The Bloodline System - Chapter 444 - Trapped

Chapter 444 - Trapped

Chapter 444 - Trapped

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav's blow turned fiercer each time as he noticed that all his punches were hardly causing any damage since the creature kept going.

After landing another uppercut, Gustav opened his mouth and shot out another burst of Sonic waves.


Chad and his blood creature were blasted several hundred feet backwards and kept bouncing and rolling across the place after slamming into the ground repeatedly.

Gustav dashed forward and made use of gravitational displacement.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

As Chad tried getting up along with his blood creature, he felt heavier than before, making it harder to stand.

The instant Gustav arrived in front of him, he was already swinging his leg towards his face.


Another powerful smash to the face sent Chad and his blood creature flying towards the end of the stage before slamming into the dome.

Gustav had noticed that the redness of the blood creature faded away a little after his previous attacks. After checking it out with God Eyes, he understood that his hits were truly causing damage since its energy had reduced, but it would take time since it was durable.

Gustav was about to attack again when the creature screamed out loud and started turning redder than before.

Gustav noticed that strains of energy had been circulated around the creature's body, which led him to believe this was the reason Chad merged with the creature.


Gustav screamed out again, causing circular waves to charge forward immensely.

The blood creature arm transformed into a massive solid triangular shield which it placed in front of itself.


The waves slammed into the shield but only caused the creature to slide back by a few feet, unlike before.

It quickly spun towards the side, removing itself from the path of the destructive waves and dashed forward with speed as a bloody weapon was shot out of its body.


A massive bloodwhip appeared in its hand, which it quickly flung towards Gustav before he could change the direction of the sonic waves.

Gustav closed his mouth and quickly swerved towards the side to dodge.

However, even after the whip passed by his side, it's still curved around and started heading in his direction again.


As Gustav jumped backwards, the massive bloodwhip slammed to the ground creating a dent with several cracks.

The creature started waving it around intensely, causing Gustav to dodge repeatedly due to the flexibility and unpredictable movement.

As Gustav jumped forward a bit, the creature charged for him pushing its massive triangular shield forward.


Its speed was so fast that a red blur was created along with a whooshing sound which proved it carried a lot of speed and power.

Gustav used the sonic scream again but was blocked by the shield.

Gustav had no choice but to push his palms forward to counter the charge since he was literally surrounded by the fluid swinging bloodwhip.

[Palm Strike Has Been Activated]


He slid back by a few feet as his palms slammed into the shield, causing the ground to give way as lines of cracks created by his feet stomping on the ground could be seen.

As they wrestled for power, Gustav pushed the shield towards the side and grabbed hold of the sixteen feet creature by its arms before raising it upwards.


Before Chad could understand what was happening, he and his blood creature were headed for the ground.


Gustav slammed its head forcefully into the ground creating a small pit in which its head was stuck.

Gustav arched his right arm back again with force before pushing it forward with intensity.


His fist slammed into the back of the creature, catapulting it forward once again.

Gustav stretched both arms out, causing his black claws to grow further in length before dashing outwards again.


He had decided he was going to rip the creature apart this time.

Chad noticed his approach and tried stabilizing the creature while in mid-air, but Gustav arrived in front of them before they could land on the ground.

Gustav arched both arms back this time with force before stabbing his claws forward.

Puchi~ Puchi~

His claws tore straight through the belly and chest region of the creature and came out the back.

His arms inside the creature caused it to remain lifted in the same position in mid-air.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he stared at the reaction of the creature after the attack.

'Hehe he fell for it,' Chad said Internally as he pulled himself out of the creature from the back.

The instant Gustav noticed Chad, he tried pulling his arm out of the creature, but he suddenly felt the hole he created within it tightening around his hand.

The body of the creature hardened and glued tightly to his arms.

He tried pulling his arm out of it repeatedly, but it was to no avail. He was stuck within the sixteen-foot tall creature and also holding it up in mid-air.

Chad suddenly lunged at him.


Gustav opened his mouth shot out another beam of Sonic waves.


Chad dodged it by spinning towards the side, and even when Gustav kept turning his head to change direction, he could not compare his body reaction to before because of his hindered body movement.

Chad conjured a massive blood club which he slammed into the side of Gustav's face, causing him to stagger backwards.

Before Gustav could react, he was already swinging it towards his face again.


While carrying the creature that weighed over a thousand kilograms, Gustav still managed to move to the side to dodge the next attack.

However, when he was about to dodge the next one again, the creature his arms were currently trapped in suddenly moved and joined its massive hands together before raising them up and bringing them down on Gustav's back.


As Gustav received the hit, one leg gave way, and he slammed his right knee onto the ground.

Chad once again used that opportunity to attack him from behind, slamming the blood club heavily into his back.