The Bloodline System - Chapter 459 - Three Months Self Training

Chapter 459 - Three Months Self Training

Chapter 459 - Three Months Self Training

Gustav had been coming here for close to three months to train himself and get through the levels of the dungeon.

The lower you descended, the more powerful the mixedbreed.

Gustav's limit currently was level sixteen, and it was even quite tough for him to get to his current stage. He couldn't defeat the creatures in level sixteen using normal means, which was why when he wanted to kill the Dark Venom worm, he had to get into it so he could attack from within.

Even with that, he had to make use of God Eyes to spot the weaker section of the creature's mouth area so he could end it before he ran out of time.

Normally, the senior cadets formed four teams before heading in if they were going without any supervision from instructors, but Gustav had been coming here himself since day one.

The officers guarding the dungeon entrance advised against it on his first day here since they couldn't do anything to restrict him due to his title.

However, Gustav totally disregarded their advice, saying he wanted to explore on his own.

Most of the senior cadets who had witnessed his exchange secretly openly called him a fool while also mentioning, he was going to get himself killed because of pride.

According to them, several cadets had also lost their lives here because they were too prideful and didn't want to be a part of any team.

To Gustav's expectations, they were right. He left the dungeon on that day with numerous injuries after making it through the first four levels in several hours.

What they didn't know was Gustav was purposely pushing himself to this point to see where it would get him on his first try, but they mistook it for pride.

His major reason was not wanting to reveal the full extent of his abilities which he could use freely if he wasn't in any party, and he did.

Unfortunately, he couldn't go beyond the first four levels even after using everything he had.

Gustav was practically half-dead and almost completely drained of energy on his way out of here on the first day.

Normally cams were installed in some sections of the dungeons. Still, it was impossible for them to be everywhere due to the massive size of the dungeons that made it even seem like the cadets coming in were few in number.

It was actually possible for the MBO to install cams everywhere, but monitoring every footage would be an issue due to the size of the plac