The Bloodline System - Chapter 451 - Battle Tutoring

Chapter 451 - Battle Tutoring

Chapter 451 - Battle Tutoring

"Erm Gustav Crimson I am your opponent this time," A small male voice could be heard from up ahead as a short cadet with slanted eyes and bald head walked in.

Gustav stared at him and nodded slightly in response.

'At least someone showed up,' Gustav said as he analyzed the opponent in front of him.

"I am Kim, Please, guide me... I only wish to exchange a few pointers with you," Kim voiced out respectfully.

Gustav was a bit taken back by this request because it was the first time he was coming across such a respectful opponent without any form of haughtiness in their eyes.


As the go-ahead was given for the battle to begin, Gustav remained in position..

"Come at me with everything you've got," Gustav voiced out.

To many who were specifically focused on his match, he sounded really cocky with this statement, but Gustav only said this to analyze Kim's battle pattern.

Kim crouched a bit as he raised his right arm above his left and pulled it back before dashing forward.

His arms transformed into a bluish color as he arrived in front of Gustav and thrust out his fingers towards his neck.

Gustav swiftly shifted his face to the side, cleanly dodging the finger thrust and shifted back to dodge another one from his left arm.

Thwwiiii! Swerve! Thwwii! Swerve! Thwwii! Swerve!

Kim's hands were moving at an extremely fast pace as the sounds of his fingers thrusts as if the air was being torn through.

"You lack foresight... You can't predict your enemy moves enough to throw a feint and deceive them so long as they're faster than you," Gustav voiced out as he kept dodging.

"Learn to read your opponent and adapt to their speed even though they're faster than you are... At this point you have no hope against stronger opponents," Gustav kept stating what he noticed as he bent backwards to dodge a spinning kick and turned his body 180 degrees to the side before straightening himself again.

Kim's face turned even more serious as he processed Gustav's words.

"Now use more powerful attacks," Gustav said while gesturing.

Kim jogged forward again as his palm glowed even brighter, and he shot out a bright beam after arriving in front of Gustav.

Gustav moved to the side, causing his hair to be blown upwards by the wind generated from the blue beam.

Kim attacked severally, shooting out the same beams in different ways, but Gustav was still able to dodge each of them.

"Don't be so basic with your attacks, experiment more with different types of unpredictable movements," Gustav advised as his body swayed in a kind of zigzag way, dodging both Kim's thrusts once again.

He turned to the side while sending out the back of his palm.


His palm slammed into Kim's chest, causing him to slide several ten feet backwards.

Kim breathed in and out heavily.

"You're in a whole different league so I doubt anything I tried would work," Kim said with a crestfallen expression.

"No, you're just too predictable although you don't use any excess movement there are times when excess movements are necessary to fool your opponents," Gustav said while daunting an encouraging tone.

"I'll never be able to win against you," Kim said with a defeated expression.

"I never said you would... But at least try putting up a fight. I'm sure you don't wanna look pathetic in the midst of this crowd so come on, show me what you've got," Gustav said while gesturing towards Kim again.

Kim looked around for a bit before focusing on Gustav.

A newfound look of determination appeared on his face before he adopted a battle stance and dashed forward once again.

He started attacking a lot more aggressively than before as he jumped upwards and slammed his leg downwards towards Gustav's head.

Gustav once again moved to the side, but Kim seemed to have predicted this as he suddenly spun in mid-air, swinging his left leg towards Gustav's current position as he descended.


Gustav grabbed hold of the leg a few inches from his face and smiled.

"Now that's more like it," He voiced out before flinging Kim away.

Kim flipped in the air repeatedly and shot out another blueish beam after finding his balance in mid-air.

Swwoooooosshh! Bang! Bang! Fwwooomm!

Their battle continued to be dragged on for about ten minutes more before Gustav landed another hit on Kim while telling him what he did wrong.

-"Is he training him?"

-"What the hell? I was expecting a good fight. What is this?"

-"Well would you look at that, he should become an instructor then,"

-"Well he's already an officer so yeah..."

The spectators couldn't believe their eyes seeing Gustav instructing Kim when the battle should have ended ages ago.

After a few more minutes, Kim stopped and moved back by a few steps before joining his fists together and bowing slightly in respect.

"Thank you for the pointers... I will train more using the advice you have given here today," He voiced out.

"No problem, you're quite the fast learner..." Gustav responded with a nod.

Kim smiled as he raised his head and turned around, "I forfeit the match," He shouted out.

The dome was lifted, and they both moved back to their seating positions after Gustav appeared as the winner on the orb.

-"Looks like he's not as evil and cruel as everyone painted him out to be,"

-"This was quite surprising... To think he'd take the time to do this,"

Some of the spectators felt they had misjudged Gustav after witnessing his earlier duel.

Although they still couldn't see any difference in his attitude as he walked towards his seating position, those who didn't know him before camp felt there was more to him than what he was always displaying.

Angy smiled from her sitting position with shimmering eyes while staring at Gustav.

'This is one of the reasons my feelings for you can't disappear even if I tried,'