts of his uniform had holes on them due to some of the beams slamming into his body.

However, even with all this, there was not a single scratch to be found on his body.

He didn't move an inch backward, neither was there any blood. He just stood there like a solid rock. Even the mountain on the side would take damage at the point of such powerful impact.

"Gustav," Gremlin had teary eyes as he noticed Gustav standing in front of him.

"Are you okay?" Gustav said as he slowly lowered his arm.

Smoke was still erupting from his palm and other affected body parts, but he remained unscathed.

"I'm fine," Gremlin said before coughing out more blood.

Gustav turned around and picked him up by the collar with one hand before flinging him like a weightless sack towards Aildris and E.E.

E.E caught him and dropped him in their midst.

"Keep him safe I don't want to be disturbed," Gustav said to both of them as he ripped his uniform apart, displaying his well-chiseled and moderately ripped upper half.

"It's been some time since I fought like this... You lots have truly angered me," Gustav voiced out, causing the four cadets to stare at him with visible fear in their eyes.