The Bloodline System - Chapter 466 Gremlin's Disappearance

Chapter 466 Gremlin's Disappearance

Chapter 466: Gremlin's Disappearance

'They definitely have inside backing. It won't be wise to meet up with an instructor... I can't trust any of them,' Gustav said Internally as he scanned for the images of instructors internally.

He happened to picture Officer Mag in his mind for a few seconds and was already having second thoughts.

This was due to the fact that compared to other instructors, officer Mag seemed detached and was more likely to remain by herself, not engaging in friendly fellowship like other instructors.

After a few more seconds of thinking, Gustav decided to brush her off as he recalled another person.

'There's her too... Commander Cilia,' Gustav remembered the main commanding officer in camp who addressed them on their second day of arrival.

Gustav recalled that she originally reported to Commander Shion, which means she was put in her current position by the great commanders.

Thinking more about it Gustav figured, there was no way she'd be involved in such a scheme like that since it would mean the great Commanders didn't have good judgment in selecting the head of this place.

The only problem now was her appearance was quite scarce. Since the first day, Gustav and the others had only seen her once.

It seemed like she was always leaving and coming back to camp due to her position, which made her quite busy.

Gustav decided she was the only one he could go meet with the situation, so he decided he was going to head to her office the next day.

The night went by in a flash, and the next day arrived.

Morning routine with the others was quite disturbing for Gustav because he had to tolerate Gremlin following him about.

Gremlin just couldn't stop talking about so many things, his fears mostly, and how he thought every random person close to them performing the morning routine as well seemed suspicious.

Gustav couldn't rely on Gremlin's instincts at this point because his fear was controlling his judgment. Good thing Gustav didn't expect anything from him in the first place besides proving that he and Vera didn't commit such acts in the open.

After the morning routine ended, Gustav couldn't observe Endric as usual because he had to go to visit Commander Cilia's office.

He checked for the location on his pass and started heading there. He left Gremlin in E.E and Aildris's care.

Both of them were more than enough to handle any bullshit that those unknown group of students could dish out, so he wasn't worried.


Gustav dashed across the camp, heading towards the hall they arrived in on their first day here.

This hall which was the arrival and exit point from the MBO camp, was actually where the commander's office was located.

Thinking about it, Gustav understood that the hall was constructed at this location just in case there were intruders. It would be taken care of instantly.

Since she was the commander, he had no doubt that she was the strongest existence in camp.

Gustav arrived at the vast wasteland that extended upwards and charged through it, reaching the top in a few seconds.

He stopped when he noticed the massive white structure in the distance.

It was built to look similar to an old cathedral with tower-like roofing and a pointy cross-like tip. However, it was at least fifty times bigger in size as it covered a large portion of this area.

Gustav arrived at the entrance and got beeped. In an instant, he brought out his pass.

Arriving in, several other cadets could also be seen moving across the place, heading for and also coming out of the three massive mirrors standing in the middle of the hall.

These three mirrors displayed three different locations of the outside world, so it was obvious that those going in were heading for missions while those coming out of any of them were back from missions.

These were senior cadets.

An instructor who was heading out of the hall noticed Gustav.

"Officer Gustav, what are you doing here?" He asked with a slightly surprised look.

"What? Am I not allowed to be here?" Gustav asked with a slightly irritated expression.

"Oh no that's not what I meant... Your pass grantx you the permission here so you're definitely allowed here but I hope you know that beyond sightseeing you're not allowed to do anything else," The instructor said with a soft tone.

"There's no need to explain anything... I have my reasons for coming here anyways. Thank you," Gustav responded before proceeding to move along.

The instructor stared at Gustav's back as he walked away with a slightly disturbed expression before he continued on his way.

Gustav moved towards the southwest area, where there was a corridor that led towards a small stairway.

Following this, Gustav arrived at the top of the stairway, where a door was positioned.

According to his pass, this was the office of Commander Cilia.

Gustav was about to knock on it when it opened up.

"Hmm? Officer Crimson," A feminine voice rang out as Gustav stopped his hand in front of the slim lady who spoke.

She was dressed in an orange uniform similar to that of Gradier Xanatus and had a small oval-shaped face with brown hair packed towards the back with a ponytail.

"Commander Cilia," Gustav voiced out as his hand descended.

"I'm here to see you," He added.

Commander Cilia had a slightly confused expression as she heard that before responding.

"I still have a few minutes to spare, let's go in," She said before turning around.

Gustav followed her in.

Moments later, Gustav was narrating what had gone down recently within Commander Cilia's office.

In a minute, he had given a quick breakdown of the whole situation.

"Such a thing went down and I wasn't informed?" Commander Cilia was surprised by the revelation.

"I haven't met anyone about the group... I don't trust any instructor," Gustav explained.

