The Bloodline System - Chapter 446 - Cooking Disaster

Chapter 446 - Cooking Disaster

Chapter 446 - Cooking Disaster

Gustav slowly transformed back into his normal look and started walking out of the stage.

As the dust cleared, everyone could see the pit created on the stage. Some had to move even closer to the stage to get a better view.

They caught a glimpse of Chad's battered and blood-soaked body within the pit, unconscious.

Gustav had totally decimated that area of the stage with Chad's body.

The instructors spectating had wanted to intervene at the last moment in fear of Chad getting killed, but the main combat instructor, Officer Kora, stopped any form of intervention.

He was counting on the fact that Gustav would know the amount of force he was meant to use. Also, using real-life situations, no one would be there to stop him anyway, so he let it happen.

Just as expected, Gustav reduced the force he used in smashing Chad's head against the stage to prevent immediate death, knocking him out instead..

Everyone was in awe as they stared at Gustav climbing down the stage.

He literally didn't suffer any form of injury even though he had received several hits.

This made them wonder just how powerful his body defense was.

They had no idea that Gustav had regenerative abilities, which would always be active so long as he had energy points.

Gustav checked his current energy points and noticed that it was dangerously low at the moment.


-Energy: 1400/8250


This was another reason why Gustav wasn't sure if he would be able to defeat Elevora. Having to hide his most powerful abilities caused him to spend an unnecessary amount of energy points while making use of attacks that wouldn't end the battle as quickly as possible.

If he fought Elevora in the open, he couldn't go all out, which was why he said it was a fifty/fifty chance the other day.

Thinking about it now, Gustav gauged his battle with Chad and realized his chances of defeating Elevora while hiding his most powerful abilities was even lower than a fifty.

'I need to train more to manage my energy consumption...' Gustav decided after realizing that this was a big flaw.

"Yo, great job man. Haha, you ripped him apart," E.E voiced out from up ahead as he approached Gustav.


He gave Gustav a quick high five and wrapped his right hand around his shoulder while dragging him along.

Falco and Aildris also showed up, and small giggles could be heard as the most powerful first-year group of cadets walked away like nothing major just went down.

"Hey, I'm cooking this time. let's go y'all," E.E voiced out merrily as they disappeared into the distance.

Both mountains turned scanty as the crowd slowly dispersed while discussing the crazy battle that had just gone down.

-"Yo, do you think he would be able to defeat Elevora?"

-"He's still in third position, the ranking boards would have been modified if this was so,"

-"No, it only calculate it's statistics by battles and recorded actions of cadets where they display strength,"

-"Which means we can only confirm if both of them battle for real,"

-"Aren't we forgetting about Aildris?"

-"Gustav and Elevora are more interesting, I would give anything to see them battle,"

Arguments and opinions were thrown around. Even though they were in the MBO camp, which was isolated from the rest of the world, the traits of the real world still followed a lot of them here. Many of them still loved when fights and good drama stirred up.

At this time, the medical team were already taking Chad off the stage while trying to keep him stable.

Although Gustav's attack didn't outright kill him, if he had been left there, he would eventually die in a few minutes.

"That kid is a beast," one instructor said to Officer Kora by the side where Chad was being treated.

"Literally... Didn't you see his transformation," Officer Kora responded with a serious look.

"That is the strength of a peak Gilberk rank... Wasn't he a Serial ranked cadet earlier?" The other female instructor asked.

"Unprecedented improvement..." Officer Kora muttered with a look of awe.

"This generation of mixedbloods are really a bunch of monsters... Even the Chad kid would have been the strongest in our set," The other instructor added.

"This is a new age I guess... This generation will definitely surpass the next. Maybe we will have one that will surpass him in the nearest future," Officer Kora said with a smile.

"By him... You mean..." Before he could complete his sentence, Officer Kora responded.

"Yeah, the one and only strongest mixedblood alive..."


"Argh! Ptoi!"

"Eww what in the world did you put in it?"

"Hmm this tastes like a horse butthole,"

"Good thing I haven't tried it yet,"

Voices of complaints could be heard from one of the rooms, along with spitting sounds.

"Yo my mama always says never waste food so y'all make sure you finish what's in your dishes and there's even more where these came from," E.E voiced out without a look of remorse as he walked out of Gustav's kitchen.

"Ain't no way I'm taking another spoon of that," Falco said while spitting back the food into the dish in front of him.

"Damn, you really suck at this E.E. Are you trying to poison us or what?" Teemee asked with a look of repulsion.

"Hmm, this is truly bad, to be honest," Aildris added.

"What? Hell naw you guys ain't gonna waste this beautiful looking food now will ya?" E.E shouted out while walking towards the dining area.

Truly the dishes did look nice but if looking nice was the only requirement for a good meal, lots of dishes across the world might qualify.

Gustav also walked out of the kitchen a few moments later.

"How could you allow this abomination to happen Gustav?" Falco asked with a pained look as he stood to his feet.

"Hmm? Oh, I was busy making my own dish..." Gustav said while moving towards the table with a plate of food in his hand.