The Bloodline System - Chapter 449 - Endric Gets A Strike

Chapter 449 - Endric Gets A Strike

Chapter 449 - Endric Gets A Strike

In a few more moments, sounds of battle reverberated across the place as attacks were sent forth.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom!

To everyone's surprise, the battles ended in spans of thirty seconds to one minute.


The spectators looked across the place and could see the normal cadets who issued challenges, knocked out.

Some of them even had been beaten so badly they weren't even able to land a single hit.

Watching the first turns end in less than two minutes, a lot of normal cadets who issued challenges began to have cold feet.

Some of them were feeling conflicted and wondered if they should still partake or not.

Others decided to still watch the other turns before making up their minds..

Just like that, an hour went by, and the spectators nearly had their eyes popping out of the sockets after witnessing the battles between the special classes and normal cadets.

Even those normal cadets who were dangerously close to the strength of special classes were being defeated with ease.

This made them understand that the improvement the special class cadets went through was nothing to scoff at.

Gustav watched from his seat as Endric went against a normal cadet who issued a challenge.

According to the rumors, a lot of cadets issued challenges due to the fact that they expected Endric to at least be on the weak side because of his age.

The ones who thought this way had never witnessed him using his abilities or never actually saw him doing anything powerful, which was why they chose him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Everyone had their mouths wide open as they saw a relatively powerful normal cadet being tossed across the place.

His body lifted into the air and slammed the top of the dome before falling with immense speed and slamming into the ground of the battle ring repeatedly.

It was so fast that they could only see afterimages.

The person causing this was Endric, who was standing on the south side of the ring and waving his right hand up and down in fast motion.

He created small pits and cracks all across the place and used a fresh part of the ground in the ring after a new place had been blasted open due to the body slam.

The person being tossed across the place like a ragdoll bled from every part of his body and eventually passed out after not being able to release himself from Endric's telekinetic grip.

"Endric your opponent has lost consciousness you can stop now," Officer Cole voiced out from up ahead.

Swwhiiii! Bang! Swwhiiii! Bang! Swwhiiii! Bang! Swwhiiii! Bang! Swwhiiii! Bang!

Endric still kept doing it and turning the cadet's body from side to side to make sure every part of his body slammed into the ground.

"Stop now," Officer Cole shouted out, but Endric still kept at it.

-"Hey, what's wrong with him?"

-"He's just like his brother, so cruel,"



Officer Cole swooped into the ring and grabbed hold of Endric's hand while pulling him towards the side.

"I told you to stop, kid," He said with a strong voice.

"Why so uptight, officer? He should have come into the ring prepared to suffer," Endric said without a shred of remorse as he pulled his arm away from officer Cole's grip and walked away from the ring.

The medical team quickly came up and started tending to the battered body of the cadet.


The voice of an AI rang across the place.

"Next time you try something like that it will result in immediate disqualification and your win will be reversed," Officer Cole said before leaping out of the ring.

"Whatever... Anyone that dares to challenge me again will be joining that guy in the medical ward," Endric said with an unrepentant look as he walked away.

-"He's way worse than Gustav,"

-"At least Gustav knows when to stop this little bitch has no damn respect,"

-"Ayoo isn't this kid 12 or was it 13? He's already acting like some big shot?"

-"The two brothers never cease to amaze me, one with ego the size of a plane and the other with ego the size of a planet,"

Endric could hear the grumbling voices of cadets in the background as he walked back to his seat, but he remained unbothered.

He even smiled because he could tell that his action had etched deep into the minds of everyone, especially the normal cadets.

He was right because, at this point, those who challenged him were already thinking of forfeiting their matches if they ever got called up in the next turns.

"Yeah, your brother is an arse," E.E said to Gustav.

"Not my brother? Did you forget?" Gustav voiced out with a disapproving look.

"Oh yeah... You still didn't tell me the story behind that although I do understand that blood relations sometimes don't bring about real connection," E.E said with a look of curiosity.

"The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree ey? Big brother an arse, little brother a bigger arse!" Someone voiced out three rows in front while standing up.

"Hey take that back," E.E shouted out in response while pointing at the cadet, "The part about the big brother... For the little brother, you're absolutely correct," E.E added, causing Gustav, Aildris and Falco besides him to burst out in laughter.

An argument was about to break out even though Gustav didn't really care about their thoughts.

E.E finally stopped dragging the matter back and forth with the cadet and took his seat as this particular turn ended.

The orb floating shuffled once again for the next turn, and Angy happened to find herself among the next batch.

She quickly moved towards the battle ring a few moments later to duel with her first opponent.

Her opponent was a girl with a scar on the left side of her face wearing a purplish vest.

Angy greeted her respectfully before the start, but she totally ignored her.