The Bloodline System - Chapter 441 - Mixing Energies

Chapter 441 - Mixing Energies

Chapter 441 - Mixing Energies

His mind was only drawn to that now that he was actually thinking about her.

'Either way, tomorrow should be good... Maybe I should make use of more strength,' Gustav thought but decided to brush off that decision.

He was still reluctant about revealing a lot of abilities and was consciously reducing the power of most of his attacks so as not to seriously injure others during training.


Just like that, the night went by, and the next morning came.

Cadets were up early once again for the morning routine.

They had practically been doing this for two months already, so everyone was already used to it since their normal bodies with bloodlines sealed had adapted to it..

Gustav didn't have any incident related to what happened the other day, but he did notice that occasionally there would be cadets getting in his way. Some of them would try to disrupt his speed or distract him in a kind of way.

Gustav didn't really find this disturbing, but he was a bit suspicious since this didn't happen before.

Elevora was still improving at a very crazy rate, just like Gustav. He thought he would surpass her in morning routines by now, but just as he was getting better, so was she.

Once again, he was second to get back to the starting point.

Both of them no longer took more than two hours to complete the morning routine. E.E, Aildris and Chad were always arriving at the same time after him, while Falco was always arriving with the girls.

After the morning routine ended, Officer Briant addressed them about a few things before releasing everyone.

Chad walked up to Gustav afterwards, "Don't forget to show up by 12... Falcon Battle ground," He said before moving away.

"Oh... If you can't defeat me, get ready to become my minion for the next three months," Chad said with a look of pride as he paused his footsteps and turned to the side to stare at Gustav.

"You will obey every command I give you," He added before starting to walk again.

"Hold it," Gustav suddenly voiced out from behind, causing Chad to stop.

"Now you mentioning this thing about minions is new to me," Gustav said while raising his left eyebrow.

"What? You can't handle it? If you're scared of losing don't bother showing up," Chad said with a provocative glance.

"That's not it... A proper wager goes both ways," Gustav said while moving a few steps forward.

"Now if you lose, you must adhere to three of my demands. No backing down no matter what I may ask of you," Gustav said.

At this point, cadets had already begun to gather around them and started gossiping loudly after hearing the both of them voice out.

Chad had a slightly hesitant look on his face as he heard that.

"It's alright if you can't handle that... Don't show up for the duel," Gustav said with a light smile before walking forward and passing by Chad's side.

"Wait..." Chad voiced out before turning around.

"I'll play along with this... Better be prepared to be a minion," Chad added before turning around to leave.


A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he dashed away into the distance.

There was still enough time, so Gustav decided to go and complete his daily tasks in the meantime.

In about an hour, Gustav was done with two of the tasks, but the last one was pretty tricky and could only be completed after dawn, so he had to go back to his room.

Gustav spent the next two hours channeling his bloodline before he took a break.

Sitting within his small personal bloodline training room, Gustav brought out three pieces of orange crystals from his storage device.

[Gravitational Energy Container Bloodline Activated]

The atmosphere turned extremely serene as Gustav activated this.

The gravitational force surrounding him started getting warped as blueish spherical glowing balls started appearing all over the place within the room.

Over two hundred of them had appeared in a matter of seconds.

Gustav made a few of them disappear since they were crowding the place a bit too much.

He took one of the orange crystals in his hand, and one of the spherical balls floated to his front.

The glow on its frame intensified as it started sucking out energy from the glowing orange crystal.

Gustav had already activated God Eyes at this point and was monitoring the mixing of energies for any change.


The bluish spherical ball suddenly started to crackle with purplish electricity as the color of the energy within began to change.

After a few more seconds, Gustav stopped absorbing energy from the crystal after noticing that the mixture of energies was starting to get unstable.

'Having God Eyes is quite convenient,' Gustav thought as he stared at the spherical ball in front of him.

It had now completely changed color from blue to reddish-black with purple electric snakes swimming across its body.

"I wonder just how destructive this would be," Gustav said with an excited look.

He could already picture and calculate how powerful it would be when used as an attack, but he still wanted to see it in reality to confirm.

("Make sure you never use this to attack a fellow peer unless you're battling with a stronger opponent,") The system suddenly voiced out in his head.

"Why?" Gustav asked.

("Are you seriously asking me that?") The system voiced out with a tone of annoyance.

Gustav already knew why the system would say this, but he still asked, "Yeah... Why?"

("...dumbo just go ahead and use it then. Just make sure you're able to explain to them the disintegration of all physical matter within the radius of several hundred feet,") The system voiced out before keeping quiet.

"Hmm? Disintegration of all physical matter?" Gustav questioned with a suspicious look, but the system didn't respond anymore.

He checked the time and noticed it was almost twelve already.

"Time to go," Gustav muttered while making all the spherical bluish balls disappear along with the one he had just created.

He kept the orange crystals before standing to his feet and heading out.