The Bloodline System - Chapter 452 - Vera's Battle

Chapter 452 - Vera's Battle

Chapter 452 - Vera's Battle

Angy smiled from her sitting position with shimmering eyes while staring at Gustav.

'This is one of the reasons my feelings for you can't disappear even if I tried,' She said internally.

Gustav arrived at his sitting position and received a fist bump from E.E, "That was cool man," He said with a smile.

"Well pretty everyone who has been on the receiving end of your brutality deserved it," Aildris muttered from the side.

"I would have smacked that weakling like a buzzing mosquito that he is," Falco's Alter ego voiced out from the side.

"Shut up dark Falco," E.E stated with a burst of light laughter.

"How dare you refer to me that way?" Falco's alter ego voiced out with a repulsed tone..

"That was a good one," Teemee laughed as well after hearing that.

Falco took control of his body, and the group continued to discuss what had just gone down as the event continued.

In a few more minutes, Vera's face appeared on the orb along with her opponent, Lown Gils.

She walked towards one of the rings where her opponent was already waiting.

Lown Gils was a special class cadet that was ranked in the top sixties. Gustav was the one who specifically picked her as the cadet for Vera to challenge. He had given Vera a lot of information on her abilities and also made Vera do some secretive action one month ago.

Lown was the tallest girl among all the females in the MBO, so she had a little bit of popularity due to that mixed with the fact that she was a special class.

Vera arrived in the battle ring and raised her head to stare at the seven feet tall blonde girl in front of her with two ram horns protruding from the sides of her head.

"Are you ready little one?" Lown asked as a masculine voice drifted out her mouth.

"Hnm, Vera is prepared," Vera said as she brought out a handful of seeds from her storage device.


Green gas started oozing out of her body.


The instant the go-ahead was given, Vera threw the seeds out from both her hands, causing them to spread around the place.

As they made contact with the ground, the green gas oozing from her body burst forth, crazily covering the entire place.

Lown was already about to charge forward, but then the entire place was covered in green gas before she knew it.

Muscular black arms protruded out the sides of her body as she waved them around forcefully, trying to clear a visible path through the foggy green gas.

Thhrriii! Thrrii! Thrrii! Thrriii!

Weird tree and branch snapping sounds reverberated across the place as everyone witnessed trees growing out of the stage.

As Lown waved her hands, causing a few feet ahead to be cleared of green gas, but the instant that happened, a tree root could be seen piercing forward with speed.

Lown quickly moved to the side to dodge the flying roots that were quite massive in size.

As the thick sharp-tipped roots passed by her side, she dashed forward.


The roots turned to the side suddenly and wrapped around her body before raising her up.

Lown grabbed onto it quickly and forcefully ripped it apart before it could lift her further into the air.


Landing on the ground, more and more roots along with branches and vines from trees shot towards her from different directions.

Lown leapt forward upon seeing this and raised all her six hands with intensity before flinging them downwards as she descended.


A ripple of shockwaves spread across the vicinity, clearing the green gas in a matter of seconds.

The charge blasted all the roots, branches and vines sent out as well, giving Lown a good view of the environment.

She looked around and could see that the entire battle ring had turned into a kind of forest.

Multiple trees and plants of different types had grown in many areas, and Vera was nowhere to be found.

Thwwiiii! Thwwii! Thwwii!

Roots and vines once again shot out towards Lown.

She turned towards the side and grabbed hold of the first one that arrived in front of her before pulling it with intensity and punching another one away with her other hands.

Lown arrived at the first tree and punched forward with three of her fists, destroying the entire tree and causing it to be uprooted.

While doing that, she had to dodge the other attacks and branches swinging towards her from other directions.

While she went about the place smashing trees, she never came into contact with Vera, and even more, trees began to grow in place of the others she smashed.

"Come out little one," Lown was starting to get frustrated.

It was as if all her efforts were in vain as she saw new trees popping out of the battleground every few seconds.

"You can't keep this up, I'll keep smashing everyone of them," Lown said while raising her six arms up and dashing towards the nearest tree again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of trees being destroyed and blasted into pieces reverberated across the place as Lown wreaked havoc on the battle ring.

Even after another five minutes went by, the situation hadn't shifted in her favor, and she hadn't come across Vera.

She could already guess that Vera could mask her presence with the green lifeforms spread across the place.

"Looks like you leave me no choice but to do this," Lown said as her horns started to move.

Both her horns began to twist and elongate as their tips turned to face each other.

A kind of weird milky looking electromagnetic charge began to build up in between the tips of both horns.


Lown leapt several hundred feet into the air and turned to face down as she built the charge to its limit and shot it downwards,

Thwwiiii! Boom!

A loud blast rang out as shockwaves of destruction spread across the entire battle ring.