The Bloodline System - Chapter 463 - The Boy's Pledge Support

Chapter 463 - The Boy's Pledge Support

Chapter 463 - The Boy's Pledge Support

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Nah, I think you've made your point," Gustav responded.

"So...?" E.E voiced out one more time before waiting for Gustav to explain.

Gustav took a few more bites from his plate before he started speaking.

He wasn't really interested in talking about his sad past tales again but he wanted to bring E.E up to speed since it looked like he was the only one in the dark among the five.

Falco, Aildris and Teemee felt it wasn't their place to tell Gustav's story to E.E which was why they kept quiet about it all this time.

Gustav began to narrate his childhood experience and how he used to have a below F-grade bloodline.


About twenty minutes later E.E had an expression of anguish with several other mixed feelings.

He had listened to Gustav's narration and didn't understand how people could put a person through such.

He came from an entirely different place where there was no condemnation regardless of bloodline grade so he couldn't relate but he knew that there were no lies in everything Gustav had narrated.

Now he understood why Gustav had such a personality. After all experience shapes the kind of person you become.

It also brings forth the attitude you portray to certain situations and reaction to certain situations.

"So... What ever happened to your birth parents?" E.E asked.

"Oh I don't care about them... Would have killed them but there's no fun in that. It's better for them to live their miserable lives seeing me at the top and full of regrets knowing we share no ties to one another," Gustav responded with an unbothered expression.

"That's just too much man... There's no amount of apologies or words that can be said to wash away the scars from those experiences so I won't bother saying sorry but I'm here for you anytime man," E.E said while placing his hand on Gustav's left shoulder.

Aildris, Falco and Teemee also stood to their feet and all of them placed their hands on Gustav's shoulders with a look of comfort on their faces.

"We're here for you too Gus," Aildris said with a smile while Teemee and Falco nodded in response.

An unblemished smile appeared on Gustav's face, "Yeah... I'm good now thanks guys," He responded.

"Did you join the MBO because of this? You have plans of doing something about the situation of the world right? Because I know it's quite common for such to happen in many places," Falco asked.

"Pfft I'm no hero... I joined the MBO for myself. I want to become powerful enough so I will never be at the mercy of anyone ever again... Every other plan is secondary," Gustav responded with a small laugher.

'Except for the five year quests... Those are very important too,' Gustav added Internally.

"Haha that's totally you Gustav... I would be worries if you said you wanted to become some kind of hero. I am that guy not you," E.E laughed out loud while responding to Gustav's answer.

"But then you still have plans of changing things don't you?" Aildris seemed to have picked a hint from Gustav's response so he questioned.

"Hmm... That's a goal that is very far away since there are still many things I need to do first, like destroying my brother so he doesn't become a thorn in my flesh in the future," Gustav responded with a thoughtful gaze.

"Oh," E.E and Aildris voiced out at the same time.

"Isn't he still like twelve?" Teemee asked.

"Yeah, doesn't mean he's not dangerous," Gustav responded.

Teemee wanted to respond to that but after thinking about it, he couldn't find the right words.

"Hmm, I kinda see what you mean... No one can say Endric isn't the most talented Cadet in the first years even though he's currently not the strongest. If he is allowed to keep growing he can become one of the most powerful officers to ever exist within the MBO... Character wise, that isn't so good since things will most likely get worse if he reaches such a stage while still being such a brat," Aildris analysed.

This was the first time everyone was seeing Aildris analyse someone so much besides Elevora who he was related to.

Everyone understood from this point that Aildris really disliked Endric.

"Hmm I don't know I'm kinda on the fence about this one..." E.E spoke before Gustav could respond.

"From what you said earlier you've given him several chances to change and even came close to killing him once if not for Angy's interruption which caused you both to drift apart afterwards..." E.E paused at this point as his face displayed a contemplative expression.

"We're still in the MBO camp undergoing training... Why don't you give it time and see if he would change. From my point of view, no matter how much stronger he becomes, so long as he doesn't leave the camp grounds he can't harm nobody so there's still enough time to study him and end him when it's necessary. At that point we will be sure that there's no redemption for him whatsoever.

You're Gustav, so you'll always overpower any first year and that includes Elevora," E.E stated with a profound tone and smiled when he got to the end of the sentence.

"Are you gonna claim the first position on the rankings soon?" E.E asked afterwards.

"Hmm, not yet but before I leave for my first mission in one month time I definitely will be taking that first spot," Gustav said with a confident tone.

"Haha, don't worry I'll watch over Angy for you while you're away," E.E added with a burst of laughter.

"Who said anything about Angy?" Gustav retorted with a dismissive look.

"Yeah keep acting like you don't care, we all know you do tsundere chan," E.E jested.

"Shut it," Gustav voiced out.

Everyone began to laugh at this point making the atmosphere less tense than before.

"Our first mission will most likely be in a six to seven months time so we gonna rot in here... Don't forget your brothers when you're out there," E.E said with a smile.