The Bloodline System - Chapter 460 - Gustav's Observation On Endric

Chapter 460 - Gustav's Observation On Endric

Chapter 460 - Gustav's Observation On Endric

"System interface," Gustav called out as he decided to check his current level.

After opening the system interface, he went on to check his current attributes.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 45

-Class: Sub-Parallel Being

-Exp: 7,41,800/9,230,000

-Hp: 26,900/ 26,900

-Energy: 15,000/15,000


┬╗Strength: 147

┬╗Perception: 146

┬╗Mental Fortitude: 146

┬╗Agility: 144

┬╗Speed: 142

┬╗Bravery: 144

┬╗Intelligence: 145

┬╗Charm: 79

┬╗Defence: 144

┬╗Vitality: 146

┬╗Endurance: 145

{Attributes points: 49}


His progress so far was just as he had planned.

It was already a year since he first got the system, and his life had changed so much within that time frame.

He wasn't feeling gratified or anything like that because he knew he still had a long journey ahead, and he wasn't powerful enough yet.

His strength now was at a level where he could easily lift something weighing up to thirty thousand pounds(13,600kg) without activating any bloodline.

Gustav was the strongest in camp, and no one doubted his strength. However, they still weren't sure if he was as powerful as Elevora because strength wasn't the only requirement to winning a battle.

His speed and agility, too, were now one of the best, while perception was on a whole different level.

Gustav could sense what was happening two hundred feet away and give a detailed explanation of the scenario like he was present.

His perception really came in handy and made it look like he could predict attacks during battles.

The last two Special Class cadet challenge that went by were boring for him since there was no one to challenge. On the bright side, he was glad Glade made her way back to being a special class by defeating one of the lower-ranked special class.

Gustav went on to check on his bloodlines after closing the Host Attributes panel.



{Genetic Transformation Bloodline}

Grade: B++

Abilities tied to bloodline:


<Joint movement>

<size manipulation>

<Cognitive Concealment>

<Partial Mimicry>

<Partial gene manipulation>


{Beast Transformation Bloodline}

Grade: C+

Abilities tied to bloodline:

<Partial mutated bull transformation>

<Bloodwolf Transformation>

<Savarinia Serpent Transformation>

<Demonic Sonic Bunny Transfomation>

<Solar Worm Transformation>



{Atomic manipulation Bloodline}

Grade: C+

Abilities tied to bloodline:

<Disintegtation of atomic structures>

<Structural Disembursment>


{Gravitational Energy Container}

Grade: B+

Abilities tied to Bloodline

<Energy Installment>

<Energy discharge>

<Gravitational Imbalance>

<Gravitational field Charge>



{Body Compressed Energetic Flames}

Grade: B

<Compressed body parts flammable explosion>

<Ticking Erosion>

<Compressed Energy Charge>

<Nuclear Discharge>



There were still many other bloodlines on the list, but Gustav was more interested in checking the one he had just experimented on today.

Gustav had made use of the upgraded recreation to join three bloodlines together. This was what he was busy within the dungeon before the worm attacked.

Fortunately, he had just finished up in time to activate his Yarki.

This wasn't the first time he was making use of recreation to combine three bloodlines.

He already did it twice before this, making this his third successful operation.

Nine bloodlines had been made into three, helping him increase the slots of bloodlines and making these ones more useful than they used to be.

He had been careful with the combinations so far so he wouldn't end up creating an unstable bloodline.

At the very least, now he had three more bloodlines that were almost on par with the main bloodlines he made use of during battles.

His main bloodline was still the most important to him, but Gustav was finding it hard to understand the new abilities he got after the process of bloodline strengthening.

He had tried Partial Mimicry, which had been extremely hard to pull off since he automatically transformed back to himself when his body made contact with anything.

Partial Mimicry enabled him to transform to any non-living thing for a particular time limit, but even before the time limit was reached, Gustav always found himself transforming back to normal.

A small touch, and he was back to being Gustav. He couldn't let his thoughts wander for even a second because it required immense concentration.

Gustav had always seen himself as someone with a high amount of concentration, but this one was quite beyond him, unlike he expected.

The other ability, which was Partial Gene Manipulation, was even harder because he didn't even know how to activate it.

He had asked the system for help several times. Still, as expected, he was ignored because the system wanted him to figure it out himself, especially since it was his original bloodline.

Gustav didn't relent and had been working on this as well throughout the past few months.

He only made progress in Partial Mimicry but not so much for Partial Gene Manipulation.

Gustav closed the system interface after checking out the abilities of the new bloodline he created.

'Nuclear Discharge seems like it could be a pretty powerful ability... I'll try making use of it in the dungeon tomorrow,' Gustav decided.

He went on to check the state of his Yarki, sending his senses into his body.

Gustav's senses lingered on it and compared it to the size a few months ago. It had increased almost twice its initial size.

The pinkish fiery-like existence within him swayed beautifully, giving off an enchanting vibe.

Currently, Gustav Yarki was at the point where it could be controlled better and more effectively without Gustav having to expose himself.

If he wanted to use it on a smaller and less powerful scale where the entire vicinity would not be affected, he could direct it towards an opponent now.

Gustav had been initially worried about using his Yarki in public because of recognition, but with him learning how to control it more, it was only a matter of time before he came up with a way to use it without being noticed.

Gustav later went to his bed after a few more minutes and laid on it while plotting his next moves.

'It's about time I dealt with Endric...' He said internally, but then a series of memories drifted into his mind.

'He's been acting a bit different lately... Less aggressive,' Gustav never thought he'd even say such words internally, but this was what had been truly happening.

He noticed that Endric was becoming less and less of a brute each day.

Gustav initially wasn't in any way bothered by this, neither did he think anything much of it since he just assumed Endric was up to something shady again.

He already knew Endric was responsible for the rope cut during the field test, even though he didn't do it personally.

Gustav wasn't that stupid that he wouldn't get to the bottom of such a matter, but he had decided to play it cool and hold everything off for the right time when he was ready to get rid of Endric once and for all.

He acted like he knew nothing of Endric plotting in secret because, in the end, he planned to get rid of Endric.

But as time passed, he noticed Endric was getting less and less aggressive, and he was starting to believe it wasn't an act anymore.

Gustav thought about it and felt there must have been a kind of catalyst somewhere.

'Ever since he started personal training with Instructor Mag... He's been changing,' Gustav came to this realization.

Endric was given punishment for roughness during one of the exercises two months back, and instructor Mag happened to be given the task to properly punish him.

She decided to start training him personally in his free time, preventing him from barely having any kinds of breaks.

Gustav didn't even see this as anything at that time, but now he felt there was more to it.

'I'll watch him for the entire week before making any plans,' Gustav decided.

'I also need to ask Vera if the parasitic strain inside him has become fertile,' He added internally before closing his eyes.

Gustav still hadn't found out if anything besides what Vera inputted was within Endric since he hardly even saw Endric these days.

The night went by in a flash, and Gustav woke up early the next morning to channel his bloodline a little before the morning routine began.

After about an hour, he moved towards the field alongside E.E and the rest for the start of the morning routine.

One and the half-hour was the time Gustav spent to complete the routine alongside Elevora, who no longer reached the starting point before he did.

Both of them were now getting there simultaneously, and on several instances, he had managed to finish before her.

Elevora was very competitive and really made sure she gave Gustav a hard time winning even though the routine was not about who came first.

During the whole free time, Gustav moved towards the location for Intergalactic warfare, and even though it wasn't time for the cadets to have their training here, Gustav was still given access since he was already an officer.

Gustav proceeded towards a secluded part of the underground structure and stationed himself there.