The Bloodline System - Chapter 445 - Ending With Brutality

Chapter 445 - Ending With Brutality

Chapter 445 - Ending With Brutality

"Guess who's gonna be my dog for the upcoming months," He voiced out with a look of pride and delight before aiming for Gustav's left leg.

Swwooonn! Bang!

Gustav's left leg gave way as the blood club slammed into it, causing him to fall to his knees.

'Hmm, it was quite clever of him to trap me this way,' Gustav said Internally as he plotted a way out of the predicament.

He didn't want to make use of Sonic waves again because it took up a lot of energy.

The creature raised its hands again and flung them towards Gustav's back while Chad once again attacked from behind.

Gustav raised his head up and opened his mouth widely before gnashing his teeth against the hands that were descending upon his head.

His teeth fiercely bit into the hands of the blood creature, disrupting its attack while Gustav quickly stood to his feet and spun around with his leg swinging out.


His left leg slammed into the blood-like club, causing Chad to slide back by a few feet.

Gustav growled loudly as he tightened his teeth around the hands of the creature, bitting fiercely into its body.

As his fangs sunk deeply into them, he turned his head towards the side with force, yanking the arms out of the creature's body.


Releasing the grip of his teeth on them, both hands fell to the ground with a thud as red blood spread across the place.

At this point, Chad was already dashing forward again with intensity.

Gustav roared out loudly as his arm muscles budged intensely while he forcefully tried separating both his arms that were still trapped in the body of the blood creature.


A loud tearing sound reverberated across the place as everyone watched the sixteen feet creature being ripped in two from the inside out.

Chad's eyes widened slightly as he saw Gustav rip his blood creature in two, freeing his hand and grabbing onto both parts of the creature.


Gustav flung one part of the creature towards Chad, causing a whooshing sound as it swung forward, cutting through the air.


Chad tried blocking the hit, but he was swooped away with force as the hardened half of his blood creature slammed into him.

His body flew across the air, repeatedly spiralling as Gustav chased after him.


Gustav leapt into the air while holding onto the second part and swung it down towards Chad's body with force.

As Chad's woozy head cleared while his body was still travelling in mid-air, he looked upwards and saw Gustav descending from above towards his body with what looked like a mighty hammer.

On closer look, it was the other half of the body of his blood creature.

He clasped his palm together, causing a blood-like shield to be conjured in front of him just before Gustav slammed the body part into him.


A loud explosion resounded across the place as Chad was sent tumbling down along with his shield slamming heavily onto the ground.

His body created a deep pit, but as if that wasn't enough, Gustav, who was still in mid-air, somersaulted to increase the force of his landing and landed in the exact same spot as Chad.


Another loud sound rang out as cracks spread across the stage, and a cloud of dust covered the place.


Chad coughed out blood as Gustav's massive foot slammed into his chest.

His blood shield had been destroyed by the earlier attack.

Gustav moved to the side to put one foot down but still kept his left foot on Chad's chest.

Chad had blood running down his nose, but he didn't seem to have given up.

On knowing that he was about to perform another attack, Gustav raised his left foot and brought it down with force.


Once again, the spectators heard the bone-cracking sound that reverberated across the place as Gustav's foot slammed heavily onto Chad's chest. His foot was so massive that it covered Chad's entire chest and belly area.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Due to the force at which Gustav kept stomping on Chad's chest, dust kept spreading across the place as both mountains vibrated.

Practically all the cadets spectating couldn't see anything happening on stage. Only a few of those who had powerful visual abilities or very strong perception could outline what was going on.

-"Oh my what's going on?"

-"The battle is over,"

-"What? Who's getting beat up like that?"

-"I can tell you that it ain't Gustav,"

The voices of the spectators in the background could be heard as they argued over the thudding sound.

Gustav stopped after a few more minutes. At this, Chad's chest had already caved in, and his face was smeared in blood, but surprisingly he was still conscious even though he was barely hanging.

"When you wake up, you will owe me three requests," Gustav voiced out as he squatted down to grab Chad by the neck.

Chad coughed out more specks of blood onto Gustav's hand as he tried saying something while being lifted into the air.

While still squatting, his calves bulged immensely as he leapt upwards.

Thooommm! Swwooooohhhh!

Gustav's body shot out of the dust while ascending into the air at super speed and arrived at a height of over a thousand feet in a few moments.

The crowd had wide-open mouths while raising their heads to look up. They had never witnessed such a high jump before.

Gustav held onto the barely conscious body of Chad by the neck and pushed his head to face the ground as he descended with speed.



The crowd gasped as they understood what he was trying to do.

As they arrived a few feet to the ground, Gustav pushed Chad's head down, even more, slamming his face into the ground along with the rest of his body.


The grounds split open even more as the cracks intensified and pieces of it blasted across the place.

Gustav slowly transformed back into his normal look and started walking out of the stage.


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