The Bloodline System - Chapter 447 - Stalling For Time

Chapter 447 - Stalling For Time

Chapter 447 - Stalling For Time

The nice aroma drifted into their nostrils, making their stomach grumble in anticipation.

"Why are y'all not eating?" Gustav asked while sitting.

"They are... Right guys?" E.E asked with a glare.

"No way, you can have mine Falco," Teemee passed his plate over and moved towards Gustav's position.

"Hehe," A wry smile appeared on his face before dark Falco took over, "You dare try to poison this lord? Get this dog shit out of my face blind pole!" He voiced out and passed it over to Aildris.

"This lord shall have the meal befitting of his tastes," Dark Falco said while standing up and moving towards Gustav.

"Aildris had three dishes in front of him at the moment. E.E stared at him with a gaze full of intention, "Aildris... Waste isn't..."

Before he could complete his sentence, Aildris voiced out, "Erm, I can't see... Can't see, can't eat," Aildris said while standing up and waving his hand in front of him like a blind person would act.

"...Didn't you say colors speak to you?" E.E voiced out.

"Colors, not food..." Aildris responded, "Except for that one," He said while pointing at Gustav's dish.

E.E; "..." 'Fuck y'all,'

Gustav looked around him as he held his spoon, "Why are y'all gathering around me?" He asked with a suspicious look while they all stared at his plate like hungry demons.

Dark Falco was the first to move over and try snatching the plate.

Gustav quickly lifted it from the table and jumped to his feet.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked.

"Relinquish your lunch to me," Dark Falco said with a demanding tone.

"We will enjoy this dish together," Teemee added while also trying to grab hold.

Gustav quickly moved towards the living room area as everyone chased after him for the plate.

E.E glared at them for a few seconds and tried tasting his dish while they were chasing Gustav across the living room.

"Ehk," His cheek bloated as a disgusted look appeared on his face.

"Ah fuck it," E.E also grabbed a spoon and dashed towards the living room area to join in the pursuit.


Just like that, a few more days went by, and the week for the special class cadet challenge arrived again.

Which made it two months that the first years arrived. Gustav and the others had the white boxes delivered to their rooms again on a Sunday.

The number of normal cadets challenging each of them had decreased drastically.

Especially Falco and Gustav.

Gustav could count only around ten cadets who were still bold enough to request a challenge. Compared to the over sixty cadets who issued a challenge last month, this was really nothing.

Falco had only around five normal cadets who issued challenges this time, while E.E only had like three and Aildris had just one.

Teemee, on the other hand, had only become a special class about a month ago, so a lot of normal cadets still saw him as weak and decided to challenge him.

He had about a hundred challenges issued.

Most of Gustav's challengers were still from Matilda's party, so it was understandable that they were up to ten.

Unlike the last time, Deitrick didn't issue a challenge. Gustav had bumped into him a few times, and each of those times, he couldn't find the zeal to challenge within Deitrick's eyes like before.

Gustav found this pretty weird since Deitrick had shown a kind of character that never backed down, so he didn't expect that he would just give up so easily, especially when he still had two more tries.

Gustav decided not to read into it too much. This was a better case scenario for him, after all. The aim was to make sure these suitors backed down so Matilda would be able to go on the mission without being tied down by family issues.

He felt he owed this to her for helping him out with boss Danzo's case. Especially when he had to violate her body using another person's look.

Gustav had bumped into Endric a few times in the past few days. They would hold a few seconds of hostile conversations, and Gustav would make sure to get close to him during this so the system could try analysing him.

Endric's personality was not getting better with the time he spent here. It was even getting worse, which gave Gustav more reason to want to end him.

However, Gustav could still sense that something was a bit off about him, which was why he wanted to observe him properly.

Both of them were literally stalling for time as it was.

Endric could tell Gustav was stronger than he was after witnessing the battle with Chad, so he wanted to train more before issuing a death battle.

On the other hand, Gustav was stalling to not only give Endric a chance to change but also observe him properly for any abnormalities before taking action.

A few more days went by, and finally, it was the night before the next special class challenge day.


In an open field, three tall silhouettes stood in front of a shorter one.

It was in the dark of night, so this particular area was dimly lit; however, their figures still cast long shadows across the grassy area.

"At the very least one of you must manage to inject the ghill serum into her thigh," The shorter one of the silhouettes said while handing out three tube-shaped test items.

"Activate it's micro form so you won't be figured out," He added.

The three of them nodded in understanding after collecting the item.

"Fail and I'll make your life a living hell within the MBO after I become a ranked personnel," He added with a fierce tone causing the other three silhouettes to slightly shiver in fear.

"Get lost," He said before turning around to leave.

"Yes," they answered with a shaky voice.

He suddenly stopped after moving a few steps forward, "Remember, if you're caught and my name slips from any of your tongues... Not only would I be eventually let go, you would be in a situation of being kicked out and I will make your lives a living hell," He voiced out coldly before resuming his steps forward.