The Bloodline System - Chapter 464 Expensive Rumor

Chapter 464 Expensive Rumor

Chapter 464: Expensive Rumor

"Yeah, it won't be long before I am back anyways," Gustav responded.

At this point, everyone already knew that compared to them, Gustav would only be spending about two years in camp and would be undergoing his first mission in a month.

They only had the chance of spending lesser than four years in camp if they also attained an official rank in the MBO like Gustav or if the higher-ups deemed them powerful enough.

The first was almost impossible without doing extremely well in upcoming missions, so everyone was truly aiming to do their best in their first missions.

Gustav, who was having his first mission in a month, was not even feeling tense like many of them were.

He wasn't even taking it seriously to the extent that he still had plans of stowing away during the mission to go check on boss Danzo in burning sands city.

Several minutes later, E.E and the rest moved back to their rooms to rest for the night.

Gustav thought about E.E's suggestion and felt it might not be bad to keep watching Endric for now.

He could always challenge and defeat him before the year runs out, so he doesn't spread his vileness outside the camp since there was no real supervision in the real world.

Even his mission wouldn't be supervised due to the fact that the MBO wanted them to be as real as possible.

If a cadet died on their first pseudo mission, the MBO considered such a cadet useless.

Although there were still precautions put in place just in case the mission became higher than the level a cadet could handle.

Gustav spent the night strategizing and channeling his bloodline.

Right now, he was so strong that he could stay the entire week without taking a wink of sleep, and he would still be energized.

Using this, Gustav would spend weeks wide awake, which was one of the reasons for his speedy improvement.

The next morning came, and as usual, everyone moved towards the location for the start of the morning routine.

During the day's training, Gustav could hear rumors flying around about him once again.

This time he was dumbfounded by the new rumors. A cadet who had a bloodline that allowed him to display visualizations showed the scene where Gustav and Vera were within the secluded garden area together.

He just happened to have captured the part where Gustav's palm was placed on Vera's chest.

And then, after Gustav and Vera were no longer visible in the massive visualization, he displayed the sounds of those other cadets having s*x not too far from their initial position.

The entire camp now conceived the idea that Gustav and Vera had sex.

-"He's a beast, did you hear the way she was moaning,"

-"Oh my gawd I totally want him to do me too,"

-"So dirty, they couldn't just find somewhere else to do it,"

-"Hey I thought that Vera was a sweet innocent girl, I guess I was wrong,"

Many of the cadets had different thoughts after witnessing such a scene.

Vera seemed shy, but she didn't want Gustav's name to be soiled, so she tried explaining several times to people who had confronted her.

As expected, no one believed her words even though she mostly emphasized the fact that she was trying to rope Gustav in, but he refused.

Gustav later met up with her and asked her not to waste her time trying to prove their innocence since everyone had made up their mind about it.

Some of the instructors later invited Gustav and Vera for a chat with them.

They called it a chat, but it was more like an interrogation.

-"So, when are you two ready to confess to your dubious deeds and receive punishment," One of them asked.

Gustav and Vera were seated in their midst while the four instructors encircled them.

"There's nothing to confess to," Gustav responded before Vera could say a word.

-"You remember in the rules it stated that sexual intercourse in the public is not allowed... The penalty for being caught is quite grevious,"

"At least try to conduct an investigation before jumping to conclusions... Obviously the clip isn't proof enough since it didn't explicitly display us having sex. You only heard sounds and came to the conclusions that it was us," Gustav retorted without an ounce of fear.

Vera was quite shaky the whole time but seeing Gustav respond to their statements confidently, her fear was starting to wither.

-"Hmm, fair point... Just as expected of you Officer Gustav, you never fail to live up to your name," One of the instructors smiled as he spoke.

The instructors already saw this but still decided to interrogate them as part of a test to see how they would respond.

-"However, when we do investigation from our end and it is found out that you two truly engaged in such compromising act there will be severe consequences," One of them announced.

-"You could lose your officer rank if you're found guilty and you Vera could end up being sent out of camp,"

"It's fine, as long as you guys can find incriminating evidence against us, I'll gladly drop out of the MBO camp you can leave Vera out of it," Gustav responded before standing to his feet and leaving the interrogation room while pulling Vera along with him.

The four instructors stared at each other with contemplative expressions.

"Alright, let's bring forth the one who shared the visuals all around camp," The senior officer in their midst voice out.

As they walked back to their residences, Vera kept staring at Gustav occasionally.

After doing this several times, she finally decided to reveal what she was thinking of.

"Aren't you bothered?" Vera asked him.

"Nope, not in the slightest... If the MBO can't even get their facts right, they don't deserve me," Gustav answered confidently.

Vera's eyes shimmered as she heard that. Gustav was even looking more attractive to her now.

"...But I will get to the bottom of this... Whoever is responsible for such expensive joke will answer to me," Gustav responded with a cold tone before he resumed walking.