The Bloodline System - Chapter 457 - Meeting With Red Shadow's Boss

Chapter 457 - Meeting With Red Shadow's Boss

Chapter 457 - Meeting With Red Shadow's Boss

Both of them were in a dangerous state, according to the medical personnel, due to them overstraining and draining their bloodline energies completely.

Even though the instructors witnessed the whole thing and understood what was happening, they didn't butt in.

This was how the MBO instructors were; so long as the attack would not lead to immediate death, they would never butt in.

Everyone began to leave one after the other.

Gustav decided to go and check on Glade with the others before leaving.

Angy was tearing up as she saw the state of Glade's body. Matilda and Falco consoled her while Gustav just stood there watching as he activated God Eyes again.


By nightfall, in a place filled with lush greenery that was dimly lit, four figures gathered in front of a thirty feet tall tree.

"Why did you cancel the operation Boss Endric?" One of them asked.

"You idiots were not being discreet enough about it," Endric voiced out with a repulsed tone.

'I have no idea if Gustav caught up to what I was trying to do... I cannot let these fools jeopardize my plans,' Endric said Internally.

"Hand the serums over to me," Endric commanded.

The three taller silhouettes brought out a cylindrical shaped object with a pointy tip and handed them over to Endric, who immediately placed them in his storage device.

"I will handle things myself," He voiced out after keeping them.

"In the meantime, I have another job for you three," Endric added while raising his head to stare at all three of them.

"We're all ears, boss,"


Within a modernized looking pub where robots and half mechanized humans could be seen moving about the place with a kind of drink or the other in their possession, two people arrived through the entrance.

Holographic images could be seen displayed on different corners of sassy looking dancers moving their waists.

Some large bubbles could be seen floating in different areas, and beautiful ladies in revealing clothes were also swerving to the music booming in the background.

The two who had just entered were male and female, both clad in fully covering clothes.

The lady was clad in a purplish leather bodysuit with ash-coloured hair and a half red mask, while the man was covered in a full black cloak with a mask covering his entire face.

"Why am I not surprised that he asked to meet here? Such a repulsive atmosphere for a repulsive being," She said to the man with a disgusted tone.

"Miss, that's my boss..." The man said with a low tone.

"Your boss asked us to meet in a night club... How charming red shadow," Miss Aimee said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Well... Maybe he's interested in..." Before Red shadow could complete his sentence, Miss Aimee interrupted.

"Interested in death? Yeah I'd be happy to grant him that if he tries anything stupid," Miss Aimee said while walking forward to find a place to seat.

Red shadow subconsciously shivered after hearing the way Miss Aimee's tone changed in the last sentence.

He quickly followed after her, and they found somewhere to sit at a secluded spot.


A puff of smoke suddenly appeared in front of both of them and transformed into a man wearing a dark suit.

He was at least six foot seven in height and had the body structure of a gorrila.

"Welcome young Miss, I am Darkgroom... Please follow me, boss VL will see you now," He said while gesturing at them to follow him.

Miss Aimee and Red shadow followed the large man to a side of the pub where there seemed to be a dead end.

But then, The wall suddenly shifted inside, creating an opening for them to go through.

They found themselves in a secluded and luxurious looking living room where several CCTV projections that displayed different places within the pub could be seen.

A man wearing a mechanical helmet with green eyes sat on one side of the sofa, waiting for them.

When they arrived, he stood to his feet and greeted Miss Aimee with respect while Red shadow bowed slightly in respect after seeing the man.

"So, we found the signature energy in Gildian ruined city like you predicted but there was nothing else there... No evidence, no leads, nothing. We only wasted time going there," Miss Aimee got down to business the instant she took her seat.

"Hmm, well this is most certainly troubling... This means someone got there before we did," Boss VL said with a disturbed tone.

"I hope the infected city didn't harm you in any way," Boss VL asked with a concerned tone which was quite surprising to Red Shadow and Darkgroom, who was standing in the corner.

"That is nothing of concern to you." Miss Aimee responded with a strong tone.

'Her personality matches... Just how strong is she to enter the city without any form of protective suit,' Boss VL thought after hearing Miss Aimee's response.

"What should be our next step now since we still can't find the creator of the T67 device?" Miss Aimee asked with a disturbed tone.

"We'll have to visit Thorkin Forbidden city... I didn't want us to have to go there but now we have no choice," Boss VL said with a slightly worried tone.

"Alright let's go," Miss Aimee said while standing up.

"Hmm? Right now?" Boss VL was taken aback by her immediate decisiveness.

"What? You think I have time to waste... I need to help my precious student with something. I'd rather be anywhere but here," She said while moving towards the entrance.

Red shadow and Boss VL stared at each other for a few moments before also jumping to their feet and following behind her.

'Just who is this woman?' Darkgroom, who stayed behind, wondered as he watched them leave.

He had never seen Boss VL so composed before in someone's presence, and Miss Aimee was exuding an indomitable and domineering presence that naturally caused everyone to fall in line.

'I couldn't even sense her bloodline rank,' This was another issue he found unsettling.