The Bloodline System - Chapter 450 - Piercing Gaze

Chapter 450 - Piercing Gaze

Chapter 450 - Piercing Gaze

Angy greeted her respectfully before the start, but she totally ignored her.


The instant the go-ahead was given for the both of them to begin the battle, Angy's opponent lunged at her as chain-like metallic objects shot out of her body.


Angy dashed across the place, dodging the six chain-like hands trying to slam into her, which she found quite easy to dodge due to her high speed.

Ghiii! Ghiiii!

The chain-like metallic objects could extend and lessen at her will to a particular length.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!

Angy refrained from making contact as she looked for an opening within the swings and shooting out of the extending chain-like objects.

As she found an opening towards the opponent's northeast side, she dashed forward quickly towards that place while swinging her leg forward..

The opponent who was still sending out attacks quickly was unable to follow Angy's speed as all she could barely see were silver streaks as she swung the six chains around.

However, the instant Angy dashed forward towards the opening, she pushed her fist forward towards the exact position Angy seemed to be swinging her foot from.

'It's still in micro form, no one would notice,' The girl said internally as she reached out towards Angy's outstretched right leg.

This counterattack seemed to have come out of nowhere, appearing exactly when Angy was only moments away from landing a hit.

However, the movement of the opponent's hand still seemed a bit slow to Angy, so she quickly spun around at the last moment while swinging her left leg instead.


A loud sound rang out as Angy's foot crashed into the face of the cadet, sending her flying backwards with fast speed as blood shot out of her nose.

Angy dashed forward again and leapt upwards while sending out her foot again.


Her speed allowed her body to shoot through the chain-like objects wrapped around the body of the opponents while she was spiralling across the air.

Successfully pushing them aside, her feet once again crashed into the body of the opponent, this time on the chest, causing a loud bone cracking sound to ring out.


Her opponent slammed into the west side of the dome and passed out instantly.

It was a relatively easy battle for Angy, and she felt like she didn't even need to struggle too much to win.

However, seeing the blood made her feel nauseous again, but she put pressure on her belly region, hardening it and forcing herself to stare at the state of the opponent without passing out.

After a few seconds of staring, she walked off the ring with sweat rolling down her forehead.

On the other sides of the rings, the other special classes were also concluding their battles as off now.

One ring was empty due to the fact that the opponent of the special class cadet decided to forfeit, and this had already happened quite a few times.

Gustav had watched Angy's battle from beginning to end, nodding in satisfaction after seeing her improvement.

On another side of the ring, Endric watched with a slightly disappointed expression, 'Of course she failed... Good thing there's still Rahim and Gull,' He said Internally while watching Angy.

His eyes followed her as she walked towards her seat. He took his vision a bit forward and noticed Gustav staring at her as well.

'Hmm Gotcha,' Endric said Internally as he squinted his eyes in a suspicious manner.


All of a sudden, Gustav's eyes changed direction as he turned to stare straight at Endric.

'Huh?' Endric was stiff in place as Gustav's cold eyes looked straight into his like he was staring at his soul.


A smirk appeared on Gustav's face for a few moments before he changed the direction of his eyes back to stare at the platform beneath.

'What was that look?' Endric wondered as cold sweat ran down his back.

'It can't be..? Does he know?' Endric wondered as he looked around the place.

'It's impossible there's no way he could... Or could he? Maybe I should call it off,' Endric found himself in a state of confusion as he struggled with his next choice of action.

The event continued, and Gustav's turn eventually came after the rest of the guys had already taken part in their duels.

He arrived in one of the rings and waited for his opponent.

After a minute of waiting, the person was a no show, and the ten seconds countdown ended.

-"Yo what's the point of issuing a challenge if they're not even gonna show?"

-"I know right, spineless bastards,"

-"Why didn't y'all issue challenges then? At least they tried,"

-"There's no way I'll ever try battling Gustav,"

-"Now who's the spineless bunch?"

As Gustav walked back to his seating position, he could hear the voices of the cadets speaking in the background.

Some of them even complained about how they didn't like the smug look on his face and compared him to Endric.

Although it had spread already that Gustav and Endric had a kind of weird relationship, only those who lived in Plankton city and watched the broadcast understood very well why this was so.

Time passed by very fast, and in about two hours, every special class cadet was already having their last turn.

E.E, Falco, and Aildris already battled once with normal cadets. In their second turns, they had no shows, while Teemee had to battle with cadets in both rounds because a lot of them still doubted his strength.

Gustav, on the other hand, had two turns where both opponents didn't show up, and right now, he was starting to get bored. The only interest he had right now was in seeing Glade's battle with the loud-mouthed girl and that of Vera's as well.

At this point, not a single normal cadet had managed to be on the same footing as any of the special class. Even though only about two normal cadets became special classes last time, there were still instances where some normal powerful cadets managed to give the special class opponents a tough time.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn't even last over two minutes battling this time.

In a few more minutes, Gustav saw his image on the orb again and moved towards one of the battle rings.

He was once again expecting the same scenario where no one would show up, so he stood there with a disinterested look on his face.