The Bloodline System - Chapter 437 - Situation In The Control Room

Chapter 437 - Situation In The Control Room

Chapter 437 - Situation In The Control Room

Gustav guessed this was because of who he had sent out earlier.

"Thanks for underestimating my team and my presence... That will be your undoing," Gustav muttered as he dashed forward with speed.


He arrived in front of the special class cadet throwing out his right fist, which was enlarged.

Fin also reacted by sending out a swirling fist of brown flames that caused the environment's temperature to increase intensely.


The instant collision was made, Gustav slid back by a few feet while Fin was sent catapulting backwards as he slammed head-on into four of his teammates.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav felt the burn internally, but his suit was okay.

'That was an immense heat...' Gustav decided not to directly make contact again after feeling it.

Fin jumped up a moment later after slamming on the side of the spacecraft.

'So this is the strength of a top three? My attack barely fazed him,' Fin said Internally before dashing forward again.

'If I focus on this dude, the teammates left will be picked on until there's none left,' Gustav thought before activating sprint.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]


Gustav turned around and started dashing across the place instead of facing Fin.

'He's running?' Fin wondered, but in the next moment, he squatted as he noticed a body flying in his direction.


The body of his subordinate flew over his head and slammed onto the ground behind.

Gustav was now moving quicker than before, which shocked the opponents as they realised that he increased the change speed on command.

"Hey face me instead!" Fin voiced out as he caught up to what Gustav was doing.

Gustav totally ignored his exclamations and dashed towards another of his teammates.

This one was pretty prepared and slashed his arrow tip-like tail towards Gustav's neck.

Unfortunately for him, even though he was quite fast to Gustav, he was still pretty slow.

Gustav moved towards the side, dodging the slash of the tail which passed his right side before reaching out.


Gustav grabbed the tail with his right hand and dashed forward with speed dragging the cadet along with him.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The cadet turned into a weapon for Gustav as he swung him around mercilessly, slamming him into several of the opponents.

One of them quickly conjured a thick wall of metal to protect himself, causing the cadet's face to be smashed into it.

Gustav let go of him at that moment and jumped upwards to handle the next opponent.

Metallic bars shot out of this cadet's hand towards Gustav, who was in mid-air.

Gustav spun his body severally, dodging them before grabbing onto the metal bars that were still shot outwards.


The instant he landed on the ground, Gustav pulled the bars forward, but this cadet was quick enough to let go.

Gustav quickly spun around after dragging the bars backwards and swung them out.


The bars slammed into the cadet's chest, sending him flying forward.

However, Gustav only heard the sound of metal hitting metal and realized that he might not have managed to cause real damage.

At this point, Fin was already infuriated.

While Gustav chased after the flying body of the cadet, His entire being was being bathed in blazing fire.

Of course, Gustav had noticed this but still decided to focus on handling the ones that were of lesser threats.

"Hhyyaaa!" Fin screamed out as fire blasted out of his figure towards the entire vicinity.

Bang! Bang!

The enormous flames slammed into two of Gustav's teammates, who were busy battling with some forces, reducing his team members even more.


He dashed forward after Gustav, who was currently raining hard punches on the body of the cadet that was sent flying earlier.

"Acceleration!" Fin voiced out as he closed in on Gustav from behind.


His speed suddenly turned ten times faster than before as a blazing hot line cut through the air.

Gustav suddenly jumped upwards and did a backflip in mid-air, dodging the fiery projectile that Fin had turned into.

Gustav once again turned around after dealing with that cadet and started running towards the next.

"Face me!" Fin shouted out again, and he chased after Gustav once again from behind.


In the control room area, a crazy battle was ongoing at the moment as the group Gustav sent over battled with a single opponent.

They had managed to defeat the team they found there after some minutes of battling since the enemy troops here were quite little in number.

However, the moment they began hacking into the control room to take command of the spacecraft, a cadet showed up.

Thinking he was just like the others, a few of them disengaged from the others to take him down.

To everyone's surprise, he floored all four of them in almost an instant.

"Who in the hell is that?" They wondered as everyone quickly began to attack.

Those who had long-range attack-like energy beams shot their attacks forward with full force.

The instant Endric held out his hand, every attack hit an invisible wall and was stopped a few feet before him.


Endric waved his hand casually, causing all long-range attacks to fly towards the side.

"Lame," He voiced out before dashing forward.

A whitish afterimage was formed as Endric arrived in front of one of them and held his hand out.

This cadet was pretty fast in reacting as he transformed into a greenish titan and threw out a fist in response.

If Endric was keen on making contact, they would both hit each other, however to his surprise, an invisible force wrapped around his neck, and he found himself being lifted up a moment later, disrupting his attack.

Around five cadets had already encircled Endric at this time, but the moment he waved his right hand around, the body of the greenish titan-like cadet flew across the place and slammed into these cadets encircling him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bone cracking sounds rang out as every cadet surrounding him was sent flying except for one who reacted in time and ducked.