"Oh... Hmm I see. Why?" She asked.

"Such a group can't delete a footage without the help of someone on the inside... They are being assisted by an officer," Gustav voiced out his speculation.

"That makes sense," Commander Cilia already felt this was Gustav's reason, but she wanted to make confirmation.

She proceeded to touch the side of her forehead while closing her eyes.

"Mag, I need you in my office ASAP," She voiced out.

'Hmm? Mag?' The image of a short female instructor phased into his mind as he heard Commander Cilia call out this name.

"I need to uncover these bastards before they cause any real damage... They failed this time because I was the one targetted, if it was a weaker and more gullible cadet they'd probably have their way with the backing they have. That would mean that you, Commander Cilia are not capable enough to protect the cadets here," Gustav stated.

"Relax Gustav," She said with a smile.

"Everything will be taken care of," She added just before a weird sound was heard.


The door opened up, and instructor Mag walked in.

Her short frame looked the opposite of menacing, but her glare was something else.

"Did you just say big sis was incapable?" She voiced out as she moved towards Gustav.

"If she isn't able to protect the cadets even from themselves, then yes... Wait did you just say big sis?" Gustav voiced out the last part with a look of surprise.

He stared at both of them repeatedly, trying to make comparisons, 'Oh I see it now...' Gustav said internally as he noticed their similar head shape and eyes structure.

These two were the type of siblings that you wouldn't know were related to each other unless you looked hard enough.

"She's more capable than anyone in this place," Officer Mag said with a cold glare.

"I will only believe that after I see the group exposed," Gustav responded with an unbothered expression.

"It's alright you two..." Commander Cilia stopped them before they could go any further with their words.

"Mag, I have an important business to attend to at the moment so I won't be able to deal with the current issue at hand and this is why I have called you here," She added before calling out to Officer Mag,

"Come over,"

Officer Mag did as instructed and walked over. Commander Cilia placed her index finger on Officer Mag's forehead.


The instant she withdrew her hand, officer Mag had been brought up to speed about the whole situation.

"Mag I'm entrusting this assignment to you since I'll be away... I want you both to work together to expose the cadets and officer behind them," Commander Cilia said before standing to her feet.

"I'm five minutes late already, I have to go," She said while walking towards the door.

"You both can use this office as a secure meeting place, I'll ask the secretary to let you both have access at anytime," She added before leaving.

Gustav and officer Mag were left together inside the office.

"Hmph... Let's go meet this Gremlin first. I have some questions for him," Officer Mag decided before pulling Gustav along with her.

The moment they arrived outside the hall, she grabbed hold of Gustav, and the gravitational force around them suddenly turned weird.


Officer Mag shot into the air with Gustav in her grasp, travelling across the camp with speed.

'So she could fly,' Gustav was quite surprised at this revelation.

Officer Mag's bloodline gave her the ability to manipulate gravitational force, and she had trained it to the point that she could use it to fly.

They arrived at the area that led to the special class residence, and she dropped there with Gustav.

"I'll wait here, go fetch him," She said while finding somewhere to sit.

Gustav dashed towards his residence building and arrived there in a few seconds.

As he headed up, he happened to meet Aildris in the corridor heading towards the teleportation elevator with a wary expression.

"What's wrong?" The moment Gustav laid his eyes on him, he figured that something was out of place.

"Gremlin has gone missing," Aildris answered instantly.

"What? How?" Gustav voiced out with an expression of disbelief.

"He left... On his own," Aildris responded as they stood in front of the circular blue light.

"He said he wanted to see the scenery of the corridor area and I told him not to leave till I found Teemee to stay with him because I was busy with something inside... It was only a span of ten minutes when I stopped sensing their presence. I came out here they were both gone... I asked them not to leave the building," Aildris explained.

"If Teemee was with him then we can assume that a special class is a part of that group and they must have been waiting for the opportunity to see Gremlin with a weaker special class cadet..." Gustav voiced out.

They didn't expect that a special class cadet would be a part of the unknown group.

At this moment, E.E happened to be coming from somewhere. He went out for a brief period earlier, which was why he wasn't in the vicinity when it happened.

Aildris explained the situation to him as well.

"I can find him but I need you to be ready to transport us there the instant I do," Gustav said as he activated God Eyes.

His eyes glowed scarlet and green with a hint of gold before he closed them.

[Life Signs Tracking Activated]


Gremlin's life sign appeared in Gustav's mind as his dark visual changed.

He found himself in a kind of canyon staring at a group of people with weird dark marks that surrounded him.

His vision would occasionally tilt from side to side as it seemed that Gremlin was being beaten up.

As his vision focused on the ground, Gustav could see blood, and he quickly used that opportunity to look around.

"Let's go I found the place," Gustav shouted out as he deactivated Life Signs Tracking.