The Bloodline System - Chapter 455 - Activating Another Powerful One

Chapter 455 - Activating Another Powerful One

Chapter 455 - Activating Another Powerful One


Due to the high speed, she still slid backwards a little after grabbing it. Havrina dashed forward at this time and currently hacked at Glade again with her hair from above in a bid to slash her in half.

Glade reacted by rolling over to the side as the hair blade slammed into the ground, causing a two hundred feet long split.

Glade leapt towards the side after standing up, repeatedly spinning while swinging out the sickles in her grasp.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Havrina's hair once again countered all attacks parrying them at superspeed.

It became a full-blown melee battle between them as both of them began to clash repeatedly again.

Bang! Bang! Swwhii! Swhhii!

Moving across the battle ring and causing destruction to the surroundings, the battle between these two continued to drag on..

"Come on Glade you can do it," Angy said with a tensed expression as she watched from her seating position.

Matilda was also hoping as she watched with a tensed expression as well.

"Gustav, who do you think will win?" E.E asked from the front.

"It's really hard to tell especially since they're both consuming energy at the same rate," Gustav said as his eyes turned crimson and green.

"They also haven't made use of their most powerful attacks yet because they seem to be reserving energy for the perfect time," Aildris added.

"Does that mean whoever uses their most powerful attack first is likely to lose?" Teemee asked with a thoughtful gaze.

"No... Using their most powerful first doesn't guarantee a win or a lose. Like Aildris said, right timing is what is necessary which is what they're both waiting for... The right opportunity," Gustav analysed.

"...But, Havrina seems to have the upper hand compared to Glade..." Gustav added.

The four of them on his sides had slightly opened eyes as they wondered why he would say that.

"Why does she have the upper hand?" Falco asked.

"Higher Endurance... She's like a machine that doesn't feel pain," Gustav added.

This was a trait that Gustav noticed Havrina had, which was similar to his. 'Once you're able to channel and disregard your pain, you can keep going no matter what situation you find yourself,' Gustav thought.

Pain is like a receptor that limits a person, and everyone is a slave to it except for a few people like himself and Havrina.

The last time Havrina was so injured, but she kept laughing and fighting like a psychopath.

As the battle continued, both of them had inflicted injuries on each other a few times, and now they were coming to realise that one could not overpower the other without using higher force.

Glade had received several injuries from the invisible strand of hair, but none was fatal. Whereas Havrina had fallen to several of Glade's trick attacks. In terms of combat skills, she was better, but Havrina seemed to still hold an advantage over her due to her unique bloodlines abilities.

Activating their most powerful attacks, both of them charged at each other once again.

A massive cylindrical-shaped red structure, the size of two trucks, had been created.

It floated in mid-air behind Glade as she raised her hand up in a manner that depicted that the structure was under her control.

At this moment, too, Havrina was also prepared to use one of her most powerful attacks as her hair multiplied and increased in length crazily.

Taking the form of a massive spear, it shot forward immensely, ripping through the air like a shooting star.

Glade also swung her hand forward, causing the structure she created behind to move forward with speed, causing a kind of immense pressure to descend upon the place.

Even before both attacks collided, ripples of shockwaves were already being sent across the place as cracks appeared all across the ground.

The spectators were in awe once again because just last month, both attacks were not as massive neither carried a lot of pressure, causing the kind of effect that was happening now.


As both attacks collided, a destructive ripple spread across the place, blasting both of them backwards as a thirty-foot crater was created within the battle ring.


-"What in the world?"

-"Such destructiveness,"

-"These two are definitely special class material, too bad only one of them can retain the title,"

The spectators voiced out with surprised expressions.

As they both slammed into opposite sides of the dome, their eyes turned blurry as a buzzing sound rang in their ears.

All they could see around them as their eyes cleared up was a cloud of dust and debris scattered all across the place.

Fortunately, this time both of them didn't pass out.

As the dust settled, they both stood to their feet and slowly began to take steps forward.

Their clothing looked quite tattered at this point, and injuries could be seen on multiple parts of their bodies.

"Hehe, is that all you got Greenie?" Havrina said with a provocative expression while laughing.

There was blood rolling down the side of her head, but she seemed to not be disturbed by that as she moved forward.

Glade right hand vibrated as she tried to raise it up. The immense pain coming from her shoulder area was so crippling, 'My attack had more effect than hers but she seems to be in better condition than I am... is she a monster?' Glade had a look of disbelief as she thought.

"You are finished," Havrina said with a smile while moving forward as her hair swum from side to side.

Glade gritted her teeth and clasped her left shoulder, 'Here goes,' She said internally before raising her hand.


She suddenly glowed up with red light again.

"Uh?" Havrina paused her steps and stared at her with a surprised look.

Glade was conjuring the same attack she had used earlier.

"Hey what are you doing? Are you trying to kill yourself?" Havrina asked.

It was common knowledge that completely running out of bloodline energy and even pushing the limits of a mixedblood body to make use of the reserves that were meant for keeping the body functional could lead to death.

Glade disregarded Havrina's words and continued.