The Bloodline System - Chapter 454 - Battle For The Title

Chapter 454 - Battle For The Title

Chapter 454 - Battle For The Title

Only Gustav and Vera truly knew what had gone down and how Lown wouldn't really be affected to that extent by the toxin due to her current level of strength.

'First step accomplished,' A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he thought.

It was quite an easy match up contradictory to what everyone thought. This was due to the fact that Vera was only faking the hardship and could have won with ease. Not that she was physically stronger or anything, but Vera had already infected Lown with her parasite one month back.

She could have easily made use of it from the start allowing Lown to lose easily, but that would have been suspicious, which was why Gustav came up with the battle plan for her to act out.

The weakening when she was trapped by the plant and the paralysis were actually Vera's doing.

Now that this was over and done with, the only other battle Gustav was interested in was the one with Glade and Havrina.

Havrina had approached him a few times during the past month for them to have a duel, but Gustav actively avoided her.. She was infatuated with him, which he found similar to Vera except for the fact that this one was only interested in being stronger than everyone else.

She couldn't accept that Gustav was stronger during the final MBO test phase, but after witnessing Gustav's feat several times and arriving here, she had no choice but to come to terms with it, but she was very interested in changing that.

However, Gustav was not interested in building relations with her.

After a few more turns, the event finally ended.

Unlike the last time, it ended way earlier due to many cadets chickening out and deciding not to battle. Elevora, who was still the undisputed number one, didn't have any challengers this time, and Ria also didn't challenge anyone, which kind of surprised Gustav.

Knowing Ria, Gustav didn't expect him to give up easily, which made him a little worried.

"Check on Ria later," Gustav said to Teemee from the side.

"Ah I'm not checking on that idiot," Teemee responded with a disgusted expression.

"Hmm? He's your friend right?" Gustav asked.

"I don't stay friends with idiots," Teemee blew out a small breeze from his mouth after saying.

"At least that idiot has drive… Although, he's an idiot. He is way better than many others who cower and hide when they see a stronger opponent," Gustav said with a profound tone.

"Sounds like I'm contradicting myself but he does have a trait that is needed for improvement if he works on his stupidity that is," Gustav added with a thoughtful look.

Teemee chuckled a bit after hearing that and nodded his head.

At the moment, Officer Cole was addressing the cadets as he spoke on today's event.

The moment that many cadets had been waiting for finally arrived.

The black orb floating above displayed the two special class cadets that would be battling today, which were Glade and Havrina.

Now that the event had ended, it was time to see who would remain a special class and who would go back to being a normal class.

On the bright side, both of them had gone through bloodline strengthening, so they had each gained something even if one of them went back to being normal cadets.

Since they were the only ones who were going to battle right now, everyone could focus solely on them.

Glade's face turned straight as she peaked her focus and moved towards the ring. Havrina was coming in from the opposite side.

They both picked the center battle ring and stood in front of each other as they waited for the go-ahead.

"Now remember whoever wins this duel gets to keep their special class title while… you already know what happens to the loser," Officer Cole announced.

Both girls' eyes turned fiercer as they heard that, but unlike Glade, Havrina still had a hint of depravity within her eyes.

"Hehe, did you miss me greenie?" Havrina said with a smile.

"Laugh while you still can because after this battle you won't be able to," Glade responded as her frame started glowing red.

"Oh, is that so?" Havrina responded with an even bigger smirk displayed on her face.

Her extremely long indigo-coloured hair swept upwards as if there was an immense wind blowing it up.


The instant the go-ahead was given, both of them lunged towards each other.

Two five-foot-long sickles appeared in her hands as she hacked at Havrina with them. Havrina hairs shot forward, forming long swords while swinging for Glade as well.

Clang! Clang! Tssshhhh!

Ear piercing sounds of collision rang out as both of them clashed repeatedly, forcing each other backwards with each collision.

Once again, it seemed like they were evenly matched. Those who knew Glade knew just how much of a training freak she was. Besides Gustav, Glade was the only one that cadets could say spent almost every free second of her time training, whereas Havrina was known to be quite laid back.

Glade gritted her teeth as she recalled all the time she spent pushing herself even harder than before for this battle. She was quite disappointed that she still seemed to be evenly matched with Havrina in terms of strength.


As they clashed again, both of them were sent sliding back for about a hundred feet as the ground underneath them cracked open in two lines following their legs.

Glade raised the sickle on her right hand upwards and threw it forward with intensity towards Havrina.

Havrina hair shot forward and wrapped around the handle of the sickle before spinning it around and flinging it back towards Glade.


Although the speed of the sickle had been doubled as it shot towards her, repeatedly rolling like a fan, it was still Glade's ability, so she could react in time.

Swerving towards the left, she reached out her right hand and grabbed onto the handle accurately, halting its movement.