The Bloodline System - Chapter 438 - Signal?

Chapter 438 - Signal?

Chapter 438 - Signal?

Endric suddenly waved his hand to the right.

The cadet suddenly felt a strong force slam into him.


He crashed towards a metallic pillar on the side forcefully.

Endric didn't seem to be finished with him.

He raised both his hands, causing the cadet to be lifted into the air along with the green titan-like cadet.

Swwhiiii! Swhhii!

Endric started waving both hands from left to right and from right to left, causing both cadets to be slammed all across the place due to his hand movements.

The ones in front guarding the main control center where they seemed to still be taking over the mainframe stared at Endric with a wary look..

On the monitor, it displayed 57% as it would seem that they would have to prevent any form of disruption until it got to 100%

At this point, Endric had taken out about seven of the cadets in this sub-team in a manner of two minutes.

Only about thirteen were left, and everyone began activating their bloodlines to the max ready to send forth their most powerful attacks.

"You guys go, me and Fortune will guard this place," One of the special class cadets Gustav sent with this sub team stood in front of the main control center while voicing out.

The one beside him, who was close to seven feet tall, stayed behind as it seemed like he was the one being spoken to.

The rest of the eleven cadets charged forward while hurling out their most powerful attacks.

Endric looked forward with a menacing glare as he released both cadets from the power of his will before dashing forward.


Back in the carriage room where Gustav and the others had burst through, it had been turned into a fiery furnace.

The amount of heat surrounding the place as a blazing inferno twirled around affected everyone, comrades and foe included.

All of Gustav's teammates within the encirclement were down at this point in time, and there were still four teammates from the opposing side left.

On the bright side, the captain also injured his teammates too with the bright flames as he chased after Gustav.

They all struggled to get out of the large encirclement as the flames made the inside of their suits burn up intensely.

Gustav felt the immense heat within and finally activated a skill that he hadn't made use of in a long time.

[Heat Resistance Activated]

The intensity of the heat was suddenly decreased by fifty percent. Although Gustav could already begin to smell his burnt flesh from within the suit.

[Regeneration Has Been Activated]

[-100 EP]


Gustav suddenly turned around and started charging for Fin.

Fin was taken aback by the approach as he hadn't expected Gustav to suddenly start charging for him since he had been running away.


He suddenly sprouted out three wing flames and shot forward with immense speed while spiralling like a horizontal tornado.

The pressure and heat Gustav felt once again increased exponentially as Fin closed in on him.

A spherical ball of energy suddenly appeared in his hand, which he swung forward with force.

Fin didn't think of blocking or dodging. He kept going in with full force.

His eyes suddenly widened as the blue spherical ball started emitting rays of light the moment he was only a few centimeters away.


A loud explosion spread across the place as blueish energy blasted forth radiantly.

It sent a rippling effect that destroyed the encirclement created in an instant.

Fin's body flew across the air and slammed into the wall a few feet away from the opening they created to burst in.

The wind from space tried sucking him in through the opening, but the suit instantly glued him to the floor of the spacecraft.

'Well... Energy Container is now more powerful than before...' Even Gustav was surprised at the effect.

Fin felt his head buzzing intensely as blood dribbled down his nose and forehead. Luckily, the suit had softened the impact, but he felt like he had broken a few bones.

'How is this guy so powerful? He literally has multiple abilities,' Fin said to himself while slowly standing up.

Gustav slowly started walking towards him after figuring out that the battle was not over yet when he suddenly heard a voice message from the comms.

"Gustav!! We have a big situation over here mpfh! We- ca-n't..."

"What is it Josef?" Gustav asked while squinting his eyes. He could hear serious sounds of battle through the comms as Josef spoke.

"It's yo-ur hmf! brother... We can't hold him off... He's going to ruin everything before the takeover is complete..."

Gustav's forehead creased up a little after hearing that.

"We only nee... Argh!"

The sentence was cut short as Gustav heard the pained scream of Josef.

Gustav suddenly raised his right leg up with intensity. It started expanding with intensity as he put a lot of energy into it before slamming it down three times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It sounded like an earthquake in space as the sound and vibration travelled all across the spacecraft.

Fin, who was about to attack again, paused his steps and wondered what Gustav was doing.


"That's the signal, do it now!" Within the engine room, one of Gustav's subordinates voiced out.


One of them screamed out as electrifying jolts travelled all across his body before slamming his hand on the ground.

Bang! Ttrrhhyyyyhhh!


After Gustav finished doing that, he turned around and before dashing towards the corridor area in the northeast.

As Fin was about to give a chase, the lights suddenly went off as almost everything with the spacecraft powered down.


Gustav dashed across the corridors with intense speed as he saw the doors used to access other places within the spacecraft sliding down.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

The darkness affected everyone for a few seconds except Gustav, who had already activated God Eyes.

He could see clearly at the point, and even without God Eyes, his perception always made him sensitive to everything in his surroundings.