The Bloodline System - Chapter 439 - Endric And Gustav's Clash

Chapter 439 - Endric And Gustav's Clash

Chapter 439 - Endric And Gustav's Clash

He passed through the first three and turned left twice before turning right once.

In a few moments, he arrived on the corridor that led to the main control room and could see the doors being halfway closed.


Gustav accelerated forward intensely and slid downwards as his body travelled forward like a blur.


The metallic door slammed shut the moment he went through as he arrived within the control room.

The lights were still out, but parts of the control room were still operational, so they flashed red and blue lights across the place.

The main control center had the percentage 87% displayed on the holographic monitor, which meant they were still taking over.

However, Gustav happened to meet a sight that wasn't pleasing to the eye the moment he infiltrated the room..


A loud scream was heard, and along with it came a popping sound with a crash.


Gustav squatted slightly as a body flew over him and slammed into the door that had just closed up behind him.

Gustav looked around, and all he could see was the bodies of his subordinates lying around.

Up ahead, Endric stood a few meters from the control center monitor, and in front of him, just one cadet was left standing.

This was the only special class cadet here, and from the looks of things, he wasn't doing too well either because his left arm was flaying by the side.

It was obvious that he had taken quite the damage, especially with his body moving up and down as he stood in place, which meant he was breathing in and out profusely.

On the bright side, Endric seemed to be a little injured, too, from what Gustav could see with God Eyes.

"Finally, you have arrived... I hope you like what you see," Endric voiced out from up ahead without turning around.

"Josef, stand down... I'll handle this myself," Gustav said as he started walking forward.

"He'll stop the takeover if I move out of the way," Josef responded while still bravely standing in front.

'So pathetic of me... I can't either defeat the big nor the little brother,' Josef said internally.

"Nah he won't... You don't really care about that now do you...? Endric," Gustav responded while walking forward.

Endric slowly turned around. A smile could be seen on his face from underneath the helmet of the suit.

Just as he was about to charge for Gustav, Josef's right arm transformed into a dark spear with a glowing purplish tip and stabbed it forward.


This was a very fast sneak attack, and the tip of the spear-like arm had already arrived at the middle of Endric's back before anyone could react.


To Josef's surprise, his spear-like arm was stopped one centimeter away from Endric's back.

Endric turned his head to the side to stare at Josef, "That's quite pathetic of you... Stabbing someone from behind," Endric voiced out before raising his right hand.

Josef suddenly felt a strong invisible grip on his already broken left arm.

Endric suddenly turned around while swinging the back of his left hand.


A loud slap rang across the place as Josef's face moved to the right while his arm was still being pulled towards the left.


Sounds of tendons being ripped apart reverberated across the place as Josef screamed out loudly due to pain.

Endric reached out and was about to grab Josef again when Gustav suddenly dashed forward and kicked him in the back.


Even though Endric had a protective layer of telekinetic walls surrounding his entire frame, he was still sent flying forward.

He flipped in the air and landed on his feet about a hundred feet away before sliding back.

"I told you to stand down... Next time learn to listen to instructions," Gustav said to Josef, who was writhing on the ground in pain before he continued walking forward.

At this time, the monitor displayed 92%, but Endric didn't seem to care about that.

"What do I expect from two losers in the same group? Of course you'd attack from behind," Endric voiced out with a tone of annoyance as he stared at the approaching Gustav.

"Anything goes in a battle... No one really cares about whether the methods are nice or not so long as the enemy is eliminated," Gustav responded with a tone of nonchalance.

"You're still a loser! Don't try to lecture me!" Endric voiced out before darting forward.

"Looks like you learnt nothing from our last encounter," Gustav wasn't surprised in the slightest as he dashed forward too.

Endric pushed out his hand before arriving in front of Gustav.

Gustav felt a force wrapping around his frame and quickly leaped upwards with speed.


Endric had to jump backwards as his target changed location too quickly for him to adapt to.


Gustav landed at the exact spot Endric was standing in earlier and threw out a massive fist.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

[-500 EP]

His massive fist travelled forward with immense force as it transformed into that of the mutated bull internally.

Endric reacted by pushing both hands forward, sending forth a strong wall of will.


A loud sound of collision rang out as both forces collided, and Endric started being pushed backwards along with his invisible wall.

Endric face creased up as he quickly tried wrapping his will around Gustav's fist, but his telekinetic force kept getting cancelled due to its massive size that was similar to three trucks combined.

Endric slowly pulled back his left hand and continued making use of his right hand to block Gustav's fist.

He looked to the side and stretched his left hand out.

The bodies on the floor started being raised high. He suddenly swung his hand to the side, and all the bodies started flying towards Gustav.

Gustav turned to the side and saw about twelve unconscious bodies flying in his direction.

Endric smiled as he saw Gustav turn to the side.

``He'll have to save them,' Endric said Internally.

However, to his surprise, Gustav retracted his fist and slid backwards with speed to dodge all the bodies.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The unconscious bodies began to crash in different places all across the control room.