The Bloodline System - Chapter 443 - Blood Clones

Chapter 443 - Blood Clones

Chapter 443 - Blood Clones

A bloody reddish armor formed around Chad's real body as he dashed forward with his blood clones.

Loud sounds of feet striking the ground reverberated across the place as Gustav arrived in front of the first four blood clones.

Their arms transformed into sharp bloody blades as they hacked towards Gustav's gigantic frame.

One leapt upwards and stabbed towards Gustav's left shoulder while another one aimed for his right abdominal area.


Gustav grabbed the hand of the one who leapt upwards first while spinning around to dodge the other two attacking him from the right.


He raised the one he grabbed and flung him downwards towards the fourth one on the left.


A blood mess was made as both blood clones slammed into each other, bursting into bloody goo that splattered across the place.

Gustav turned towards the side and swung out his foot towards the two he had dodged earlier, blasting two holes in their chest as they flew backwards and landed on the ground once again, causing a bloody mess.

Chad had made use of this opportunity and was currently leaping towards Gustav while holding onto two blood whips which he swung towards Gustav's neck while in mid-air.

Gustav turned to face him and the rest of the blood clones approaching and opened his mouth.


Sonic boom blasted out of his mouth, causing ring-like waves to scatter across the place.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom!

Chad was surprised as the waves slammed into him and his clones, sending them flying backwards with intensity.

The entire stage vibrated as the waves kept blasting forward from his mouth for several seconds, causing cracks to appear in different places.

The spectators were once again astonished by this after feeling the vibration from their position since it even affected both mountains.

Gustav stopped his scream after disintegrating every one of the blood clones and blasting Chad a few feet into the stage.

He breathed in and out heavily for a few seconds.

[-2400 EP]

He noticed that he lost many energy points from that one scream and decided not to use it so brashly again.

Even the instructors were surprised after seeing the cracks on the stage, which were slowly mending due to the nanites installed within.

Chad leapt to his feet with a look of humiliation after being buried a few minutes after the duel had just begun.

He looked around for a few moments and noticed the bloodstains everywhere.

'Looks like I misjudged his strength... What the hell is with the new transformation? He keeps pulling new transformations out of nowhere,' Chad had a frustrated look as he thought.

Chad stretched out his right hand towards the side as he noticed Gustav approaching him.


All the blood scattered across the place started floating towards him.

Gustav swung out his fist towards Chad, who quickly dashed towards the side to dodge after conjuring up a blood clone to take the hit in his place.


Gustav's fist slammed into the clone, blasting it to pieces as his fist still travelled downwards and slammed onto the stage as well.


Cracks appeared all over the place as the entire vicinity vibrated again.

Chad was starting to wonder how powerful Gustav's punch was after witnessing that.

Even Gustav could feel his strength was nothing to scoff at after the triple transformation, despite the significant reduction of his speed.

However, he hadn't activated dash since the beginning since he was just testing things out first.

Chad had finally had enough time to draw back his blood and even make it larger.

'I need something bigger and stronger,' Chad said Internally as his eyes grew bloodshot.

As Gustav turned around to dash towards him, the blood surrounding Chad suddenly blasted outwards, and a massive creature was being formed.

Gustav could smell the intense metallic stench. The blood was oozing out as he threw his fist forward once again.


Gustav's fist was stopped by a wall of blood as the transformation process completed a moment after.

A massive sixteen-foot tall humanoid red creature that was four feet taller than Gustav stared down at him.

Chad leapt upwards and merged with the massive creature causing it to get redder as the strong stench of blood increased even more.


It screamed out as it prepared to attack, but Gustav screamed right back at it.


Sonic waves shot out of his mouth, once again slamming into the massive creature and knocking it several hundred feet backwards.

Gustav stopped the instant this happened so as not to lose too much energy.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

He dashed forward with intensity and flung his leg towards the side of the creature before it could land on the ground.

Chad, who was controlling the blood creature from within, reacted quickly by making it spin in the air and landing on its feet to balance itself.

A massive club-like weapon made of blood protruded out of the creature as it swung it fiercely towards Gustav.

Gustav slashed towards it with his black claws, cleanly cutting through it before dashing forward again.

Gustav lowered his hand to throw an uppercut.


A loud sound reverberated across the place as Gustav's fist tore a hole through its head.

Cracks appeared on the ground where his legs were positioned.

To his surprise, the creature still drove its left fist forward towards Gustav's chest while its head was still in a messy state.

Gustav swerved towards the left quickly and three a jab at its side.


Gustav landed another clean hit on it, forcing it several hundred steps backwards.

He decided not to give it a break and lunged at it yet again.

Hand-to-hand combat broke out between them as Gustav heavily rained fists on it while dodging every single attack it sent out.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav's blow turned fiercer each time as he noticed that all his punches were hardly causing any damage since the creature kept going.