The Bloodline System - Chapter 465 Unknown Group

Chapter 465 Unknown Group

Chapter 465: Unknown Group

"...But I will get to the bottom of this... Whoever is responsible for such expensive joke will answer to me," Gustav responded with a cold tone before he resumed walking.

Gustav met up with E.E, who was waiting not too far away from the location of the place where they were interrogated.

"It should only take a few minutes," Gustav said to him, and E.E nodded in response.

"Why is he..? What are you..?" Vera was a bit confused as she stared at both of them while voicing out.

"You can go Vera... I'll handle things from here," Gustav instructed.

"Hmm alright," Vera complied and started walking away while Gustav and E.E moved to the side to wait behind a tree.

Both of them waited for several minutes before a male cadet wearing glasses with a buzz cut walked out of the facility ahead.

Gustav and E.E remained in their positions and watched him walk across the path.

After he was hundreds of feet away from the tree, they started following him from behind.

Gustav and E.E tailed the youngster until they arrived at a particular part of the camp that was slightly secluded.

"Gremlin, how about we have a little chat," Gustav voiced out from behind, causing the youngster to halt his steps.

The moment he heard Gustav's voice, he turned around with a wary expression written on his face.

Before he could even say a word, Gustav had already dashed forward as E.E conjured a vortex behind Gremlin.

Thhrkkk! Swwoooooosshh!

Gustav's body travelled so fast, arriving before Gremlin in almost an instant as he reached out his hand and grabbed Gremlin by the throat before pulling him into the vortex along with himself.


The vortex closed up the instant E.E also jumped inside.

They appeared at a high mountain top that was literally poking the clouds.

Gustav held Gremlin by the neck while standing on the ledge with his arm outstretched forward.

Gremlin was only hanging from the top with Gustav's grip on his neck. Beneath him, there was no solid ground beside the one that was thousands of feet down.

All he could see was the fog and the ledge, which he couldn't reach because of Gustav's tight grip on his neck.

"Let go," Gremlin tried clawing and kicking as he yelled for Gustav to let go of him, but no matter what he did, it was to no avail.

This brought him to the realisation that he really couldn't do anything against Gustav's strength.

E.E stood behind Gustav and looked around the massive mountain range.

"This is quite this scary place... If you didn't bring me here, I probably wouldn't have known that such a place existed," E.E voiced out.

"Yeah, it's a good place to hide a corpse... Good thing only the senior years are permitted to come here and they don't use this place often," Gustav said with a devilish smirk.

The MBO camp was like a city, so there were still many places that weren't in use for the time being, and this place happened to fall into that category.

It was off-limits for the first years as well, but since Gustav was an officer, he could bring anyone he wanted here using his official privilege.

"Now don't you have something to tell me Gremlin?" Gustav proceeded to ask while staring into Gremlin's eyes.

"Tell you? I- I - what are you talking about?" Gremlin asked while stuttering slightly.

"Don't play dumb with me... You know very well what I'm talking about," Gustav responded with a threatening tone.

Gustav was still disappointed at himself for not noticing that someone was spying on him and Vera.

Even though he had perception and could sense his surroundings, he was distracted by what they had witnessed that he didn't really pay attention to this guy who happened to have been watching from another spot.

"Are you talking about the display? I only visualize what I witness," Gremlin voiced out in response.

"Since you were there, you clearly know that I'm innocent... Who put you up to this? Why did you do it? Gustav asked while stretching his hand even further outwards.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Gustav's right arm lengthened further by three feet.


The wind blowing across the place further induced Gremlin's fear as his glasses were nearly knocked off his face.

"Ahh! You dare not drop me! You will lose your place as a cadet in the MBO! Haha you will lose everything you can't do anything to me!" Gremlin screamed out with a shaky voice induced with a little aggressiveness.

It was as if he was trying to mask his fear. Inwardly he hoped Gustav wasn't as crazy as the rumors said.

"Oh really... Maybe I have to remind you that as it stands I already have a chance of losing everything. Wouldn't it be better to just seal my fate?" Gustav smirked as he slowly loosened his grip from Gremlin's neck.

"Ahhh! Don't let go! Don't let go!" Gremlin screamed out in fear as he held onto Gustav's arm to prevent himself from falling.

"Even if I am cast out, at the very least I get to end you. Even the MBO can't bring a dead person back to life. Also you aren't even worth the trouble even if they could," Gustav added with a small chuckle.

At this point, Gremlin's face had paled severely and kept losing color by the second as he stared at Gustav's demonic expression.

'He's crazy, he's very crazy,' Gremlin had never felt so scared of his peer before. Thinking about Gustav's words, everything made sense, and he didn't seem like he was bluffing.

Behind E.E stood in place, watching the scene. He was just there as support, so he didn't butt in, 'Phew, Gus sure is scary... I really pity his future enemies,' E.E said Internally.

"Okay I'll talk! I'll talk!" Gremlin finally decided to compromise after a few more moments.

