The Bloodline System - Chapter 458 - Dungeon Limit

Chapter 458 - Dungeon Limit

Chapter 458 - Dungeon Limit

'I couldn't even sense her bloodline rank,' This was another issue he found rather unsettling.


Within the camp, time passed very quickly.

Both Glade and Havrina healed up after a few days, but they were still drained, so they had to skip a couple of more training sessions.

Glade was crestfallen after losing her special class title and shut herself from everyone, including Angy. This made Angy grow restless day by day, and she couldn't stop herself from setting another meeting with Gustav.

Gustav assured her that everything would be fine, and Glade could still challenge a weaker special class by the end of the month and become a special class cadet again.

So it was only a matter of time.

Angy met with Endric secretly after he asked to see her.. No one had an idea of what went down, but from that day onwards, Angy started to see Endric as irredeemable and made the decision to be the one to defeat him herself as she felt guilty for stopping Gustav in the past.

Endric got into more trouble within the camp due to repeated bullying and unnecessary brutality during duels. However, his punishments were barely harsh enough and, most of the time, cut short.

Gustav and Vera also began to move together more across the camp and would be seen with each other on several occasions to the extent that rumors began to circulate about them dating, which sparked jealousy.

Gustav ignored rumors and background talks and concentrated on becoming stronger.

After some time, he finally reached the peak of Gilberk rank and started to visit the dungeon area day by day to mostly increase his EXP and also secretly train, making use of Yarki.


-Two and a half months later

Within a massive tunnel underground, a two hundred feet dark worm with a body full of purplish poisonous spikes shot out of the ground heading for a dirty blonde-haired kid who was seated in a crossed-legged format in front.

The Tunnelway was so wide and large so even with the massive body of the mixedbreed worm, it was only covered a small space.


The spikes protruding out of the massive dark worm's body began to spin as it shot forward while it made a weird shrieking sound while opening its mouth wide in a bid to swallow the dirty blonde kid whole.

The youngster who seemed to be closing his eyes at the time suddenly sprang them open the moment the creature's wide open mouth was about to devour him from behind.


A pinkish force blasted forth from his being, spreading into the surroundings like a wave and disappearing the next instant.

The moment it made contact with the creature, it found itself unable to move an inch further.

Gustav, who happened to be the blonde-haired person, slowly stood to his feet and turned around.

His gaze was so sharp and piercing that the instant the worm sensed his stare, it subconsciously shrank back even though it was currently under the hold of Yarki.

"A level twenty seven Dark Venom worm," Gustav analyzed.

Just the head of the creature in front of him was at least five times bigger than his entire body. Although it wasn't as large or as powerful as the serpentine mixedbreed, he had an encounter with within the border back then. However, it was still quite a fearsome-looking mixedbreed.

"I should be able to hold it for about thirty seconds more," Gustav said as he moved towards the left body area and stood in front of one of the massive purplish spikes protruding from it.

Gustav brought out a small red syringe-like equipment and gently stabbed it into the tip of the purplish spike, taking a small portion of toxin.

"This should be enough for Mara," He muttered before pulling out and keeping it back in his storage device.

"Twenty seconds left," Gustav counted the time as he moved back to the front of the creature.

"I won't waste my time battling with you so it's best I end you in the easiest way possible right now," Gustav muttered as he raised his hand.

"Open," As he mouthed that, the massive creature opened up its mouth.

Gustav proceeded to walk into it while activating God Eyes.

His eyes were looking a bit different upon activation this time. Not only was there scarlet and green color, but now there was a mysterious yellow glint within.

Gustav walked on the saliva-filled tongue area as he moved towards the side.

"Not here, not here," Gustav seemed to be searching for a particular spot within its massive dark mouth.

"Ten more seconds," He mouthed just before he got to the middle part of the tongue area and looked up at the mouth's ceiling.

"Found it," Gustav said as he crouched.

A weird aura surrounded his being before he suddenly leaped up, throwing his right fist towards the ceiling of the mouth as he ascended.

Milky glow covered all of Gustav's figure, especially his right fist, which was thrown upwards, reaching the ceiling of the mouth before the rest of his body.

Bang! Thrrriiii!

A loud sound reverberated across the place as Gustav tore through the mouth area of the mixedbreed towards its brain before bursting through, tearing out of its head.

Fwwii! Fwwii! Fwwii! Fwwii!

Brain matter and blood scattered across the entire place as Gustav landed back in front of the creature.

His body wasn't drenched by its body matter even after going through all that but the environment was currently stained with greenish blood and goo.

"Time up," The instant Gustav muttered under his breath...


The mixedbreed massive body plopped to the ground as it lay lifeless in place.

Gustav slowly deactivated God Eyes and stared with a slightly satisfied look on his face.

"The new ability of God Eyes sure comes in handy," He said while turning around.

"I've been here for close to twenty four hours already, it's time to go," Gustav said while turning around.

"Level sixteen is the lowest I can go in the meantime... Anything beyond that is asking for death," Gustav analyzed as he moved forward.

Scattered piles of torn-up corpses of mixedbreeds could be seen all over the place as he moved forward.

He was currently within the MBO camp dungeon, which was for exclusive training on battling mixedbreeds.