The Bloodline System - Chapter 456 - Unnatural

Chapter 456 - Unnatural

Chapter 456 - Unnatural

Glade disregarded Havrina's words and continued.

In a few moments, it had been created again, and now Havrina stood in place with a look of surprise.

"Well well, looks like you're truly willing to do anything to win even if it includes dying, hehe. I like your guts Greenie," Havrina voiced out.

"I won't die..." Glade responded as her hand trembled.

"Who says I can't use the same attack twice as well," Havrina voiced out as her hair also began to elongate once again like before.


-"They're both crazy,"

The spectators had disbelieving faces as they stared at both of them, activating their most powerful attacks once again.

"Glad, what are you doing?" Angy had a distressed look on her face as she voiced out.

However, there was no way Glade would hear her from her sitting position.

She could only hope that Glade would be okay.

Havrina had a crazy smile on her face as she finished setting up her most powerful attack.

Just as she wanted to send it forth, her eyes widened again as Glade began to create another attack identical to the one she had just done.


The crowd was in shock as three more of those cylindrical red shaped structures appeared.

Havrina still couldn't believe her eyes.

"She shouldn't have enough energy to do that, what's going on?" Teemee voiced out from his seating position with a surprised look.

Gustav also didn't understand what was happening. Just when everyone thought it was over, another one was created in a manner of moments, bringing them to five.

Glade had now managed to conjure five of her most powerful attacks simultaneously.

"Tch! Bring it on," Although Havrina had no way to counter all these five at the same time, she fiercely stood her ground.

"This ends now," Glade voiced out as she sent all five flying towards Havrina at the same time.

Fwwwihhh! Fwwhhiiiii! Fwwhhiiiii!

The entire battle ring vibrated as the attacks travelled forward at full speed, carrying immense destructive force.

Even the dome was on the verge of collapse due to both of them sending out their most powerful attacks at the same time.

Upon the first collision, Havrina's attack was ripped through as she was blasted backwards while her hair reverted back to its usual length.

Her eyelids grew heavy as she looked forward and noticed the rest of the attacks still heading towards her with full force.

'I wo-n't lo-oo-se,' She was struggling to make a move while in mid-air, but she found herself growing weary and weary as all four structures headed for her.

Her eyelids finally closed as all attacks were about to hit.


Her eyes opened up, and she found herself floating in a green space with a lady with similar features to hers in front of her. Except this lady looked way more mature.



"Huh? Mum? How?"

-"What did you promise me?"


-"Havi what did you promise me?"

"That... That... That... I was never gonna accept defeat?"

-"Now wake up! Wake up Havi!"


As the last words rang in her ears like a clap of booming thunder, Havrina suddenly opened her eyes before the attacks could slam into her.


Her eyes had a dark violet glow as her hair suddenly glowed an immensely bright light and shot out in every direction.

To everyone's surprise, Havrina's hair swept across the place with immense speed and smoothly cleaved every one of the structures in half before stabbing into the ground below and sweeping her upwards.


As her body bolted across the air, the structures exploded, sending shockwaves across the vicinity and destroying the ground even more.

Havrina was unaffected by this as her body swept across the air towards Glade's position.

Not only Glade, but everyone was extremely surprised at this point, wondering how she was doing this.

Her being was shining forth with indigo light like a divine presence due to her hair covering her figure.


Her hair shot towards Glade, slamming heavily into her and sending her flying backwards.

Havrina's body flew forward and descended on Glade's chest with her feet causing her to spiral downwards and slam into the ground below.


A small cloud of dust was created as Glade's body was pushed several feet into the ground, and she passed out instantly.

Havrina stepped away from Glade's unconscious body, and her eyes slowly began to dim down along with her hair.

The AI announced her as the winner as the orb above displayed her face.

"Huh? What happened?" Havrina muttered as she looked around and could only see destruction.

As she spotted Glade's unconscious body in front of her, she understood what went down.

"How?" These were the last words she muttered before her eyes turned listless, and she passed out as well.

-"What the hell was that?"

-"How did she suddenly become so powerful at the last second?"

-"It was as if I was in the presence of a powerful being,"

The spectating Cadets felt their eyes were deceiving them. Glade was the first to do something impossible and should have won, but Havrina suddenly went crazy after getting a boost in power and defeated her with ease.

The medical team quickly arrived on the stage and began to tend to these two.

Matilda and Angy had already moved towards the battle ring area as well. They wanted to be assured of their friend's safety.

"That wasn't natural," Gustav muttered as he slowly deactivated God Eyes.

"Glade or Havrina?" E.E asked.

"Both..." Gustav responded with a look of contemplation.

'And I don't understand how any of them managed to pull this off,' Gustav added internally.

At the last second, he noticed foreign energy become active within Havrina, but on Glade's side, he didn't even notice anything.

Glade would have won if not for this.

As this battle came to an end, so did Glade's special class title.

Havrina was still recorded as the winner even though she passed out afterwards due to the fact that Glade passed out first.