Gustav lengthened arm started returning back to normal size as he pulled Gremlin towards his direction.

He placed Gremlin on the side of the ledge and stared at him.

"I'm listening," Gustav said with a reminding tone.

"I- how can you guarantee my safety if I tell you the truth? I don't want to mess with such people," Gremlin said with a scared tone.

"What are you talking about?" Gustav asked with a tone of curiosity.

"I'm talking about those who put me up to this... I can't reveal their doings without consequences. Can you guarantee my protection?" Gremlin voiced out once again.

"Your protection is already secured within the MBO... Why would you be scared of this group?" E.E asked from behind.

"Oh yeah haha my protection is so secure that you two can bring me out here in the middle of nowhere and end my life... Although you wouldn't go scottfree with such act that doesn't mean my protection is secure," Gremlin voiced out with a tone of sarcasm.

"Well... That makes sense," E.E responded with a thoughtful gaze, and Gustav agreed with that statement.

What if they were dealing with people who didn't really care about the consequences of their actions like him? Although it was almost impossible since everyone was here with the purpose of becoming an MBO officer. No one would want to throw that opportunity away logically speaking, but Gustav still felt something was amiss in this whole situation.

"Tell me what we're dealing with first," Gustav proposed.

"Can you or can you not guarantee my safety?" Gremlin asked once again.

"Can't... Unless I know what I'm dealing with," Gustav responded.

"Well then my lips remains sealed," Gremlin said while proceeding to sit on the ground.

"You're just gonna have to choose which end you prefer... I throw you off the cliff of these people come after you while being under my protection," Gustav threatened once again.

Gremlin's shoulders creased up as he heard that, "*sigh* alright you win," He voiced out but remained in his seating position.

"So, like I mentioned there's this group of cadets who approached me one week back with a proposal... That proposal involved framing you," Gremlin began to narrate.

"They forced me and told me that if I didn't comply they'd erase me from existence and showed proof that they had a way of getting rid of cadets without having to face any consequence..." Gremlin had a look of fear on his face as he reached this point.

"It was quite spooky and believe me, they weren't bluffing they really do have their ways..." He added.

"Who are these people?" Gustav asked.

"They blindfolded me, so I couldn't see their faces... When I was being shown proof they made sure to hide their looks as well... I don't know how they coordinated such an operation without any of the instructors noticing anything even though the camp is supposed to be well supervised..." This made Gremlin even more scared as he thought about this.

His ability to display visuals of what he had witnessed couldn't help him at this point because not only did the group manage to hide their identity, they also took him to somewhere where he couldn't visualize anything.

"All this was planned... The sex and you meeting in that position with your girlfriend," Gremlin continued narrating.

"She's not his girlfriend," E.E chipped in from behind.

"Hmm alright..." Gremlin responded and continued after a brief moment of stopping.

"They also asked me to broadcast it that way all across camp," He added.

"Hmm I see... Now I want you to broadcast the rest which involved I and Vera leaving the place... I want you to show everyone the truth, those who were involved in the act should also be revealed as well as the rest of the visuals," Gustav instructed.

"Huhmm I can't do that," Gremlin replied.

"Why?" Gustav raised one eyebrow up as he asked.

"Because I didn't see the real people involved in the scandalous act... I was only allowed to see you and Vera," Gremlin explained.

"Hmm they really took precautions... This means you can only show me and Vera but the main culprits will not be revealed," Gustav muttered, and Gremlin nodded in response.

"I want to know who these people are... And you will help me expose them," Gustav said.

"Will I be protected?" Gremlin asked.

"If you stay around me all through the coming days you'll be safe... If they had enough strength to deal with me straightforwardly they wouldn't try to use such tactics," Gustav stated.

"Now display the rest of the footage about I and Vera..." Gustav instructed.

Gremlin nodded and proceeded to close his eyes before joining his palms together.

Hours later, Gustav was back in his room thinking about what had happened today.

It was currently nightfall, and everyone in camp no longer suspected Gustav and Vera of doing anything inappropriate.

The question now was who were the true culprits and why was Gustav framed in the first place?

A lot of cadets could guess that it was probably one of those who were jealous and disliked Gustav because of his strength.

They felt since this was the MBO, it would only be a matter of time before the main culprits were caught.

What they didn't know was even the instructors had no idea who was truly responsible because they couldn't find the footage for that particular area.

Gustav was later brought to speed that the footage had been somehow deleted, leaving the true culprits to wander free across the camp without punishment.

Gustav was in his room thinking about how the whole issue was complicated. He wanted to meet one of the instructors to talk about the situation with Gremlin and the group, but he was having second thoughts.

'There's no way a bunch of cadets would be able to pull all these off without an inside backing...' Gustav thought.

'There must be an officer somewhere helping them from behind the scenes... Footage disappearing and them claiming they can do things without suffering consequences... Definitely they have some kind of inside backing. It won't be wise to meet up with an instructor... I can't trust any of them,'