The Bloodline System - Chapter 440 - Next Time Kid

Chapter 440 - Next Time Kid

Chapter 440 - Next Time Kid

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The unconscious bodies began to crash in different places all across the control room.

'What? He didn't try to save them?' Endric said internally with a tone of surprise after Gustav evaded the bodies.

Gustav deactivated Size Manipulation and leaped upwards with intensity.

[Energy Discharge Has Been Activated]

The air vibrated as red energy gathered around Gustav's being while he descended from the air towards Endric's location.

Endric looked upwards and raised his right palm with force, sending a telekinetic push towards Gustav.

Bam! Bam!

The energy radiating around Gustav suddenly burst forth from his being, spreading all across the place.

Endric's attack collided with the energy sent out from Gustav's body and was incinerated.

It kept pushing outwards before slamming into Endric with intensity.

Endric groaned in pain as his body was sent, catapulting backwards.

Gustav landed on his feet In a squatting format before dashing forward with immense speed.


Endric, who was still being blasted across the control room, noticed Gustav's approach and swiped his finger multiple times across the air.

Gustav suddenly felt a sharp invisible force heading for him and swerved to the left.


A part of his suit had a scratch mark as he almost got sliced in the neck by one of the invisible blades.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!

Gustav repeatedly swerved to dodge the attacks, which ended up slowing him down.

Endric landed on his feet due to this, which also gave him the opportunity to send forth another attack after balancing his footing.


He slammed his right foot on the ground, causing a disruptive wave to be sent forward at Gustav.

Several pieces of equipment got blasted into smithereens as the disruptive wave travelled towards Gustav up ahead.

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

In Gustav's hand appeared a four-foot-long milky-colored blade which he slashed forward at the wave.

Zzzhhhhii! Zhhiii!

Everywhere he slashed, he caused the wave to disappear.

Gustav charged forward after reducing the intensity with his body going through the waves without sustaining any form of damage.

At this point, Endric sent his will forward and wrapped it around Gustav's waist, ready to hoist him up while Gustav started transforming his lower half into that of the serpentine mixedbreed.

Gustav's lower body turned extremely long and scary. His legs disappeared, turning into a wide and long black serpentine-looking type.

He swung his tail forward with intensity as the suit he was wearing expanded to fit his transformation.

Endric also prepared to lift Gustav at this time using his telekinesis.

However, just as both attacks were about to come to fruition...

"Takeover Complete!"

A loud alarm rang out along with an AIs voice.

"Group C wins!"

It came with the announcement that Gustav and his teammates had won.

Gustav and Endric paused their attacks at the very last second and turned around.

On the holographic monitor, 100% was displayed.

The lights began to return back to normal at this point in time.

Gustav slowly transformed back into his normal look while Endric dropped his raised right hand.

After removing their helmets, both of them shared a provocative glance before turning around.

"Next time kid," Gustav said while moving away.

"Yeah, next time I won't go easy," Endric responded.

Both of them couldn't go all out in their fight here so they wouldn't end up causing complications for the spacecraft and end up dying in space.

Even though it was just a simulation, this was likely to happen in real life if they didn't mind the range of their attacks.

Officer Mag came in a few seconds later, and all the cadets began to gather at the main control room.

-"Yay, we won,"

-"Haha there was no way we wouldn't win with Gustav being our leader,"

Endric had a bitter look on his face as he heard these words from cadets in the background.

The other team leader also arrived in the control room after a few moments and gave Endric and Gustav a glare. As expected, Gustav acted nonchalantly and found somewhere to sit.

It turned out that a lot of Gustav's subordinates were still conscious compared to the other team.

Those who were injured and passed out were immediately given medical attention before Officer Mag addressed them.

After officer Mag addressed them and assigned points to the winning group, they were dismissed.

She had pointed out flaws that each team had and even reprimanded Endric for harshly using his abilities against cadets that had already passed out.

She warned him that if he was so rough next time, there would be consequences.


Just like that, nighttime came, and Gustav was in his room chilling with EE and the others.

Tomorrow was the day he would be dueling Chad, and next week was when the next special class cadet challenge would be taking place.

Gustav wasn't really looking forward to the special class cadet challenge because he could already tell how things were going to go on that day.

The gap between special class cadets and normal cadets had increased even more after bloodline strengthening, so he could tell that in the coming months, almost no one would be challenging special class cadets again.

The only thing he was looking forward to was Vera's fight with the special class cadet that he had picked for her to challenge.

If Vera was going to be a part of the team, he wanted to make sure she received enough benefits that would help her improve so she wouldn't lag behind in strength.

He remembered that another reason why he was looking forward to it was because of the Glade and Havrina battle to decide who would remain a special class.

He also saw Glade as a comrade even though she had been taking Angy's side all this time, so he didn't want her to lose.

'Hmm, Glade's movement has been really weird lately...' Gustav recalled that sometimes he would bump into her at particular locations where he found himself for specific purposes.

It had happened about three times, so Gustav decided to brush it off as a coincidence.