The Bloodline System - Chapter 462 - Don't You Want To Be Inside Me?

Chapter 462 - Don't You Want To Be Inside Me?

Chapter 462 - Don't You Want To Be Inside Me?

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Gustav; "..."

The sounds were still as loud as ever.

("You're free to properly look at it. You are going to need the lesson. You don't wanna disappoint your future partner now do you?") The system kept teasing.

'Shut up... Who says I don't know how it's done?' Gustav responded internally with an annoyed tone..

("Oh you do..? You earthlings have a funny way of naming things and tend to name even things that don't make sense so tell me... What is the name of the style they're currently engaging in?") The system asked with a light chuckle.

'It's called... It's called... You know what, just shut up, no one cares...' Gustav responded with a tone of embarrassment.

("Haha... You are a mixture of retarded and robotic. To top it all you're a virgin... among all your researches you never thought to try and check this out?")

Gustav; "..."

While the system was verbally destroying Gustav internally, Vera was in her own world of thoughts.

'It's going in and coming out..? So this is how it is done...' Vera had an intrigued look as her face reddened while she also stared in the direction of the sound.

'This is not a conducive environment for training,' Gustav thought as he felt his pants tightening. He didn't even want to look down because he was afraid of what he might see.

Gustav quickly turned to the side to stare at Vera, "Vera, we have to leave here..." He said while reaching out to cover her eyes.

Gustav's palm was big enough to cover her entire face, but before he could pull her along to leave, he heard her mutter his name underneath her breath.

"Gu..s..tav," Vera's lips quivered as Gustav's palm was placed on them.

He felt her hurried breath and quickly pulled his hand from her face.

Her entire face had turned bright red as she stared at Gustav with a gaze of extreme desire while biting her lower lip.

"I- I want us to do what they're doing," She said with a slightly shaky voice while staring into Gustav's eyes.

Gustav found himself speechless after hearing the sudden declaration.

After a few moments of losing composure, Gustav responded, "No, let's go to another location to train," He said while proceeding to turn around.

Vera grabbed him by the hand, causing him to halt his movement and turn around to face her once again.

"Why? Don't you want to be inside me? I will let you call me whatever names you like," Vera said while proceeding to place Gustav's left hand on her chest.

Gustav felt his hand press onto Vera's left boob, sinking deeply into her uniform due to its immense softness.

"Stop it, I'm not interested in being inside you Vera," Gustav answered while pulling his hand from her chest.

"It says otherwise," Vera responded while pointing at the area below Gustav's abdomen.

Gustav slowly looked down, and his face turned red as he noticed visible the hard-on. His pants displayed the bulge, which showed that he was affected.

("Oh looks like you're not totally a robot,") The system suddenly voiced out.

'Shut it,' Gustav said Internally before turning to the side.

"This doesn't mean anything..." Gustav said to Vera.

"No, I remember in biology class, the teacher said it happens when a person is aroused which means you truly want to do it with me," Vera voiced excitedly.

Gustav breathed in deeply, calming himself as his body returned to normal.

"Listen to me Vera... I'm interested in doing it but not with you and definitely not now... I don't have time for all these," Gustav said to Vera before turning around to leave.

He felt his ears might explode if he continued remaining here. Those two cadets were still going at it, and their voices were loud.

Vera had a crestfallen expression on her face as she followed behind Gustav.

'Maybe one day you'll be interested in doing it with Vera,' Vera consoled herself internally.

Both of them left the area entirely and arrived in another place to train together.

The time they spent together today became awkward, and Gustav eventually had to end it earlier than intended.

He had been trying to get Vera to learn how to quicken the speed of her parasitic strain so what happened with Endric would not end up being their downfall in the future.

The speed at which she could take control of a subject and turn them into a puppet was quite a downside to Gustav.

After they were done, Gustav returned back to his room, and a few minutes later, E.E came in with the others.

"Yo Gus,"

"Hey Gustav,"

"Hiya Gustav,"


The four of them waltzed in and sat on the sofa area like they owned the place.

"What's for dinner?" E.E was the first to ask.

"I was waiting for you to come cook again... Why don't you come and bless us with your delightful dishes, E.E," Gustav said while placing his hand behind him.

"Really?" E.E asked with a delighted expression.


"Hell No!"

"Definitely not!"

Aildris, Falco, and Teemee voiced with severe looks of disapproval.

"Haha Gus already said I could," E.E voiced out as he jumped to his feet and moved towards the direction of the kitchen.

Falco and Teemee quickly jumped forward as well, blocking his path.

"We won't let you pollute our bellies," Falco voiced out.

A game of tag began with them as they moved across the room, trying to hold E.E down.

Gustav just shook his head with a smile and moved towards the kitchen.


Minutes later, all five of them were sitting at the dining table enjoying the meal Gustav had prepared.

"So Gus, are you finally ready to tell me why you hate your little brother so much..." E.E suddenly voiced out.

"Hmm, he's not my brother did you forget?" Gustav said while taking another mouthful of food.

"Okay... So why do you hate the kid whom you share similar features with such as the same biological engineered DNA, looks, coldness, brutality... Should I go on?" E.E stated.

"Nah, I think you've made your point," Gustav responded.