The Bloodline System - Chapter 448 - Stalking?

Chapter 448 - Stalking?

Chapter 448 - Stalking?

"Remember, if you're caught and my name slips from any of your tongues... Not only would I be eventually let go, you would be in a situation of being kicked out and I will make your lives a living hell," He voiced out coldly before resuming his steps forward.

The three behind shivered even more upon hearing this. Before they could respond to his threat, he had already disappeared into the distance.

They also went their separate ways disappearing into the dark of the night.


The night went by in a flash, and the next morning arrived.

Throughout the night, Gustav had remained awake since channeling his bloodlines.

He had already decided that he would be spending the entire next Sunday making use of recreation.

Most of his other bloodlines were C and D grades, so they weren't as powerful, and he couldn't use every single one of them in battle, so he had taken time to pick the ones he would be combining with the bloodlines he mainly used.

Before the alarm rang, he had already stood up from his sitting position and moved out of his room.

E.E, Falco, Aildris and Teemee, with the other male special class cadets that were in the same residence, were also moving out at this time as well.

Chad, who had just finished recovering some time ago, spotted Gustav up ahead and quickly moved back inside his room before closing the door.

Gustav and the others didn't even spot him as they went through E.E's vortex and arrived directly on the plain field where they usually began their morning routines.

E.E was also getting stronger each day, so his vortexes could transport them that far.

As they arrived, the alarm rang out, and cadets who hadn't arrived started making their way there.


The morning routine later ended, and the cadets were free for the next two hours before having to visit the battle arena for the special class challenges.

Everyone was hyped up once again to see how things would unfold today.

Although they had heard about how the special class cadets went through bloodline strengthening and had experienced a leap in strength, everyone was still interested in seeing just how much they had improved.

Gustav and Chad's fight was a good representation of this, but not everyone witnessed the fight.

Gustav went on to complete his tasks for the day before it was twelve in the afternoon.

After he was done, he moved towards the battle arena with the others.

Surprisingly, they happened to sit somewhere close to the girls today.

Glade, Angy and Matilda were just a few seats behind them.

Angy had already called their attention to Gustav and the boys in front, but Glade seemed to be quite distracted.

Glade's face looked stressed compared to her usual green glowing outlook.

"Hey, relax you will win I'm sure," Angy seemed to have noticed her look and voiced out to comfort her.

"Hnm," Glade nodded as her tensed look softened a bit after hearing Angy.

"You just have to be careful of her hidden weapon... There are a lot of theories behind it," Matilda added from the side.

"It's a strand of her hair... It just happens to be invisible," Angy muttered.

"Uh? It's a piece of her hair?" Glade asked with a confused look.

"Yeah... It's just invisible and she is able to weaponize it and use it for sneak attacks due to that," Angy explained.

"How did you know it was her hair?" Glade asked.

"Gustav said so," Angy responded.

"I thought you and Gustav were not on talking terms?" Matilda said with a slight look of confusion.

"...Yeah... Falco told me..." Angy said with a wry smile.

"Ah so that's what this is... You're literally stalking him making use of Falco," Matilda put two and two together and figured this out.

"No I'm- I- I just want to know how he's doing from time to time that's all," Angy stuttered while trying to defend herself.

"No,that's stalking, it's bad you should stop doing that," Matilda said with an upright expression.

"Actually no... Angy you should keep doing it if it makes you happy," Glade suddenly chipped in.

"I should? I thought you disliked Gustav?" Angy asked with a surprised expression.

"I don't dislike him? I dislike his attitude towards a lot of things... I will only stop if he changes his attitude towards you," Glade explained.

"It's kinda bad that she does that... If both of them are not on talking terms Angy shouldn't be trying to stalk him and neither should Falco be telling her things he probably doesn't want her to know," Matilda added.

"Do you like Gustav?" Glade turned to the side and asked Matilda.

"Whut? No, I'm not interested in any form of romantic relationship right now," Matilda answered instantly.

"Then let it be... This is the only way for Angy to keep tabs on him," Glade voiced out.

"Hmm... Alright then. Just don't over do it," Matilda decided to drop the topic.

"I won't," Angy smiled and turned to look forward at Gustav's position.

'How did Gustav figure out that it was a strand of her hair?' Glade wondered internally.

'This should be another ability that needs to be noted but what exactly are it's features?' She thought while staring in the direction of Gustav's group.

In a few more minutes, the event began and just like the last time, Officer Cole stepped forward to oversee the matches.

The gigantic black orb above started shuffling the cadets once again before picking the first turn of duels.

Everyone wondered if Elevora was going to have any challengers this time, just like the last one.

After all, Ria's battle with her was a good lesson to everyone that she wasn't to be messed with, but who knew if there were other masochists like him who were interested in constant pain reception.

The cadets who saw their names displayed had already moved towards the battle rings in front to have their first battle.