The Bloodline System - Chapter 442 - Battle Begins

Chapter 442 - Battle Begins

Chapter 442 - Battle Begins

"Time to go," Gustav muttered while making all the spherical bluish balls disappear along with the one he had just created.

He kept the orange crystals in his storage device before standing to his feet and heading out.

As he was coming out of his place, so was E.E, Aildris, Falco and Teemee.

A light smile appeared on Gustav's face as he turned to the side that headed towards the teleportation elevator and started walking forward.

They all walked towards him, and everyone moved side by side.


After several minutes of moving across the MBO camp, they came across an area where two mountains halfway joined together could be seen in the distance.

The summit of both mountains was about a hundred feet away from each other because their bodies were joined to a certain extent.. A massive rectangular stage was built on both summits extending for thousands of feet.

It was well balanced on both summits, which supported its weight.

Many cadets could be seen swarming towards both sides of the mountains, headed for the peak area.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Discussion from the cadets in the vicinity turned louder as they noticed Gustav heading upwards with the others.

Some of them still debated whether he was going to win or not.

In a few seconds, they arrived at the summit area where the massive rectangular ring was situated and surrounded by thousands of spectators.

Three instructors had been tasked to keep watch and regulate the duel.

Chad was already standing on the stage, waiting for Gustav to show up.

Unlike the battle arena where the special class challenge was held, this particular battle ring was stronger and well structured to handle powerful attacks.

Gustav jumped a few feet upwards and landed on the south side of the stage.

Chad stared at him with a strong look of wariness and caution.

"Hmph... Always looking smug," He muttered underneath his breath with a tone of annoyance.

One of the instructors moved towards the stage. He was a quite popular one since he was the main Instructor for the combat sessions, Officer Kora.

He floated towards the middle of the stage and landed there before turning to stare at both opponents.

"Killing is not allowed... You can trade powerful blows but after your opponent gets knocked out you are not to throw out an additional attack," He states the rules of the duel.

After a few more seconds of mentioning the do's and don'ts, he began floating upwards again.

After reaching a particular height, a dome was cast around the rectangular stage, and he looked down before voicing out.


The instant those words were voiced out, everyone focused intensely on the stage as they waited for both opponents to go at each other.


A bubbling sound was heard from Chad's position as he slowly started walking towards Gustav.

Gustav remembered this sound from earlier when Chad battled other cadets. It was the sound made whenever he was activating his bloodline.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

Gustav had wanted to try a particular type of combination in a battle for a long time.

He had made use of this particular transformation before using combination but never in a battle.

[Beast Transformation Bloodline Has Been Activated]

Gustav's body slowly started turning black as his muscles expanded, and he grew taller.

Black claws protruded from his finger as tusks grew out of his thighs, along with a horn on his forehead.

His head was transforming into one that looked like a bunny, but then he had eight long fangs protruding out of his mouth with crimson red eyes.

This was the combination of three transformations from his beast bloodline. One was from the bloodwolf, the other was from the mutated bull, and the last one was from the demonic bunny he killed several months back.

This was one of the beast bloodlines he had acquired back then but didn't see the need to use and eventually forgot about, but when he recently went through his collection of beast bloodlines, he realized that many of them actually had useful abilities.

However, he was used to making use of the mutated bull and blood wolf since they were the highest in terms of physical strength.

Now making use of this combination would allow him to make use of them together without having to swap one out for the other.

'Good thing combination leveled up... Maybe I'll be able to combine up to five in the future,' Gustav said Internally as he stared at Chad's frame from above.

Chad was also close to seven feet tall, but now Gustav was the one looking down on him after the transformation.


-"What in the world is that?"

-"Just how many transformation can he perform,"

Everyone in the crowd of spectators could feel the pressure radiating from this frightening form Gustav had taken.

Chad paused his footsteps a few ten feet away from Gustav and smirked.

"Do you think you're the only one with an ability to bring transformations into being," Chad voiced out before placing his right hand on his left and cutting himself with his fingernails.


He did the same to his right hand using his left hand.

Blood began to ooze out of the cuts and drop to the ground.

Pit! Pat! Pit! Pat! Pit! Pat! Pit! Pat!

The spectators were quite surprised as they had never seen Chad use this technique in other battles.

It dawned on them that Chad must have been saving it for better opponents.

"Blood army... Multiplier," Chad voiced out.

The bubbling sound reverberating across the place increased as the drops of blood on the ground started increasing in size.

In a manner of seconds, it transformed into a humanoid looking being with reddish features.

Although it was structured just like Chad with similar body proportions, unlike a real person, it was reddish in color like blood with no actual skin like a normal person.

As Gustav took a step forward, more and more of these reddish figures were being conjured, and in a few moments, over thirty of them had appeared.